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February 14, 2012

Democrats Now Want Health Insurers Required to Pay for Abortions

by lewwaters

Fresh on the heels of ramming homosexual marriage off on the people of Washington State, we read where Democrats in the House have passed HB2330, “Concerning health plan coverage for the voluntary termination of a pregnancy.” The bill digest describes the intent of the bill as, “Requires a health plan that provides coverage for maternity care or services to also provide a covered person with substantially equivalent coverage to permit the voluntary termination of a pregnancy.”

According to the Seattle Times, “Starting in 2014, most individual and small group health care plans will under federal law be required to cover a set of medical conditions, among them pregnancy. Exempted under the bill are multistate plans, which are not subject to state law, and religiously sponsored plans.”

The bill states, “If a health plan issued or renewed on or after the effective date of this section provides coverage for maternity care or services, the health plan must also provide a covered person with substantially equivalent coverage to permit the voluntary termination of a pregnancy.”

There are the usual supposed exceptions, but how long before even they are done away with?

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January 23, 2009

Clark County Residents Mourn 50 Million Deaths

by lewwaters

dsc06287dsc06290Yesterday, January 22, 2009 in recognition of the 36th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the United States, citizens across the country turned out en masse for peaceful protests of the decision that has resulted in the unnecessary deaths of some 50 million unborn children.

Clark County was no different as well over 100 people congregated and marched in front of the County Court House from 1 PM to 2 PM for “one hour of peaceful protest in support of life and in memory of lives lost.”

The event was sponsored by Clark County Right To Life and people taking part came from various Church Groups and many others not associated with a Church, just the desire to see the senseless slaughter of pre-born children whose only crime is being conceived, stop.

My wife and I took advantage of my getting a day off from work to take part on our own, representing no group or association, just our own beliefs. Arriving early, we initially found one person waiting on the Courthouse steps for others.

Others began arriving shortly after, carrying various signs, pre-printed and hand made, all in opposition to continuing abortions of the unborn. Young and old, male and female they came to protest such slaughter of our pre-born citizens.

In contrast to other rallies and protests by anti-war and other leftist groups, the rally went smooth with no confrontations or unruliness by protesters. In fact, I only witnessed one Sheriff’s Deputy who stood down the sidewalk for a short period before disappearing, apparently seeing no need for his presence.

I spoke with the Deputy briefly as he asked me who the contact person was to pass along some advice, but as I assured him we were spreading to protesters to not block the entrance to the Courthouse or block the sidewalks, impeding others ability to enter or get by, he seemed satisfied that we were indeed a peaceful group with no intent on any harm.

A welcome change I’m sure from others whose intent is confrontation.

Judging by thumbs up and horns honking by drivers passing by, there are many others who would have joined in if they could have.

While I think the event could have been a little bit better organized, attendees who sang hymns particularly impressed me, accompanied by a guitarist also attendance, as did others who prayed and marched up and down the sidewalk peacefully.

I carried my own homemade sign stating, “YOU LABELED ME “BABY KILLER” BUT YOU SUPPORT ABORTION?” which caused some to inquire its meaning, not noticing my hat or being unaware of the treatment of returning Viet Nam Veterans. All accepted my explanation, many thanking me for serving.

I did not see any press present to cover the event, which disappointed me; they’re considering only unruly leftist protests as newsworthy, apparently.

I congratulate and thank all who attended and made the rally peaceful.