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July 15, 2010

Jon Russell’s “Fact Check” Not So Factual

by lewwaters

Jon Russell, Washougal’s erstwhile 3rd Congressional District candidate and embattled council member is at it again. After dropping his poorly led campaign for the 3rd Congressional District, shot to pieces once perky little Jaime Herrera suddenly jumped in less than 2 hours after Brian Baird announced retirement, Russell has decided to commit further political suicide by engaging in a personal online feud with local Blogger, Kelly Hinton by creating a blog that Jon calls Fact Checking The Web.

To add to Jon’s folly, he uses this personal feud in a pathetic effort to taint his opponent, Ann Rivers, who is so far out in front of Jon that he has virtually no chance at advancing politically in this race, claiming Kelly’s Blog, Clark County Politics is “The Ann Rivers Campaign Attack Blog.”

This seems to follow a recent pattern by a Clark GOP Party Board Member who supports Jaime Herrera to falsely link 3rd Congressional District candidate, David Castillo to words Kelly wrote as “reason enough to support Jaime Herrera.” The Board Member has since admitted to a “knee jerk reaction,” indicating they now see their call was wrong.

Kelly has an acerbic style to his writing that irritates a lot of people. But he also admits when he is wrong and posts corrections with apologies. He is also rarely wrong factually.

Kelly, like me, writes what he feels and takes no direction from anyone. Likewise, even though he has a political consulting company, he does not currently work for either the Castillo or the Rivers campaign, confirmed to me by the parties accused.

Kelly also has a First Amendment right to freedom of expression and no, he and I do not see eye to eye on every issue.

Russell, a highly ambitious young man struggling to climb the political ladder to higher office, has been under fire for displaying poor judgment last year as a scandal broke in Washougal concerning unaccounted for funds to the tune of $100,000.00. Jon immediately distanced himself from the issue by pointing all fingers at the mayor, Stacee Sellers, one week prior to the election.

Sellers, a Republican like Russell, lost the election to the Democrat challenger, Sean Guard, who originally sent the matter of the unaccounted for funds to the State Auditor. Sean is also the brother of Jeff Guard, the mayor that was defeated by Stacee Sellers in the previous election.

Jon continues to try to distance himself while Kelly keeps hammering on the scandal that would otherwise most likely be swept under the rug by now.

Jon states his claims on his “Fact Check” blog, but offers no documentation in his defense, just raises false allegations against his opponent.

More coverage of Jon’s involvement in the Washougal scandal was documented by CCC at:

Russell Shows Lack of Experience on City Council

Jon Russell Says, “The People Deserve To Know the Truth”

Jon has yet to admit to his lack of foresight and instead, decides to engage in a personal feud with a blogger and desperately try to tie his opponent to something she has absolutely no control over.

Hinton says on his blog, “And as much as I appreciate the promotion to ‘long time political consultant,’ the fact is that Rivers is an excellent consultant in her own right. She doesn’t need MY help to beat Russell…”

Jon is committing political suicide with this tactic as he now focuses on a personal feud and not his message that he wishes voters to hear.

I recently sat down with Jon for coffee and told him that he needs to change his campaign style, if he wishes to succeed. The era of stepping on others to get ahead is over. The era of throwing fellow Republicans under the bus doesn’t resonate well with voters.

Drawing voters’ attention to blog sites you would rather they not read by engaging in a personal feud will only allow those voters to see documented claims against you.

Many people, especially candidates, marginalize blogs or do not read them at all, opting instead to stay focused on their message.

Russell chooses to stop speaking his message to voters and instead feud with a voter who blogs. In the process, he paints himself as petty by falsely linking his opponent to that blog, just as he did when he tried to begin a rumor that she is not pro-life, in spite of admitting to me that he knows of her history proving otherwise.

If he is willing to ignore his campaign for a personal feud, how ineffective would he be if he somehow gained a seat in our legislature every time someone in the media or voters disagreed with him?

Sorry Jon, but you are your own worst political enemy. You only hurt yourself with these juvenile outbursts and false linkage of Ann Rivers to Kelly’s blog.