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October 5, 2014

Why Is Deanna Pauli Hammond Running For County Clerk?

by lewwaters

Seriously? Deanna Pauli Hammond wants to be elected to County Clerk so that she won’t be bored?

That is not reason enough for me.

September 20, 2014

2014 Election Predictions

by lewwaters

Voting boothI usually shy away from predicting the outcome of elections, but decided I’d throw my two cents in concerning the Clark County, Washington elections in November. It’s a bit early, yes and predictions are subject to change as information comes available. But this initial post will indicate how I see the outcome of the elections.

A disclaimer of sorts, these predictions are solely based on how I see the current information and read the current political tea leaves and are by no means infallible. They also may not be how I would personally like to see a race come out, but are how I view the reality of it.

First, apologies to the people in the 14th and 20th Legislative Districts. Your districts cross county lines and I simply do not have access to other counties at this time, so I am unable to predict how those races will go.

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October 15, 2010

Parkers Continue to Flaunt Illegal Campaign Signs

by lewwaters

Sherry Parker, incumbent Clark County Clerk running for reelection and her husband, Philip a State Transportation Commissioner apparently feel state laws on her highly irregular and by many, illegal campaign signs only apply along state or federal roads.

The Parkers have been under fire for some time for using signs that very closely resemble traffic warning signs, previously discussed HERE.

Ms. Parker was warned in 2006 that her signs were in violation of state law and in spite of her acknowledgment of that, sought out the advice of a city attorney to counter State Transportation Laws and continued to use her signs, with WADOT letting her know they would not take action then, but would if she used them again.

Fast forward to 2010 and Ms. Parker once again erected the illegal signs across Clark County.

An August 10, 2010 letter from the State Transportation Office again informed her that the signs are illegal and must be removed.

A succession of letters resulted in the Attorney General’s Office contacting Ms. Parker also informing her the signs are in violation of state law, which Ms. Parker sent a return letter on September 13 stating she had removed 26 of the signs that could be seen from Interstates 5 and 205 and also from along Hwy 14, 500, 502 and 503 in Clark County.

Apparently to the Parkers, who seem to be straining the gnat quite a bit, the irregular signs are only in violation if seen from certain roads within the county as a drive throughout Clark County will find several signs still in use. I have personally seen them along 78th St and several other county roads.

A series of photographs I obtained show her husband Philip erecting such a sign on September 10, perhaps one of the ones that had been removed from another location.

Holding his thumb up towards the photographer.

Why does Sherry Parker continue to use such illegal signs? She’s known for at least 4 years they were illegal and not to be used.

And her husband Philip, doesn’t he know too since he is a State Transportation Commissioner? Shouldn’t he be reinforcing state transportation laws instead of helping his wife skirt them? Are they not subject to the very same laws you and I and every other candidate is?

Does she, as County Clerk, hold us to a different standard than she abides by herself?

Personally, I am tired of politicians who flaunt their violation of the law and demand that we do. I am tired of the double standard between elected officials and us. Sherry Parker has even issued a campaign flyer featuring her illegal sign on the backside.

I am voting to turn Sherry Parker out of office and replace her with someone who doesn’t think they are better than the rest of us. I’m voting for Scott Weber.

Enough is enough, Sherry.

October 7, 2010

Will Sherry Parker Comply With Campaign Sign Laws?

by lewwaters

See also Why Does Sherry Parker Continue to Violate State Law?

If every other candidate in the state can comply with state sign laws, why won’t Sherry Parker?

Her challenger, Scott Weber complies with sign laws. Can we trust someone in office who continually thumbs their nose at our written law?

August 14, 2010

Why Does Sherry Parker Continue to Violate State Law?

by lewwaters

Sherry Parker, County Clerk for Clark County Washington is once again coming under fire for her use of questionable campaign signs that bear a striking resemblance to traffic warning signs.

She received complaints on this back in her bid for office in 2006 and once again, as she seeks re-election, she is receiving complaints from the Washington State Department of Transportation for her use of the questionable signs.

I find her ignoring such complaints to be quite peculiar, given that on her campaign web site she states of her husband, “Philip is a state Transportation Commissioner.” Surely as a “State Transportation Commissioner,” he realizes the signs bear such a striking resemblance to traffic warning signs and are in violation of state law?

Just recently, Ms. Parker was sent the following from the Department of Transportation, once again requesting she comply with state law, as she was asked to do in 2006.

Calls apparently were ignored in 2006 perhaps due to the City Attorney’s office not seeing eye to eye with clearly stated state Transportation Law. As a state Transportation Commissioner though, shouldn’t Philip Parker know better on these questionable signs?

After this, Ms. Parker issued a notice that she had never received any such warning, but that the city attorney had stated there was no problem with the questionable signs. And still, I have to refer back to husband Philip being a “state Transportation Commissioner.”

Parker even merited a Roasting on our local spoof news site, the Daily ‘Couve recently.

According to an April 2010 Columbian article on her filing for re-election, Parker, who earns just over $93,000 per year in this office says, “With the economy the way it is and the county’s budget the way it is, we try to find any way we can to make things more efficient and still be available to the public.”

Would that include being the ONLY candidate running for ANY office locally to continue to thumb her nose at directives received from the State Department of Transportation, where her husband sits as a Commissioner since being appointed by Governor Gregoire since 2007?

Is the County Clerk office even all that important of a position to resort to this in order to obtain and hold it? According to the Columbian article above, “Parker supervises a staff of 45 people and is responsible for the records of all Superior Court matters, including felony criminal cases; certain civil lawsuits; and divorce, juvenile and probate cases.”

I never realized that our courts were busy enough to require “45 people” just for filing.

Ms. Parker’s opponent, Scott Weber says he is running to “abolish the office” as an elected office.

Weber says, “Elimination of the Clerk as an elected position will save an amount into the six figures. Our elected clerk makes nearly $100,000 alone. Making the court’s file clerk appointed will make it easier to streamline the office and make the person holding the job accountable to those public officials who have significant responsibilities like the judges and commissioners.

Considering Ms. Parker is paid nearly double the median income of the average Clark County taxpayer at a time so many of us are struggling, perhaps Ms. Parker is very comfortable ignoring state law to retain that handsome paycheck.

No matter how insignificant the office may seem to us, elected officials must be held to the same standard as the rest of us are. I can only imagine how fast the City Attorney’s Office would be to have you or I remove a sign similar to Ms. Parker’s should we advertise our home for rent or for any other reason.

Ms. Parker should be required to abide by that same standard and stop thumbing her nose at state law in order that she may retain her nice healthy paycheck on the backs of struggling taxpayers.

Ms. Parker would require you to “follow the rules” should you need to file anything with her office. Shouldn’t she too “follow the rules?”