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May 22, 2017

After Smears, Sean Guard Drops Bid for Reelection

by lewwaters

Earlier this afternoon this blog was included in receiving the following announcement from Sean Guard, Mayor of Washougal, Washington.

I am sending this to the large group of folks who have been so supportive of us, especially in the last week.

It is obvious that this far right faction is desperate to get me out of office and they will do anything possible to do so. Annie and I know the truth, however, as do so many of you.

I bleed orange and black. I am Washougal through and through. I have spent the last 7+ years leading our community to greater heights and preparing it for the future. We have so many awesome opportunities in front of us thanks to the team and most of the council that is in place.

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May 16, 2017

Politics, a Blood Sport? Or just Cockroaches Hiding in the Shadows?

by lewwaters

A quote from the leftist Welsh politician Aneurin Bevan, “politics is a bloodsport” is often heard from fringe elements to justify their vitriol and smearing of opponents in campaigns. Mostly it seems to now be coming from more right wing elements professing deep hatred for anything on the left.

To them, compromise or meeting in the middle is tantamount to high treason as they seek to impose their tyrannical view by any means deemed appropriate.

Tragically, we see this attitude all too often these past few years right here in Clark County Political campaigns as a small but nefarious group of right wingers seems hellbent on seizing power in our county by any means necessary.

It was three years ago this very blog became a target of this vitriolic hate group and remains in their crosshairs with whisper campaigns, so called “newsletters” spewing untruths or condemnation for having the audacity to allow voluntary contributions last year to help defray expenses.

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May 22, 2012

Jon Russell Resigns From Washougal City Council

by lewwaters

Not really a big surprise, but Washougal City Council Member Jon Russell has announced he will resign his council seat effective July 1, 2012.

In an email sent out, Russell says,

“I am submitting my resignation from the Washougal City Council, effective July 1st 2012. I have accepted a job promotion which will take my family and me to the east coast. Please thank the city employees for their tireless dedication and their assistance to me as a City Councilman. Washougal is a great city and will only get better in the years to come. My last Council meeting will be June 25th.

On a personal note, thank you for your integrity and diligence in making our city run smoothly.

Jon Russell
Mayor Pro Tem
Washougal City Councilman

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May 4, 2012

Ever Hear of Glass Houses, Mayor Guard?

by lewwaters

Like others, I pay little attention to Washougal, Washington. Oh, I’ve taken stabs at city council member Jon Russell at times over his intense desire to climb the political ladder, but let’s face it, not much happens in Washougal to draw much interest from those of us who live outside of it.

Washougal’s mayor Sean Guard is another I rarely mention or pay much attention to as he is, well, quite boring in his term as mayor. But sometimes, I have to step out of my comfort zone to write about something so blatantly hypocritical, I can’t let it pass.

Such is the case now seeing Mayor Guard’s hypocritical public stand towards Republican County Commissioner Tom Mielke being 3 whole days late on paying property taxes.

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December 9, 2009

Where Is Russell’s Transparency?

by lewwaters

Listening to the Victoria Taft program on Portland’s KPAM 860 AM radio this evening, I was somewhat surprised to hear a comment made by Washougal’s city council member, Jon Russell complaining about the lack of transparency in government.

Surprising in that the dust has yet to settle in Washougal after the scandal broke of a State Audit announcing unaccounted for funds in the city.

Russell was fast to distance himself from the scandal, pointing fingers at the mayor, Stacee Sellers and the rest of the city council in not properly performing their oversight duties.

Several releases to the Columbian had him saying he saw troubles some time ago, but could not rally support “amongst the Progressive majority” on the council who were loyal to the mayor.

Clark County Conservative has written on the shortcomings displayed previously at Russell Shows Lack of Experience on City Council and Jon Russell Says, “The People Deserve To Know The Truth.”

Russell was instrumental in censuring mayor Sellers and bring about her immediate resignation under threat of impeachment and ever since I have been critical of comments left on the Columbian articles by the former mayor and brother of mayor elect Sean Guard, Jeff Guard.

Jeff has been commenting constant criticism of Stacee Sellers specifically and occasionally council members in a more general sense. On the surface, since Russell has been less that forthcoming on his inability to properly provide the oversight he was charged with by Washougal voters, I assumed Guard was displaying sour grapes since Sellers defeated him in 2005.

Then, it dawned on me, sour grapes or not, Russell’s finger pointing towards other council members didn’t add up with what Jeff Guard says of the council during his time in office.

Russell claims these same council members would not support his efforts in correcting the actions of mayor Sellers due to their loyalty to her. Stacee Sellers, although a Republican, was said to have a “Progressive” council.

Jeff Guard said, “I can 100% guarantee nothing even remotely close to this ever happened during my term,” in response to my saying a deeper investigation was in order.

That’s when it dawned on me. The council Russell pointed fingers at is the same council that Jeff Guard had, some of them still sitting on the council today.

Are we to believe this city council that worked well with Democrat Jeff Guard switched loyalty as soon as Republican Stacee Sellers assumed office?

Or, did Russell level the accusation to distance himself from the scandal and his own failure to perform his duties in oversight?

Little doubt that Jon Russell is a very ambitious young man.

Yet, in his lengthy list of accomplishments and business ventures, he makes no mention of his company, Northern Concepts LLC that not long ago campaigned for one of the largest tax increases ever seen in Clark County.

But, he readily boasts of a one percent cut in Washougal property taxes.

That’s not transparency; it’s politics as usual for the ambitious.

Before Jon calls for transparency from others, shouldn’t he man-up and stop pointing at everyone else?

Jon, a leader doesn’t blame everybody else for their own shortcomings. They accept responsibility and correct things.

As I learned long ago, when you point a finger at someone else, Jon, you have four pointing back at you.

Finger pointing is not transparency!

October 29, 2009

Russell Shows Lack of Experience on City Council

by lewwaters

Any who have been following the Columbian the past few days have seen the problems unearthed in the city of Washougal, Washington where their mayor, Stacee Sellers is accused of some improper use of tax dollars on personal trips pertaining to charges on her city credit card resulting from an accountability audit.

Audit critical of Washougal spending

Sellers’ Las Vegas expenses questioned

Whether or not Washougal’s mayor is guilty of anything remains to be seen and I am not here to judge her. That will all be settled soon I hope for the citizens of Washougal.

However, this matter has brought something more important to light that must be addressed and placed in front of Washington State voters within the 3rd Congressional District. That being, city councilman Jon Russell who is campaigning for the nomination to run against 6 term Democrat congressman Brian Baird in next years election.

Washougal is a small town with a population of less than 9,000 people, just east of Vancouver, Washington. Jon Russell occupies a seat on the city council comprised of 7 citizens. As in any city council, their duties are to provide oversight of the mayor and to ensure matters pertaining to the city are not just rubber stamped through, but openly discussed and whatever is done is for the benefit of the city’s residents, not individuals.

With the revelation of possible improprieties by the mayor, Stacee Sellers, Jon unwittingly has shown his immaturity or lack of experience for such a seat in his effort to distance himself from the mayor and the accusations against her.

From the first article linked above we read,

“Council member Jon Russell said he believed the findings showed that the problems were bigger than oversights.

“I don’t think these are cracks, they’re craters,” he said. “It looks like a pattern that is not being dealt with and that is not being brought to the attention of the council.”

Russell said he wants the council to hold a special meeting to look into each problem and discipline responsible parties, even ask for resignations if necessary.

“I don’t see how we can trust this administration in moving forward with anything,” he said.”

Does Jon not realize the city council IS part of the administration?

Further eroding confidence in Jon is the second article linked where we see,

“The people responsible for that oversight are members of the city council. Three council members — [Jon] Russell, Lou Peterson and Paul Greenlee — make up the finance committee tasked with approving city employees’ and officials’ receipts and spending.”

Jon appears to be the head of the oversight committee charged with overseeing city expenditures. But he also says he doesn’t recall whether he saw details of the Las Vegas trip expenditures claiming,

“It’s not at all a perfect system.”

The real rub comes in the explanation,

“The committee members do not meet to discuss the expenditures; that practice ended several years ago in favor of council workshops. Instead, members are told to go to Sellers with questions, Russell said.

We have been told by the mayor not to talk to department heads to get answers, that everything has to go through her.”

Jon has been on the council for at least a couple years now and surely must know his duties were to provide oversight alongside the other council members. If what he says is accurate, why has he sat back until now and tolerated such orders from the mayor?

If Jon is unable to stand up to the mayor of a small town of some 9,000, how would he ever stand up to the likes of Speaker Nancy Pelosi in Washington D.C.?

I take no pleasure in bringing this out and in fact, from meeting Jon in person, I like him. But, we in the 3rd District that see congressman Baird has lost sight of who he is supposed to represent want a strong candidate to run against him and someone who will stand up for us and take on the established power base back in Washington D.C. We do not want someone who will go there, collect their salary and perks and just do as they’re told.

I still think Jon is a good guy and has a future with government if he continues. But, at this time, he simply is not ready to tackle the likes of Brian Baird or Nancy Pelosi in campaigning. He just doesn’t have the experience yet.

On the other hand, we also have a candidate that has experience in Washington D.C. with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Homeland Security, David Castillo of Olympia.

Jon, you look almost as bad as the mayor in this. If she is exonerated of all charges, you remain looking bad in not standing up to her or seeing the excessive expenditures. It is either your naiveté or inexperience.

There is no shame in deciding to wait and gain some valuable experience for a future run at higher office.

Join us Jon. Get behind David Castillo and let’s get Baird out of office this time and get an experienced conservative in office to represent the 3rd Congressional District.

David Castillo

Remember Jon, if you couldn’t stand up to a small town mayor, how would you ever stand up to Nancy Pelosi?