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March 10, 2012

Jay Inslee to Abandon Constituents to Seek Governor’s Mansion

by lewwaters

A ‘Breaking News Alert’ from the Seattle Times announced that 7 term Liberal Democrat, Jay Inslee (Wa. 01) will resign his position to the House of Representatives in order to devote more time in his struggle to be Washington States next Governor.

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Inslee, with a 92% record of following the party line has lagged behind GOP candidate Rob McKenna throughout the campaign and if the GOP were not once again playing favorites, it is likely he would be shown to be lagging behind conservative gubernatorial candidate Shahram Hadian as well.

The media and both parties have placed their bets on Inslee and McKenna, locking out others who would place the state the people of the state above all else.

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April 13, 2010

GOP Aide and Boyfriend Savagely Beaten, Hospitalized

by lewwaters

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s chief fundraiser Alexandra “Allee” Bautsch and her boyfriend Joe Brown were savagely attacked and beaten Friday night after leaving a GOP fundraising dinner in New Orleans. Allee Bautch sufffered a broken leg and her boyfriend, Joe Brown received a broken jaw and nose and a concussion.

Leftists had been protesting outside Brennan’s Restaurant, where the fundraising dinner was held, but attacked the couple afterwards a couple blocks away. Bautsch recalls hearing one of the attackers say “Let’s get them, they have Palin pins on.”

The Hayride blog has several links to local reports, video of the leftist protest and quotes of the leftist vitriol concerning this uncalled for attack.

Substitute “Jew” where you hear “Republican” and we are beginning to look more and more like 1930’s Germany. Und, vast ist Herr Obama doink to calm the nation and his dogs? NUTTINK!!

Don’t look for two Republicans being savagely attacked and beaten to make national news. It isn’t as newsworthy as Michelle Obama and Jill Biden helicoptering over Haiti.

July 19, 2009

Looney Ron Paul; Jealous of Sarah Palin Too?

by lewwaters


Ron Paul, the looney Libertarian who has twice ran for president and never even came close to the Oval Office, other than a visit, has come out attacking Alaska’s soon to be former governor, Sarah Palin.

Although I consider Paul to be a whiny nutcase, primarily on his foreign policies and advocacy of stripping America of sound security measures, he was the last one I thought would become infected with Palin Derangement Syndrome.

Sarah Plain stands straight and speaks forcefully, compared to Paul’s whiny performances in the debates last year. Still they share some similarities in independence from the party, both being somewhat mavericks.

Shortly after being selected as John McCain’s Vice Presidential choice, Mrs. Palin was asked about Paul in an MTV interview. She said of him,

He’s a good guy. He’s so independent. He’s independent of the party machine. I’m like, ‘Right on, so am I.’ ”

In return, Paul is quoted in a Politico article dismissing Mrs. Palin’s supporters as

more establishment, conventional Country-Club type of Republicans.”

On Mrs. Palin herself, he states,

I wonder whether she’s energizing the 15-20 year olds. That would be a question I would have. Because she doesn’t talk about the Federal Reserve and some of these issues. She doesn’t talk too much about personal liberties, civil liberties, getting rid of drug laws, attacking the war on drugs, punishing people who torture.”

No, she instead addresses real issues facing the nation. In her announcement speech on her resignation from the governor’s office of Alaska, she spoke of Energy independence and national security, fiscal restraint, smaller government, and local control have being her priorities and that they will remain her priorities.

Country Club Republican is a derogatory expression used towards Republicans considered to have higher than average income or wealth, lack of sympathy with lower income citizens, and liberal views on abortion, gay rights, and other social issues.

Asked by John Stossel in December 2007, “Should gays be allowed to marry?” Paul answered, “sure.”

Sarah Palin says marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Paul advocate legalizing drugs, Sarah Palin does not.

By definition, Paul is more of a “Country Club Republican” than any Palin supporter I know, my wife and I included.

Ron Paul made a lot of noise in the 2008 campaigns. He raised a lot of money and misled a lot of people. But he could only gather some 35 delegates. He did even poorer when he ran as a Libertarian candidate in 1988.

For him to now come out attacking Sarah Palin, who isn’t even running a campaign currently, tells me he is as jealous as can be of her success and fame while he fades away into the morass of political irrelevancy, regardless of what his glassy eyed, brainwashed supporters might think.

Sarah Palin energized conservatives in America like few other people have. She faced unprecedented attacks against her family and herself, all because she is a woman of strength and character who would shake up the “good old boy” network Ron Paul slinks around in.

Paul rails against earmarks in bills, but then inserted 22 earmarks worth $96.1 million into an Omnibus bill earlier this year, making him the number one Republican to receive earmarks.

It is little wonder the country rejected a candidate who is as much of a hypocrite as Paul or one who is passing into obscurity and decides he must trash a woman who is twice the man he will ever be.

Sometimes I don’t know who is the bigger loon, Paul or that relatively small number of starry-eyed, in your face, bloviators who worship his ever word and think they will be able to sell their rejected ideology by high jacking the Republican Party.

Attacking Sarah Palin and alienating conservatives will only appeal to that very Country Club Republican sect Paul accuses us of being. It sure won’t gain him any support amongst rank and file Republicans.

If it isn’t jealousy, it’s fear. Fear that she will clean his clock should both decide to run in 2012, when Paul will be a feeble 76 year old and Sarah a spry 48 year old.

Other Discussions: Evergreen Conservative; Texas For Sarah Palin; Adam Brickley and Thomas Lifson @ American Thinker

July 4, 2009

It’s Time To Be America Again

by lewwaters


A little over two centuries ago, a young and energetic country was born out of the wilderness of North America. In less than two centuries she grew into a major super power and gave the world that begs for freedom and liberty a beacon of hope.

It never was a perfect country, but one that sought to be the very best that it could be. She had spirit and believed in the innate desire of humans to be free to grow and build on their dreams.

Poor from all over flocked to her shores to take part in the dream of freedom and liberty for all. When she lost direction and denied those freedoms to some, it was corrected and locked doors were opened.

From the cast-offs of every other nation, the non-elite, even the uneducated that thrived on common sense, the mightiest nation the world has ever seen was born. Her might did not come about solely from arms and munitions, but from the heart of the people who settled her. It came as a result of their freedom to build on her and to thrive where so many others before her held their people back, to retain the power in the hands of the elite ruler class.

In fact, the real power of this new nation came from the people to the government, not from the government to the people.

Along the way, though, something happened. Dreams, self determination, reliance on self and looking out for your neighbors took a back seat to easy dependency from the government and not wanting to get involved.

Where dominant political parties came together for the betterment of the country, they now seek only the power of the party over the other.

Where we used to watch movies and our favorite actors and actresses for entertainment, we now look to them to testify before our government and to tell us how to make our lives better, even though they as a class are steeped heavily in divorces, drug abuse, dysfunctional families and most every debauchery known.

Not to mention their livelihood depends on selling fantasy to the public.

I have a big problem with listening to wealthy elitist snobs out of Hollywood complaining about someone else having “more than their fair share.”

We used to not tolerate public officials who violated the public trust or were found to engage in extramarital trysts. Nor did we tolerate those that stole from the people or didn’t pay their share of taxes, while demanding we do.

Today we see elected officials taking extended vacations anywhere in the world and charging us for their pleasures, even though we pay them no less than $175,000 a year and bestow them with generous benefits.

Our Presidents children were considered ‘off-limits’ when it came to political jabs at each other, as was shown in 1950 when President Truman let a critic of his only daughter, Margaret know that he would receive a sound punch in the nose if they ever met.

Today, as we saw during the 2008 campaign season, one candidate’s family was heavily drug through the mud with every mean-spirited nasty utterance her critics could come up with, true or not.

Where the media would exercise self-restraint and avoided such offensive gossip, today they run it as headlines, provided it is against the party they despise. If of the party they support, they oppress negative news.

While humorous jabs and criticisms of politicians has always been our norm, we did not subject them or their families to vitriolic slurs or slanders and would not tolerate “jokes” about one of their teenaged daughters being raped and write it off as “they need to get a thick skin, it was just a joke.”

We did not look upon our Military Service members as ‘cold blooded murderers’ or ‘baby killers,’ but paid them respect and due honors for sacrificing for our freedom and liberty.

That is the America I grew up in. That is the America that led the world towards freedom and liberty for all. That is the America that stood up to tyranny and fought with all she had to help the world end it twice before.

That is the America that today, seems to have been just a dream, unless you lived during those times.

Today, we have a political party that preaches dependency upon them, instead of teaching self-reliance. A party that hands out pittances to minorities in ghettoes instead of encouraging them to take advantage of a free education, to study hard and make something of themselves.

Americans, those who migrated from all over the globe and built this country to her greatness did not rely on government handouts to achieve greatness, they built it with their own two hands.

They planted the farms, built the corporations, did the research and achieved the highest living standard in the history of the world.

None were a success because of handouts from a government.

We now have citizens and officials alike who will tell us what we achieved was wrong and how we took more than our fair share. But, who are they to decide what someone’s “fair share” is?

In the case of politicians, they seem to feel their “fair share” is as much as they can manage to take from us, leaving us with little to provide for our families.

America is on a path of self-destruction and is at risk of being taken over by our former enemies as we continue to borrow trillions of dollars to bailout failing corporations and oppressive labor unions.

As a nation of free and independent people we thrived. We grew strong and prosperous. We opened doors for people that had never been opened before. We set out to win and did not give up or surrender.

We had pride in ourselves without the arrogance seen in our government today.

We can be that people again. We can be a strong beacon of hope for the world again. We can unite and stop the rapid slide into government dependency that is destroying us from within.

We did not get where we used to be by dependence on government handouts, but by our own stubborn self-reliance and determination.

We can stop the hateful words of those that who can’t tolerate the greatness we had before or that would stifle dissent and only allow their view to be spoken.

We can demand our paychecks come to us and not go to more government giveaways.

We can elect politicians who will stand up for America’s freedom and our people first.

We can stand up with each other and demand our true constitutional rights be respected and restored.

It can and must be done if we are to retain our freedoms and liberties.

On this 233rd Birthday of our nation, it is time to stand together for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It is time to be America again!

July 3, 2009

Sarah Palin To Step Down As Alaska’s Governor

by lewwaters

sarah palin-reagan

Liberals are surely delighted, thinking they won and have forced her out of office, but they will surely be in for a surprise.

Palin Quits as Alaska Governor

After stunning the world and being subjected to a before unheard of vitriolic assault on her person and members of her family, Mrs. Palin announced today that she will step down as governor of Alaska at the end of July, handing the state over to Lt. Governor Sean Parnell.

Seeing how she energized the conservatives in the country, detractors set out on a course of mean-spirited vitriol to destroy the woman, politically if not personally.

In a telephone interview with Fox News, her brother stated that due to an excess of frivolous complaints against her and at great expense, she felt she could not devote the time necessary to properly govern Alaska.

15 ethics complaints have been dismissed, but enemies of Patriotic America will not cease their onslaught of a decent person.

This is the America you voted for, politics of personal destruction on steroids.

Liberals, don’t think for a minute you have won, you haven’t. You have only fired the first volley and we intend to fire back like you have never seen.

Mrs. Palin places her constituents above her goals and places her family’s interests first.

The phony you placed in the White House is ripping he country apart and faces scorn now too.

No more nice stuff!

Like General Yamamoto was credited with saying after the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, you are awakening a sleeping giant, decent hard working Americans who believe in fairness and America, not the socialist hand-outs.

Mrs. Palin may be setting up for a run for President in 2012 and believe you me, she will be a formidable candidate if that is her intent.

Regardless of what RINO’s say, many in America love this lady and even some not so mean hearted liberals see the underhanded destruction wrought against this woman and her family, for no legitimate reason other than the left’s fear of her.

Rejoice if you please, liberals, but don’t be surprised to find her sitting in the White House come January 20, 2013.

America won’t forget your vitriol and as often happens, what goes around, comes around.

Palin announces resignation

Lt. Gov. Response to Palin’s Announcement

April 23, 2009

More Ridiculous Palin Derangement Syndrome

by lewwaters

CNN’s Larry King, known for some time as a sleaze interviewer who can spare no effort at bashing conservatives, reached a new low in a recent interview of Levi Johnston, father of Bristol Palin’s infant son.

Levi, taking advantage of his 15 minutes, is clearly uncomfortable as King probes into the most private portions of his young life.

The fear and hatred of this one woman and her family, whose only crime is to be a conservative Governor and nominated for the vice-presidency in the 2008 election is out of hand.

It wasn’t enough to smear and lie about them throughout the campaign, now they wish to continue this unnecessary smear campaign by dragging intimate details of the children’s personal life into the public arena.

Think for a moment, all of you who have children. Do you know everything they did in their teen years? As a teen yourself, did you reveal all of your doings to your parents?

Why doesn’t Larry King probe the Obama’s about their first sexual experience? Will he ask if the “screwed” in the back seat of a car? Why doesn’t he ask if Barack ever took Michelle home to her parents house and “laid” her there?

Then again, perhaps Larry King would be too uncomfortable to probe into the Obama’s personal life, but why not Chelsea Clinton’s sex life?

Wake up America. Is this what we mistake for “journalism” today? Is this what America has become?

November 9, 2008

Come Together… Right Now? Oh Lord

by lewwaters

obama-mussolini-posePlaying off of the Beatles 1969 hit, Come Together, the Columbian’s editor, Lou Brancaccio laments of times past in Chicago’s Grants Park when a riot broke out at a rock concert by Sly and the Family Stone, who did not appear.

Relating the 1970 riot event to this weeks love fest over B HO being elected the first Mulatto president, Brancaccio longingly opines of how wonderful and different it was today.

I wasn’t able to be present at this concert or the earlier all time greatest concert, Woodstock, due to my being busy on the other side of the world earning the scorn and hate of people like Brancaccio by fighting for my country.

Of the election itself, he says, “This was a bitter election campaign. Palling around with terrorists, socialists, clinging to guns, it was all a bit much.” Funny thing is, I don’t recall any actual in depth coverage of B HO’s long association with an unrepentant Domestic Terrorist, his announced policies being plagiarized from the likes of Vladimir Lenin and Mao Zedong, or his repeated gaffes slapping blue collar America’s for their values. Could it be the “bit too much” was his efforts at ignoring and hiding truths from the Columbian’s readers who might have benefited from actually hearing in depth reporting on B HO?

Brancaccio now desire’s a similar love fest of “Togetherness” held at Esther Short Park with Democrats, Republicans and Independents, all laying down our swords, joining hands and singing Kumbaya to each other.

He states, “So is there an opportunity now to stop the shouting and the name-calling, end the fist-pumping? I think so. But the window for this kind of thing is always open for only a short time. We’ll all need to take advantage of it quickly.”

Yes, Lou, all we need do is compromise our values, beliefs and principles and now that the Socialist Demokratik Politburo has all the power, abandon our independent thought and submit to their rule, all in the name of “Togetherness.”

Of course, he deftly avoids mention of how for the past 8 years; he and others went out of their way to reject our calls of some “Togetherness” in support of our President and to further the nation in harmony. In fact, for 8 years we have heard nothing positive from Brancaccio concerning President Bush or his policies.

Togetherness was a vulgar word until B HO was announced as victor in this elongated coup de tat.

When a gracious lady from Alaska was chosen as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, did they celebrate the second woman to be nominated to such a high office? No. She was subjected to some of the vilest rumors, innuendos, and trumped up charges imaginable. She was castigated for not aborting her infant son, for standing alongside her daughter who has made the all too common mistake of an early pregnancy, for being an independent person who shook up the old boy network of her own party in Alaska and who had the audacity to dress nice for campaigning.

Did Brancaccio call for this to stop and show some honor to such a person? If he did, I certainly missed it. Would those desiring “Togetherness” today have listened if he had? Don’t bank on it.

Was it a display of “Togetherness” this past Tuesday at the Hilton when my wife and another lady stuck their heads into the love fest at the Hilton and all they received were sneers once their Dino Rossi stickers were seen?

This, even though the Socialist Demokratik Politburo partiers erected a sign reading, “Tonight America Came Together” outside the ballroom door where they held their Obama love fest.

To these people, “Togetherness” now means we submit totally to their rule and abandon our independence and free thought and love of America, in favor of their hate of the traditional America that has been the greatest beacon of truth and freedom in the history of mankind.

As was pointed out to me earlier this evening by Debbie Peterson, we have enabled the left. When they cut us off at the knees, stabbed us in the back, rejected our calls for cooperation and togetherness, belittled our President and his staff and yes, even the Brave Troops who have voluntarily placed themselves between us an the most brutal enemy we have ever faced, we turned the other cheek and tried to keep playing nice with them.

They took it as weakness and kept attacking until their coup de tat was complete.

Like spoiled children who have always gotten their way and like to bully others, they kept up a relentless attack for 8 years. It is time they received a long over due spanking, so to speak.

We conservatives are in the position to give them that spanking and I intend to do so right here. No longer can we afford to turn the other cheek, no matter how much they whine we are supposed to. No longer can we accept their tantrums and just let them have their way. We must counter them in a way they understand by using many of their own tactics.

We need to be relentless in pointing out their hypocrisy and their scandals and make a big stink about them, loudly. We need demonstrations downtown or anywhere else we can. We need no longer cower in fear of offending them.

Above all, we need to return the treatment that have dished out to President Bush and all of us and reject all calls for “Togetherness” and “Compromise” of our values.

I expect letters to the Editor to be denied or heavily edited by the Columbian and even the Oregonian. They have control of the press, but not of the Internet and personal conversations. We can express our views right here or at any other Internet site in Clark County.

If we want to save America from becoming just another communist third world nation, we must come together and oppose the left with everything we have. Ignore their gloating. The honey coating on B HO will fade quickly and we must be prepared to expose him and his cronies at every step.

We can and must do it, for America, for our children and grandchildren and for our Brave Troops.

For liberals who read this and think I am bitter, I can only say, You Betcha!”

It takes a lot of damned gall to offer your hand in “Togetherness” after rejecting and slapping ours for so many years.

November 8, 2008

Washington Post Admits Left Winged Media Bias

by lewwaters

cowardly-lionDeborah Howell, of the Washington Post, penned a stunning admission in today’s paper titled, An Obama Tilt in Campaign Coverage.

In her article she outlines the lopsided coverage in favor of Liberal Democrat, Barack Hussein Obama over Moderate Republican, John Sydney McCain. We bloggers on the right have known this all along, but when mentioned, we were just poo pooed by the left and members of the media as hate mongers, out of touch or what have you.

In showing the lack of true Journalistic coverage, Howell states, “The Post was deficient in stories that reported more than the two candidates trading jabs,” admitting that issues of both candidates were lacking.

The assistant managing editor for politics, Bill Hamilton, is quoted as saying,

I don’t at all discount the importance of issues, but we had a larger purpose, to convey and explain a campaign that our own David Broder described as the most exciting he has ever covered, a narrative that unfolded until the very end. I think our staff rose to the occasion.”

Isn’t it the “issues” that we voters must know in order to make informed decisions on who to vote for to best lead the nation? And, what is the “larger purpose” he mentions? Prove we are not racists by electing a totally inexperienced person to the highest office in the world just because he is a minority?

With all the calls from European nations during the campaign that America ‘must’ do so, when does Europe prove their end to racism by installing a Black leader in any one of their countries? After all, the slavery that once existed in America was brought from those same European nations that have never in their history had a Black leader.

The most stunning admission by Ms. Howell, though, is,

But Obama deserved tougher scrutiny than he got, especially of his undergraduate years, his start in Chicago and his relationship with Antoin “Tony” Rezko, who was convicted this year of influence-peddling in Chicago. The Post did nothing on Obama’s acknowledged drug use as a teenager.”

Neither did the rest of the lamestream media, Ms. Howell.

As I wrote in Lamestream Media Royally Screws America, “We learned more about Sarah Palin’s choice of eyeliner over the first weekend she was selected than we still know about B HO.”

Neither Ms. Howell nor any one else from the media has issued anything remotely resembling an apology for their gross negligence in performing their duty as Journalists to adequately inform the public. Such gross negligence on the job would get most of us fired from our jobs, yet they will just continue masquerading Op Eds as Journalism and selecting what the public reads and is entitled to know.

I am left pondering now if our own financially troubled Columbian will rub our noses into the mud also and admit they were in the tank for local Democrat candidates and ignored obvious deficiencies in their abilities?

Missing in their “coverage” was many gaffes and admissions of local candidates from the Democrat side and ignoring strengths of some Republican candidates.

Nowhere was this more prevalent than in the race to replace retiring Bill Fromhold between Jim Jacks and Debbie Peterson. After Jacks openly admitted to not having a clue of what to do in regards to our states financial troubles and Debbie outlined ideas to solve it, attempts by this writer to inform Clark County voters in the 49th Legislative District were continually blocked by editing portions of comments and letters that stated that.

While the media did not totally get their way in a Democrat clean sweep, they helped elect enough to have a major impact upon our future, which just may bankrupt us all with increased fees, higher taxes and more restrictions on our constitutional liberties.

It is little wonder that so many media sources are experiencing declining profits and having to lay people off. Ever so gradually, readers are turning away from the propaganda laced media and relying on alternative news sources or just ignoring news altogether.

That presents even more dangers for American voters.

Never before has the comment credited to Mark Twain, “If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper you are misinformed,” been so true.

November 1, 2008

3 Year-Old Sarah Palin

by lewwaters

Politics aside, this is the cutest video I have seen so far. Enjoy.

October 27, 2008

Food Stamp Frenzy? The “Other” America?

by lewwaters

A CBS report on hardships faced by citizens struggling to feed their families in an American community.



It may seem cold-hearted, but to me these people in the video are well dressed, one wearing an Armani top, adorned in nice jewelry and if you note at the end, loading their groceries in a very nice, and expensive, SUV.


I cannot fault people for wanting to look and dress nice, but what about priorities? Of course, the clothes could have always been purchased second hand or at a clearance and overstock store, costing much less. The SUV is a bit harder to understand for struggling people, though.


Still, none of this is a condemnation of these people shown. The salaries mentioned seem awfully low for their professions. They require commitment and education and surely deserve better salaries than mentioned. Since this was from a major metropolitan city in America, I have to wonder why the salaries of these people are so low.


Something just didn’t add up for this report, until it dawned on me. This report is about Chicago, Illinois, home of Democrat presidential candidate and former State Senator for this city, Barack Obama.


Is this what he accomplished for the people he served before as a State Senator? Is this the result for the people he now serves as a U.S. Senator?


More importantly, is this how he intends to serve the American People as President?


CBS, unwittingly I’m sure, has shown us how Barack Obama has represented the people in his district containing Chicago.


Are we ready for him to turn all of America into a struggling community as this?


I’m not! I’m voting for McCain/Palin where a look back at the people they represent shows much prosperity and less struggling to get by.


September 6, 2008

Palin Phobia In Clark County?

by lewwaters

Like many of you, I was pleasantly surprised to see Republican nominee, John McCain, choose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for his running mate in the upcoming Presidential election this year. Equally pleasing was to discover she has family ties to our community.

Most surprising was to witness that after years of hearing how hard the Democrat Party was working to elevate women in America, they pushed aside a powerful and well known female candidate in favor of a junior Senator from Illinois who is only mid-way through his first term in the U.S. Senate and it was the Republicans, who we continue to hear are against Women, Blacks, Children, Veterans, Mothers, Dogs, Cats, Snails, Birds, the Environment, Taxes, Free Expression, the Poor, Small Business, Health Care, Social Security, Immigrants, Snakes, Music, Flowers, Spiders, basically everything excluding Wealthy White Males, that stood up and nominated the second ever woman Vice Presidential candidate and first ever on the Republican ticket.

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

Within mere minutes of the announcement, realizing they had been blind-sided by the nomination, left-winged smear merchants began digging into every aspect of her and her family’s lives.

By Sunday, August 31, the Columbian’s John Laird, first telling us how we men feel “tasered” by the mere mention of a powerful woman’s name, primarily Hillary Clinton, seemed somewhat perplexed and “baffled” that Sarah Palin had eclipsed Hillary in the limelight and the possibility of being the “next woman in the White House.”

He also graciously says that “legions of men” no longer feel “tasered.”

Could it be that “legions” of men have wanted a woman all along, but one that supported America and not a leftist restructuring of the country? From our Moms to Margaret Thatcher, powerful women have always been accepted by “legions of men” without feeling “tasered.”

Judging by the paranoid rumors broadcast and printed about Sarah Palin in just this week, it is liberal men & women feeling that “tasered” effect. Could that be the real “tingling sensation” Chris Matthews spoke of once?

Local citizen and retired Navy Commander, Larry Patella, a good conservative who is unafraid to speak his mind, recently penned an email complaining about the biased coverage our local paper gave the conventions. Sending it out to those on his email list, one recipient, 49th Legislative District Representative, Jim Moeller, seemed to take exception. He replied to Larry,

Palin is THE political light-weight. You mean to tell me she is the most qualified candidate in the entire national Republican Party to be McCain’s running mate? Pleeese! Royce Pollard is more qualified than Palin. She will diminish your ticket and quite frankly, I couldn’t have picked a better running mate for him myself.”

Moeller, who has a history of brash replies to constituents and those who disagree with him, must believe the liberal distortions about Sarah Palin. Otherwise, he would have seen that Mrs. Palin enjoys an 85% approval rating in her home state of Alaska.

Never one to quietly back down from arrogant politicians, Larry excoriates Moeller with a reply, in part,

Shame on you. You who has spent a political career fighting to give gays the same rights as other would stoop so low as to join the rest of the Liberal Socialist Democrats and the news media to Insult Sara Palin because she is a woman. How dare you imply she is unqualified because she is a woman who comes from a small town or compare her to Royce Pollard?”

Left unmentioned by Representative Moeller is that Royce Pollard isn’t running for high National Office, but Barack Obama and Joe Biden are and neither has a single days experience in running either a small town or a state. In fact, Sarah Palin even has more Executive experience than her running mate, Senator John McCain.

Left-winged, apparently shook up over this surprise announcement, sent out emails to subscribers “suggesting” letters to editors be written and sent in to newspapers all across the nation. They even supply “writing tips” outlining the debunked rumors and distortions being spread by the paranoid left in their effort to undo what appears to be a winning ticket.

Some have appeared in our local paper letting us “ignorant” Republicans know that adding Mrs. Palin to the ticket “turned the Republican campaign into a ‘Seinfeld’ rerun.” That I recall, Seinfeld enjoyed a long and popular run on TV and is still in demand in syndication.

Another letter tells us that 67 days isn’t enough time to learn of Sarah Palin and know whether or not she is qualified to be Vice President. No mention that the Democrats Presidential nominee is only mid way through his first term as a junior Senator, most of it being spent campaigning for the Presidency. Somehow, though, with no records being released from his home state, he is “immanently qualified” to assume the highest office in the land. But Sarah Palin’s years as Mayor and Governor isn’t enough to be in the Second Highest Office.

In a September 5 Columbian article, editor Lou Brancccio, attempting to show the Columbian as an “unbiased” news source, ends his piece with,

Rather than directly answer tough questions from the media (so far at least) she would simply prefer to say she’s not running to please the media, she’s running (dramatic pause required here) TO REPRESENT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! Oh. OK. I didn’t realize that,” concerning Mrs. Palin.

And again, no complaint that fellow “journalists” won’t even ask Senator Obama any “tough questions” at all

A competitor, the New York Times, published an editorial saying in part,

Where is it written that only senators are qualified to become President …? Where is it written that governors and mayors … are too local, too provincial …? What a splendid system, we say to ourselves, that takes little-known men, tests them in high office and permits them to grow into statesmen. This rationale may even be right, but then let it also be fair. Why shouldn’t a little-known woman have the same opportunity to grow?”

No, this wasn’t written in defense of Sarah Palin, but was published on July 3, 1984 in defense of New York Representative Geraldine Ferraro when Democrat candidate, Walter Mondale, nominated her for the office of Vice President.

Today, they join the chorus questioning Sarah Palin’s qualifications.

Todd Palin’s uncle, Doug Palin says, “She’s young and fresh and kind of a new face.” Many of us in Clark County couldn’t agree more. In spite of the ‘Palin-Phobia’ in the media and Democrat Party, once the partisan rhetoric is cut through, we find an honest and sincere mother of 5 who has the desire to really leave a better country for her children.

There is a very good chance that America is witnessing their first ever woman President.