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August 4, 2014

Mike Briggs, Ready To Sell You Out

by lewwaters

For all of you voters still marking your ballots and something to retain should by some miracle, Briggs make it through the top two primary, an excerpt of an interview Briggs had with KPSU’s “the Raging Moderate, not afraid to tact to the left” on June 26, 2014. Full interview can be heard on Briggs’ campaign page.

Photo by Clark County Politics blog

Such dependence on Portland has contributed to our economic problems in Clark County as they seek more ways to suck our revenues out and entice our citizens to spend their money over there instead of in our own community. Portland needs to become a friendly neighbor to us, not the out of state special interest interested only in what they can take from us.

April 30, 2013

Making Clark County Government Better

by lewwaters

CCBGClark County Washington sits in an awkward position at the southern most point of Washington State where the Columbia River separates the state from its Southern Neighbor, Oregon.

Positioned where we are, Washington State often ignores us, except of course when the time comes to want taxes, and Oregon treats us as their bedroom, the hicks to north they like to poke fun at.

All too often our elected officials, seeing Portland, Oregon as that “economic powerhouse” south of us, cater to the whims of Oregon over the desires of Clark County citizens.

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February 20, 2013

Seattle & Portland in the Running for 2024 Summer Olympics

by lewwaters

OlympicAs if we don’t have enough trouble in the Northwest with high taxes, pie in the sky dreams of bloated projects taxpayers can ill afford, we now see that the cities of Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon were among 35 cities contacted by the U.S. Olympic Committee to gauge their interest in hosting the 2024 Summer Olympics.

With 35 cities contacted it is far from a done deal by either city, but we all know that both cities operate along narcissistic lines, constantly doing what they can to draw attention to themselves and hiding the seedier sides of the respective cities, no matter the cost to taxpayers.

The Seattle PI is asking whether or not readers would want the 2024 Olympics and as of this posting those in favor are in the lead, labeling it an awesome idea.

The no ways are second by several votes.

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December 19, 2011

Vancouver Strikes Back! Dream of the Suburbs – Vancouvria

by lewwaters

“If Portland is the place where 20 year olds go to retire, Vancouver is the place where 50 year olds go to avoid income tax. Welcome to Vancouvria – it’s what Portlandia would be if it was filmed in Portland’s northern suburb of Vancouver Washington.”

Vancouver, Washington, affectionately referred to as “the Couv” by many, looked down upon by Portlanders who erroneously believe they are better than anybody or anything has our own answer to Portlandia’s Dream of the 90’s

Portland can stay as weird as they wish, I’ll stay in Vancouver, no matter how much Boss Leave-it tries to make us like Portland.

Tip of the hat to Brighton West for his Vancouvria

June 22, 2011

Portland’s Homeless Rate Increasing

by lewwaters

From KGW:

“The latest numbers are in. Portland’s homeless problem is worsening, despite tens and tens of millions dollars spent on the problem over the last five years.”

“The most recent count shows homelessness is up seven percent overall. There are now more than 1,700 people sleeping on the streets and about 1,000 more sleeping in shelters and low-rent or subsidized motels.”

Portland Housing Commissioner Nick Fish says, “the city must stay the course.”

“We know what the long-term solution is: homes with services for people that need it. It’s expensive but we get great outcomes and it’s humane, pragmatic and I think it’s the right thing to do.”

See also: A 10 Year Plan to end homelessness in the City of Portland and Multnomah County by 2015

From CBS, July 2009:

If you pay people not to work and tax them when they do, don’t be surprised if you get unemployment.” Milton Friedman

December 17, 2010

The Dream of the 90’s

by lewwaters

By Portlandia

I have to wonder, how many taxes are drawn off of dreams?

August 11, 2009

Rep. Moeller, What Are You Smoking?

by lewwaters

jim-moellerJim Moeller, Democrat Representative for Clark County’s 49th Legislative District, Position 2, is surely no stranger to controversy or positions that involve a cranial anal inversion disorder.

Although he has a history of petty sniping at others, especially constituents that disagree with him and continually displays a dramatic passion for raising taxes, I have to admit his latest tirade in a letter to the editors of the August 11, 2009 Columbian shocks even me.

In the July 29 edition of the Columbian appeared an editorial, Thanks, Oregon, in which the editors acknowledged the Oregon legislature’s efforts to “backfill their budget with $733 million in new personal and corporate income taxes,” which carries the potential to drive many wealthy and businesses to relocate to Washington, very likely Clark County.

Our own legislature plugged our deficit by making some very deep cuts that curtailed much spending. It may hurt some, but in times as these sacrifices across the board must be made.

Moeller, instead of being pleased that we now face a good likelihood of gaining wealthy residents, who would purchase upscale homes, deposit money in our banks, make purchases in Clark County, paying our sales tax, possibly starting businesses or relocating businesses, which means jobs, jobs, jobs, to supply wages to middle class workers unemployed currently, who then would also pay more in taxes through increased purchases, wrote a scathing letter that was published.

That letter says,

Working folks make up tax difference
It’s been hot. Way too hot. And we all know how too much sun can make you hallucinate and think recklessly. Clearly The Columbian editorial board needs to come in from the sun.

In the July 29 editorial, “Thanks, Oregon,” dangerous lightheadedness evidenced itself in their whining about the efforts the Oregon Legislature to raise taxes on the wealthiest of Oregonians and corporations from an obscenely low amount of $10 a year to a percentage accurately reflecting the profits they reap. This all done in an effort to save programs designed to help the most vulnerable of Oregonians, with The Columbian stating it’s wrong to “single out and punish the better-off residents or the business community.”

Excuse me, but who profited in the economies of the last 30 years but the very wealthiest? All as their tax contributions were repeatedly slashed. Today the wealthy and corporations contribute a measly proportion of taxes compared to a generation ago — and ordinary working folk have been forced to make up the difference. Talk about punishment?

The editorial board suggested recently that Democratic legislators “pull their head out.” I suggest the editorial board come in out of the sun, or at least put on a hat. Preferably a thinking cap.

Rep. Jim Moeller

Is this man nuts? Does he not know who pays the most taxes already?

An April 2009 CNN Money article reveals the top 20% of wage earners paid 69.3% of federal taxes, the middle 60% of wage earners paid 29.7% of federal taxes with the bottom 20% paying 0.8% of federal taxes.

As he rails on about all the breaks the wealthy received over the past 30 years, we need only look to the National Taxpayers Union to see that the amount of taxes paid has gradually and steadily increased for the top wage earners while the bottom 50% of wage earners actually saw what they paid in taxes decrease.

This during those years of “tax breaks only for the wealthy” Democrats used to slander President Bush.

Moeller says in his letter, “ordinary working folk have been forced to make up the difference.” Would that difference be in paying in fewer taxes, Jim? They sure didn’t pay more, unless he means the tax increases we have seen fronted by him and the rest of the Democrats in our legislature today.

You vote to raise taxes on tobacco claiming it will result in less smoking. You raise taxes on energy and gasoline claiming it will result in less usage. You want to raise taxes on fatty foods claiming it will result in less obesity by those foods not being consumed as much.

And somehow you don’t think raising taxes on business will result in less business and jobs.

In a December 7, 2008 letter to the editor, Moeller wrote asking for “Citizens’ help needed in budget crisis”

In that letter he said in part, “Our state faces a revenue shortfall of several billion dollars. Hard economic times dictate tough budget choices lurking dead ahead. I’ve heard it described as a knife fight, amongst friends, in the dark,” and “We need a public commitment of new tax dollars,,,” and “I believe citizen input is needed to help identify new revenue.”

And now that we face a “gift” from Oregon, he complains in favor of Oregon?

Personally, if those looney liberals in Oregon want to drive their wealthy businesses and taxpayers to our side of the river, who are we to stop them? Don’t we need the revenue here? If enough come over, will we really need Loot Rail for travel to Portland for job seekers? Will we really need to anticipate outrageous tolls to pay for it?

Moeller campaigned last time on the slogan, “Leadership That Works For Us.” Maybe that slogan should be changed to “Leadership That Works For Portland.”

I hope you aren’t too comfortable in that legislative seat, Jim. Advocating Portland over Clark County, you just may lose it next election.

UPDATE: KGW in Portland reports today, Portland fifth in nation for small business bankruptcies