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June 30, 2013

Wine, Pizza and Music, Oh My

by lewwaters

GrapesAdmittedly, not a subject I have been paying a lot of attention to, but it seems our growing wine industry in North Clark County is ruffling a few feathers and has the County Commissioners considering placing more restrictions on them to satisfy those who live around the winery’s.

I’m not known for visiting the wineries since I don’t drink, but have visited some larger wineries many years ago in the Russian River area of California and found it to be a very pleasurable experience.

But those are very large wineries, like internationally renowned Korbel. Our local wineries are much smaller and less well known but to many local residents who tell me of many pleasant visits to taste the wine offered, maybe listen to music and enjoy a pizza or some pre-packaged food since they are barred from being a restaurant by county ordinance.

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