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December 27, 2012

Vets, whispers, and a little horse sense

by lewwaters

BY REES LLOYD (Reposted by author’s request)

Vet WhispererA great gift to give to veterans with stress this Christmas or for the new year is information about or sponsorship in the unique “Join-Up”® equine therapy program of Monty Roberts, the internationally famous horseman, horse trainer, and humanitarian known as the “Horse Whisperer.”

Roberts’ “Horse Sense & Soldiers” workshops, through his International Join-Up® Organization, are being credited with transforming the lives of veterans wounded by service-related post traumatic stress injury by teaching them to use his unique method of working with, and ultimately “joining up” with, untrained horses without the use of any violence whatsoever.

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April 25, 2012

The Cross Will Again Rise Above the Mojave Desert

by lewwaters

Back in 1934, a group of World War One Veterans traveled deep into the Mojave Desert and erected a simple Christian Cross in honor of the memory of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice by their sides. Ever since, this simple cross erected on what was then open land has been maintained by volunteers against the onslaught of weather and vandals.

The original wooden cross fell to vandals and was rebuilt out of steel pipe by Riley Bembrey, a WW1 Medic who was part of the original group who first erected the Veterans Memorial and with a lot of help from friend, Henry Sandoz.

Just prior to his death, Bembrey asked Sandoz to take care of the simple cross in the middle of nowhere, which Sandoz agreed to.

It amounted to just a simple white cross 11 miles from the nearest major highway, sitting atop Sunrise Rock in the middle of a desolate area of the Mohave Desert. To see it, you would have travel miles out of your way to find it.

For nearly 70 years, this simple cross stood in the middle of the Mojave Desert, bothering or offending no one, but offering aging WW1 veterans a place of Solace to remember old friends who died in that war.

The age of Political Correctness and the rise of atheism in the country would change all of that after the land it sat on was declared a National Preserve by the Clinton Administration in 1994.

Within a few years, Frank Buono, once the deputy superintendent of the park, filed a lawsuit protesting the cross, wanting it removed and claiming the crosses presence in the middle of a desolate desert, “[is] really inconsistent with his beliefs and he thinks that the government is, in effect, misappropriating this sacred symbol and trying to give it just a secular meaning” through his ACLU lawyer, Peter Eliasberg.

Buono claims to also be a Veteran as well as a devout Catholic.

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November 4, 2011


by lewwaters

By Rees Lloyd,

The U.S. Supreme Court has voted to grant review and decide the constitutionality of the Stolen Valor Act (18 U.S. Code Sec. 704) in the case of the fake “Medal of Honor recipient,” fake “Marine,” fake “American Legion member,” former Tri-County Water Board politician in Southern California, and current incarcerated felon on conviction for fraud, Xavier Alvarez. (U.S. vs. Xavier Alvarez, USSC No. 11-210)

Alvarez brazenly boasted publicly that he was a former Marine and Medal of Honor recipient to boost his career as a minor Democratic Party politician, and decked himself out in a fake Army (not Marine) dress uniform with a chest full of medals which he didn’t earn — because he never served a day. (Alvarez’ medal-bedecked photo appears in a California Bar Journal story on his case at:

Alvarez, exposed by a real former Marine, Melissa Campbell, assisted by American Legion Post 79 and District 21, and by legendary broadcast journalist and WWII Marine the-late George Putnam, a member of Post 79(see below), pleaded guilty in federal court to violation of the Stolen Valor Act, which imposes criminal penalties for false claims of receipt of the Medal of Honor or other medals of valor by imposters.

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September 17, 2011

Rees Lloyd: A Liberty Milestone: CONSTITUTION DAY – SEPT. 17, 1787

by lewwaters

On September 17, 1787, after weeks of often bitter debate by delegates of the States gathered at the Constitutional Convention at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Constitution of the United States, beginning with the words, “We, the People,” was signed by thirty-nine of the fifty-five delegates. The world was changed forever as America began its “great experiment “in self-government.

Never before had a constitution been established in the name of “the People” of a nation, rather than by and in the name of a monarch, a state, or other governmental power. Many of the most erudite thinkers of the so-called “Age of Enlightenment,” did not believe that a constitutional republic of limited government “by, for, and of the people” could survive in a broad land containing a large and diverse population. America is still an ongoing experiment in liberty.

The Constitutional Convention had commenced on May 14, 1787, with a challenge to the conscience and integrity of delegates by George Washington, commander-in-chief of the Continental Army which had won the Revolutionary war. Washington, then and now the model American patriot, was elected President of the Constitutional Convention by unanimous vote.

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March 29, 2011


by lewwaters

Submitted by REES LLOYD

“Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day” observances will be held formally in many areas of the country today, March 30, informally in many other areas, and totally ignored in many if not most other areas, except in posts of veterans’ services organization like The American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and other VSO’s.

The U.S. House and Senate have by resolutions recognized March 30 as Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day annually. The observance began at the grass roots, as Americans began to remember and regret the way that Vietnam Veterans, who served honorably when their country called, were treated when they came home.

Many returning troops were vilified. Leftist demonstrators burned the American Flag and marched under the Viet Cong Flag and large photos of Ho Chi Minh, the leader of Communist Vietnam. Troops were called “baby killers,” “war criminals,” and were sometimes insulted and spit upon by self-righteous demonstrators of proclaiming their love of peace with snarls, raised fists, and epithets.

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February 23, 2011

Rees Lloyd’s Liberty Milestones: February 23: Remembering Iwo Jima

by lewwaters

On February 23, 1945, the valor of Americans at war in defense of freedom became immortalized by a photograph, almost accidentally taken, which captured the historic moment when five U.S. Marines and one Navy corpsman raised the Flag of the United States of America over Mt. Suribachi on the island of Iowa Jima, the bloodiest battle of World War II.

From that day to this, that photo strikes the hearts of Americans. It inspires awe, admiration, wonder at the courage it reflects, and, at the same time, it is so overwhelming that it evokes a solemnity, a kind of sadness, a deep respect, and a sense that this is America, this is the best of America, these Marines, these ordinary Americans of extraordinary dedication to their country, to freedom, to their buddies; they are, their essential goodness is, what America is at its best, and we, often by an unearned and indescribable grace, are a part of that America.

U.S. Marines landed at Iwo Jima on February 19, 1945. The bombing and shelling of the tiny island was so intense that a young Marine from Portland, OR., James Buchanan, 18, who, inspired by the book “Guadalcanal Diary,” had joined the Marines as soon as he was old enough, turned to a buddy on the landing craft taking them to the beach and said: “Do you think there will be any Japanese left for us.”

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February 21, 2011

Rees Lloyd: A Tale of Two Americas on Washington’s Birthday in the Age of Obama

by lewwaters


As many Americans pause on this Washington’s Birthday Holiday (renamed “President’s Day” by Act of Congress which should be reversed) to remember and reflect on what America was and represented at home and abroad in the Age of President and Commander-in-Chief George Washington, soldier and self-declared patriot, it is well to reflect on what America has become and represents at home and abroad in the Age of President and Commander-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama, non-soldier and self-declared “progressive.”

That it is a tale of two very different Americas on Washington’s Birthday 2011 in the age of Obama, as to American values, the kind of nation America now is, and what America now represents at home and abroad, is reflected in two publications on Washington’s Birthday Holiday: One from the New York Post headlined “Hero’s unwelcome,” pertaining to acts at Columbia University, President Obama’s alma mater; and the other from, headlined: “Heroes: Stop Destroying Our Military,” pertaining to the American military, Gen. George Washington’s alma mater.

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February 10, 2011

Military Heroes Issue Joint Statement Urging Fight To Reinstate Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell

by lewwaters

By Rees Lloyd (reposted with authors permission)

Comrades, Colleagues and Patriots: Two of America’s greatest living military heroes — Admiral and former U.S. Senator Jeremiah A. Denton (USN, ret.), a P.O.W. for seven years, seven months in Vietnam; and Maj. Gen. Patrick H. Brady (USA, ret.), Medal of Honor recipient (Vietnam) — have issued an urgent joint statement published today by and its “Whistleblower” magazine, calling on all Americans, and veterans in particular, to take a stand and fight for reinstatement of the “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” policy to prevent the transformation of the American military by the creation of a “quad military” (homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, and transgender).

[Heroes to Congress: Stop destroying military]

Among the most decorated military heroes in American history, Admiral Denton and Gen. Brady, both of whom have appeared as guests on The Victoria Taft Show on KPAM 860, condemn the rushed repeal of DA/DT by the post-election, lame duck 111th Congress of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and President Obama as a “danger” to the military and to the nation. They urge the newly elected 112th Congress to reinstate DA/DT.

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February 2, 2011


by lewwaters

By REES LLOYD (re-posted with author’s permission)

Also seen at World Net Daily

“Four Chaplains Day” is to be observed annually on February 3 in America by the unanimous resolution of the U.S. Congress in 1988. It is a day to remember February 3, 1943, one of the most remarkable and inspiring acts of heroism in the history of warfare took place in World War II. It is a day to honor the heroism of the Four Chaplains, who selflessly gave their lives “that others may live.”

However, although veterans in The American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and other veterans organizations, will hold special observances on Four Chaplains Day, most American media, most American schools, and, therefore, most Americans, will not observe it. Indeed, most Americans, including children who will not be taught about in their schools, will not even know that there is a National Four Chaplains day, or why. This is true even though, as a former soldier who owed his life to them has said: “[T]heir heroism is beyond belief. That is one of the reasons why we must tell the world what these people did.”

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January 16, 2011

The Assault On Veterans Memorials Continues

by lewwaters

Since the founding of our country, men and women have stood up and answered the call to defend her in foreign lands. Millions of our ordinary citizens have donned our uniform and participated in battles to preserve our freedoms and liberties and offer other lands the chance to adopt them as well, should they so choose.

All too many of those brave Americans paid the ultimate price, sacrificing their lives, many never found and others only their remains being returned. Hundreds of thousands of our brave fallen remain buried in foreign lands, families and loved one unable to visit their graves to even pay their respects.

Across the land, Memorials have been erected in remembrance of those who gave their lives for all of us. Memorials where loved ones and family could congregate leaving mementos or pay their respects to their missing loved ones.

Every Memorial Day and Veterans Day, days set aside to show honor and respect to those who have stood between the citizens and our enemies, communities across the country gather at these Memorials. Speeches are made, Veterans are recognized for their sacrifices and the fallen are honored as the true heroes of our country.

Memorials since the founding of the nation have been erected in various shapes and sizes honoring all who fallen and to Veterans, families and loved ones of the fallen, sit on sacred hallowed land.

How tragic, how dispirited is it that now, decades after the raising of these Memorials, a small minority have taken it upon themselves to seek the destruction of these Memorials because the shape of some of them, a simple cross, is ‘offensive’ to them and them alone?

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December 26, 2010

Repeal Lame Duck Democrats Destruction of DA/DT in 112th Congress

by lewwaters

Contributed by Rees Lloyd

As a former enlisted man who joined the Army at the age 17, as do many recruits, I know about the enormous power of non-commissioned and commission officers over the lives of those in the enlisted ranks. I think it is unconscionable for members of House, Senate, and the White House to congratulate themselves on voting to compel young enlisted men and women to serve under openly practicing homosexual non-coms or officers, including predatory homosexuals, who may have a sexual rather than military interest in them, and who have enormous power to retaliate if their advances are rejected.

Just how does a young man or woman subject to military discipline, culture, and control, protect himself or herself, and seek redress, from unwanted sexual interest, advances, or assaults? A member of the military in the ranks is often at the mercy of non-coms or officers, including in duty assignments which can not only be the worst of unwanted duties but assignments which can put them in harm’s way at risk of loss of limbs or life.

Simply stated: Military life is not civilian life. A victim of “sexual harassment,” predation, or actual assault in the military cannot respond to such sexual abuse as can a person in civilian life. Enlisted personnel cannot, without great fear of retaliation, report a non-com or officer for homosexual misconduct. A member of the military cannot respond to an advance by a homosexual non-com or officer with crude language, or threats of physical action that would be used in a civilian situation. A member of the military cannot physically ward off unwanted homosexual contact by a non-com or officer without risk of court martial for a major crime, i.e., “assault on an officer.” A member of the military cannot file a complaint with local police, or with local, state, or federal agencies enforcing anti-discrimination laws. A member of the military cannot sue a homosexual molester, or the predatory homosexual’s employer, i.e., the military branch in which the victim serves.

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December 16, 2010

“Liberty Milestones”: December 16, 1773, The Boston Tea Party

by lewwaters

Contributed by Rees Lloyd

Happy Boston Tea Party Day! December 16 marks the 237th anniversary of the first American “Tea Party” on December 16, 1773.

However, while the Boston Tea Party is an iconic milestone of American liberty, it has not yet been officially recognized as “National Tea Party Day” by Act of Congress.

But it ought to be. Who better to start the effort to establish a national “Tea Party Day” by act of the incoming Tea Party Congress than the listeners of patriot Victoria Taft’s “Tea Party Of The Air” and readers of her blog?

Many of the oppressive and tyrannical acts of England in deprivation of American liberty which inspired the first Tea Party in December 16 1773 appear to be replicated in different form today by the oppressive and tyrannical Democrat Party regime led by President Barack Hussein Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry (Dirty Deal) Reid, and San Francisco Nancy Pelosi.

Obama-Reid-Pelosi today, with Democrat Party monopoly control over the White House, the Senate, and the House, have collectively thumb nosed Americans by taxing, spending, and redistributing wealth to those whom they favor with all the haughty contempt for Americans that English King George III and Prime Minister Lord North manifested before Americans rebelled and chose freedom over security.

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December 15, 2010

Liberty Milestones: December 15, 1791 “Bill of Rights Day”

by lewwaters

Contributed by Rees Lloyd

The first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution were ratified on December 15, 1791. The Bill of Rights began in the First Amendment with five of the most important words ever writ to protect personal liberty and to expressly limit the power and scope of government: “Congress shall make no law….

Those five words of the First Amendment are but the first of the commands of the Bill of Rights to evidence that each amendment was intended by the Founding Fathers to expressly limit the central government’s powers, and to expressly protect the rights of individual citizens, and the States.

The question facing Americans of this generation is whether we will fight an expanding federal government, including the federal judiciary as well as Congress and the Executive Branch, to preserve and protect the rights of the Bill of Rights which are being eroded.

The First Amendment, after commanding that “Congress shall make no law,” expressly prohibit the federal government from adopting laws infringing on freedom of religion — through a prohibition against establishment of a national religion as had happened in England and European nations, and through an express guarantee of “free exercise” of religion; freedom of speech; freedom of the press, freedom to peacefully assemble and to petition for redress of grievances.

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December 6, 2010

Pearl Harbor Day: Survivor S.J. Hemker, USN, Remembering A Day That Should Live In Infamy

by lewwaters

USS New Orleans

By Rees Lloyd

As the nation remembers the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941, “a day that will live in infamy,” as President Franklyn D. Roosevelt memorably called it in his dramatic speech declaring war on Japan, S. J. Hemker, U.S. Navy Veteran, American Legionnaire, and Pearl Harbor survivor, remembers it in a much more up close and personal way:

Ordinarily, we would have been at sea, we were at Pearl Harbor because we had to repair an engine that had been sabotaged at the shipyard back in California. I was up on the fantail of our ship, the USS New Orleans, a heavy cruiser, with the Chief Master at Arms. The Quartermaster was there, getting ready to raise the flag,” Hemker recalls.

“It was 7:55 a.m. when we saw the Japanese planes. They were flying so low I could see the pilots faces in the cockpit. They were grinning at us as they went down toward Battle Ship Row. Grinning at me and the Chief. They were so close, you could have thrown something at them and hit them. A potato, maybe. They were that close. Just skimming the top of the water. Torpedo planes. The pilots grinning at us,” Hemker reluctantly, but vividly recalls.

The loudspeakers blared: ‘Man your battle stations – the Japs are attacking.’ All hell broke loose. It was terrible, horrible, …,” he says, pausing in his remembrance.

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November 19, 2010

Liberty Milestones: Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

by lewwaters

Authored and submitted by attorney Rees Lloyd

On November 19, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln, amidst the ongoing internecine carnage of the Civil War, delivered his most famed speech, the now revered Gettysburg Address, at the dedication of the Soldier’s National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

The Battle of Gettysburg had raged July 1 through 3, 1863. It involved more than 170,000 Americans. Troops of the Union Army of the Potomac and of the Confederate Northern Army of Virginia fought one another there. More than 7,500 Americans died there. More Americans would die in the Civil War, some 650,000, than in any war in our history.

The Union victory at Gettysburg, after so many defeats, was seen as a turning point in the war. But both the war and Lincoln’s future were in grave doubt. Lincoln had issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863. He had instituted the Draft, leading to “Draft Riots” in New York and other northern cities. Anti-war Democrats, called “Copperheads,” were calling for appeasement of the secessionist states, and for Lincoln’s defeat in the 1864 elections. Lincoln himself expressed his belief he would not remain in office long enough to preserve the American union.

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November 5, 2010

Liberty Milestones: November 4, 1980, Ronald Reagan Elected

by lewwaters

Authored and submitted by Rees Lloyd

Ronald Reagan, inspiring the American people with the message that “we have a rendezvous with destiny,” was elected President of the United States on November 4, 1980. It is well to remember Reagan on the 30th anniversary of his historic election, as it was truly a milestone of liberty.

Exuding patriotism, belief in American exceptionalism, and optimism for America’s future, Reagan, the “Great Communicator,” as he became known, changed the spirit of the nation, the country, and the world.

Following in the footsteps of the Founding Fathers, and championing the values enshrined by them in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, Reagan called on Americans to revive the country by living the conservative principles by which the Founders created and preserved American liberty: Limited government; individual freedom by protection of natural rights endowed by the Creator and guaranteed by the Constitution; free enterprise with both personal and governmental fiscal and moral responsibility; and a strong national defense securing national and individual freedom.

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September 17, 2010


by lewwaters


By Rees Lloyd

On September 17, 1787, after weeks of often bitter debate by delegates of the States gathered at the Constitutional Convention at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Constitution of the United States, beginning with the words, “We, the People,” was signed by thirty-nine of the fifty-five delegates — and the world was changed forever as America began its “great experiment” in self-government.

Never before had a constitution been established in the name of “the People” of a nation, rather than by and in the name of a monarch, a state, or other governmental power. Many of the most erudite thinkers of the so-called “Age of Enlightment,” did not believe that a constitutional republic of limited government “by, for, and of the people” could survive in a broad land containing a large and diverse population. America is still an ongoing experiment in liberty.

The Constitutional Convention had commenced on May 14, 1787, with a challenge to the conscience and integrity of delegates by George Washington, commander-in-chief of the Continental Army which had won the Revolutionary war, and who was elected President of the Constitutional Convention by unanimous vote.

“If to please the people, we offer what we ourselves disapprove, how can we afterward defend our work? Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair; the event is in the Hand of God,” said Washington, who would later become the First President of the United States and be regarded as “the Father of his country.”

The delegates were learned American patriots who had studied history deeply to meet the task of creating a constitution fit for a free people. Thomas Jefferson, who authored the Declaration of Independence but did not participate in the Constitutional Convention because he was in Paris representing the United States, wrote of the delegates with utmost respect as “a gathering of demigods.”

The Constitution the framers wrought in the name of “We, the People,” was one creating a government of limited, not expansive, or expanding, powers.

Rather, the “Bill of Rights,” contained in the First Ten Amendments, for which the efforts of James Madison earned him recognition as “the Father of the Constitution,” begins with five words limiting powers of the federal government over the people:

“Congress shall make no law…,” respecting an establishment of religion nor abridging the fundamental rights of free exercise of religion, freedom of speech, of press, of assembly, of petition for redress of grievance; rights which the Founding Fathers believed Americans were “endowed by their Creator,” as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, rights granted by the “hand of God,” not the hand of government.

The Ninth and Tenth Amendments reinforced the words “Congress shall make no law…” by mandating that the people and the states retained all rights not enumerated as possessed by the central government.

Never before in history had “We, the people,” had their natural rights so expressly protected by a constitution so expressly limiting the government as to its powers. By changing the relationship of the people and their government, limiting the power of government and making the retained rights of the people superior, the Founding Fathers changed the world, the people of which have ever after dreamed of the freedoms of Americans and looked to the Constitution, as a model for liberty in a constitutional republic.

The framers of the Constitution, the Founding Fathers of America, were faced with a great challenge, and they met it. The Constitution which they framed was finally ratified by all states by January 10, 1791. It has now endured for 223 years since it was signed on Sept. 17, 1787.

“What kind of government have you given us, Mr. Franklin,” an American woman asked Founding Father Benjamin Franklin at the close of the convention.

“A republic, Madam,” Ben Franklin replied. “If you can keep it.”

That, the keeping of the free constitutional republic that the Founding Fathers bequeathed to us, is our challenge in this age.

We owe a great debt to all those Founding Fathers and other Americans who came before us who preserved our freedom. We pay that debt by what we do to preserve freedom for those Americans who will come after us.

Rees Lloyd, a longtime civil rights lawyer formerly with the ACLU, American Legion Life Member and Judge Advocate Post 79; Past Commander and Scribe, District 21; and an unashamed American patriot.

April 20, 2010


by lewwaters

Posted by permission of the author,


By Attorney Rees Lloyd
April 19, 2010

The Boy Scouts of America is perhaps the finest organization ever created to assist American boys to become responsible men and citizens. Over a million adults annually contribute uncountable volunteer hours to the BSA, assisting almost three million Boy Scouts.

However, among those millions of patriotic men of the BSA, are a very few predatory homosexuals who insinuate themselves into the BSA to prey sexually on boys.

As a result, predatory homosexuals with views on sex like those of the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), predatory liberals epitomized by the ACLU – — which represents and defends NAMBLA while attacking the BSA, and predatory lawyers posturing public interest purity while raking in fees at the expense of BSA and taxpayers, combine to damage if not destroy the BSA through lawsuits which place the BSA between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

That is, BSA, on one hand, is assailed by lawsuits – most by the ACLU — which claim BSA is composed of loathsome homophobes who discriminate against homosexuals by barring them from positions as adult Scout leaders.

On the other hand, BSA is attacked by lawsuits seeking millions from BSA for allegedly failing to protect boys from homosexual predators.

Thus, the BSA appears to be damned if it bans homosexuals as adult volunteers, and damned if it doesn’t.


It appears that ever since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the ACLU and held that the BSA as a private organization has the right to determine whom it will allow to serve as adult troop leaders, that the ACLU has set out revengefully to destroy the BSA by lawsuits and other means, including joining with homosexual activists, and other politically-correct liberals, to demand that governmental units withdraw support from the BSA – which hundreds if not thousands have done across the country.

ACLU’s vicious use of the courts is illuminated by its act, after losing the BSA case in the Supreme Court, to send letters, along with related ultra-liberal organizations, to all or almost all school boards and districts in the country, warning them that if they did not cease to sponsor Boy Scout Troops, ACLU, or related organizations, would sue on grounds including that the BSA discriminates against homosexuals and/or is a “religious” organization because the Boy Scout oath refers to God. ACLU threatened it would seek judge-ordered, taxpayer-paid attorney fees from the schools.

Such threats of the ACLU are not idle. The ACLU, for example, sued a Washington school district to drive out the Boy Scouts, and sought and received $108,000 in attorney fees. When ACLU sued Chicago schools for sponsoring Boy Scout Troops, the school board settled almost immediately, kicking out the Scouts, and giving the ACLU $90,000 in attorney fees. The ACLU sued the City of San Diego on behalf of homosexuals to kick the Boy Scouts out of Balboa Park, ultimately resulting in a settlement in which San Diego broke the Boy Scouts’ lease at Balboa Park, and handed ACLU “$950,000” in attorney fees. Most Americans are unaware that the ACLU, which postures as a pro bono organization, in fact profits in the millions by taxpayer-paid attorney fees in such cases.

The BSA, in response to ACLU’s threats to schools, sent out letters to school districts thanking them for sponsoring Boy Scout troops, but asking them to cease doing so as BSA did not want school funds to be diverted. Most schools, faced with ACLU’s threats, stopped sponsoring Boy Scout Troops.

REES LLOYD is a longtime civil rights attorney and veterans activist whose work has been honored by, among others, the California Senate and Assembly, and numerous civil rights, workers rights, and veterans rights organizations. He has testified as a constitutional expert at hearings before the U.S. House and Senate representing The American Legion.

Read the rest at

See also What Good Are The Boy Scouts of America?

The Boy Scouts of America have a long history of serving their communities. Recently, after the earthquake in Haiti, it was the Boy and Girl Scouts that dug out of the rubble and began coordinating and helping the injured and displaced, even before help arrived.

February 1, 2010

“Illegal Immigration Journal” — A Sign Of The (Changing) Times?

by lewwaters

Contributed by REES LLOYD

Can you believe that in the Age of Obama (as it is being called by some, while others refer to “Obamanation” as more accurate), dominated culturally by Progressive political correctness (e.g., the Ft. Hood Massacre, the investigation report of which never alludes to the fact that the perpetrator is a native-born Muslim Jihadist) and dominated politically by ultra-liberal multicultural self-declared “Progressives” (including among others Obama, Himself; Lady MacBeth in the State Department and her husband, the former Priapic President; members of Congress including the eighty-one Democrats in the Congressional “Progressive Caucus;” and including, of course, the Portland, Oregon City Council and Mayor Sam Adams, the Men’s Room Smoocher), that in such a situation, there is actually an elected public official with the integrity and courage to establish a website entitled, “Illegal Immigration Journal?”

Well, amazingly enough, it’s true. The public official is Andrew P. Thomas, who is the Maricopa County Attorney in Arizona. His publication uses the name for illegal aliens which is enshrined in American law: “Illegal Immigration Journal,” not some euphemism, i.e., “Undocumented Workers Journal.”

Thomas writes: “As County Attorney, I take all crime very seriously, including crime associated with illegal immigration, which is at high levels in the Southwest. Together we can combat this problem. Education is a key component, which is why I have created this website.” He then provides useful information on illegal immigration.

Whether you agree or disagree with Maricopa County Attorney Thomas’ views, he at least has the courage to address publicly what is a major American problem, i.e., non-Americans illegally entering America, the overwhelming majority from Mexico, the overwhelming majority having no interest whatsoever in abandoning their allegiance to their native land or its language and culture, and pledging their allegiance to the United States, exclusively and without reservation.

It takes courage for a public official to address forthrightly the problem of illegal entry into America by non-Americans, i.e., “aliens,” anywhere, let alone a state like Arizona, where so-called “Hispanics” or “Latinos” now make up almost one-third of the population (i.e., 30.2 per cent), which percentage is certain to rise due to the higher-birth rate (twice the rate of non-Hispanics) and the continuing flood of Mexicans into the U.S.

Politicians count votes. Progressives, i.e., ultra-liberal intolerant neo-fascists, are quick to attack as “racist” anyone who publicly opposes “illegal immigration,” or who doubts the wondrous benefits of “diversity” or “multiculturalism.” Fear of being attacked as a “racist” for any criticism of illegal entry into the country in violation of our laws has brought about a case of cowardly lock-jaw on the issue, particularly among but not limited to the political and other elitist classes, i.e., successful business leaders, academics, media, bureaucrats, etc., et al., and ordinary Americans fearing attack as “racists” if they speak views contrary to the Progressive politically correct command. So, it is a manifestation of integrity and courage for County Attorney Andrew P. Thomas to raise the issue publicly in his “Illegal Immigration Journal.”

Indeed, contrast Thomas’ forward-looking act to call illegal aliens by their proper legal name and publicly confront the issue of their impact on America, economically, politically, and culturally, with the backward-looking, stuck-in-political-correctness of the ultra-liberal, self-proclaimed “Progressives” dominating Portland, Oregon who, in the present economic recession continue to operate an Illegal Immigrant Hiring Hall at taxpayer-expense; continue to pour approximately $1.5-million taxpayer dollars into the non-American “IRCO” (Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization); continue, despite overwhelming opposition by the Americans affected, to spend over $80,000 to change the name of 39th Street — the former street of two-time Nobel Prize Winning scientist Linus Pauling — to “Cesar Chavez Boulevard” in order to appease so-called “Latinos” who are exploiting Cesar Chavez’ name and work to honor themselves; and who voted for the tax increasing measures 66 and 77 in order to “tax the rich” and job-creating small businesses in order to provide more tax money for more of the same — and thereby effectively disenfranchised more than a score of lesser-populated, lesser-urbanized counties which voted against those tax-increases.

Do the public sector unions and the politicians they control by their campaign contributions really believe they are only carrying out the “will of the people?” If so, let the taxes imposed by measures imposed by 66 and 67 be collected only in the counties in which the cities voted for them. Wouldn’t that reflect the real “will of the people?”

It must be recognized, that the almost $7-million ($6.8) in campaign funds for those tax increase measures, 66 and 67, were overwhelmingly contributed by public sector unions, acting in their interest, not the public interest. That is, it was unions representing government employees, i.e., wealth consumers living on taxpayer dollars who now have higher salaries, benefits, and pensions then those working in the wealth-producing private sector, which spent millions to effect a greater tax burden on those producing not consuming the wealth, i.e., the taxpayers who provide those higher salaries, benefits, and pensions enjoyed by the government employees. In short, former “public servants” are fast becoming the public’s masters. Moreover, Progressives are heralding public sector unions, which financed the tax-increasing measures 66 and 67 as the strongest component of current Progressivism. Ponder that for a while.

Thus, it takes courage, indeed, for Maricopa County Attorney Andrew P. Thomas to publish his “Illegal Immigration Journal,” whether you agree or disagree with the points he makes. Therefore, with due notice of Progressive political-correctness, diversity, multiculturalism, cultural relativism, and bilingualism, I must say, bilingually:

“Viva el abogado de Maricopa County,” Andrew P. Thomas!
“Viva la lucha contra pusillanimous politicians and elitist liberal ‘Progressives’ who are a cancer in the American body politic, including in particular Portland, and Oregon!”
“Viva los estatos unidos!”
“Patria o muerte. Venceremos!”
Or: “Press 1 for English.”

[Rees Lloyd] is an unashamed American patriot, and a career-long civil rights attorney who represented the late Cesar Chavez until his death in 1993 and whose work in anti-racism has resulted in multiple awards, including by the California Assembly and Senate, and numerous African American, Mexican American, Asian American, and Native American organizations, and profiled by such media as the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Daily Journal, “20/20,””Nightline,” and other media.