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December 19, 2010

Coming Soon, Anti-Israel Ads on Seattle Buses

by lewwaters

Reported by Seattle’s KING 5 News, A group calling itself the Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign is paying nearly $2,000 to place the ads on some Seattle Downtown buses.

Spokesman for the group claim the ads are geared towards Israels attacks 2 years ago on Gaza, that were intended to stop rockets attacks on Israel and the smuggling in of weapons used against Israel. Group spokesman, Ed Mast stated, “I wouldn’t say it’s an anti-Israel message any more than any complaint about a country is anti-that country. We would like Israel to stop violating human rights. We would like Israel to give equal rights to its Palestinian citizens and its Palestinian subjects who live under occupation,” even though the ads contain inflammatory words of “our tax dollars at work” and feature photos of children.

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December 17, 2010

Public Transportation, At Its Finest

by lewwaters

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Will this be prosecuted as a “hate crime?”

Will Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson flock to Seattle to “preach” the love to cold hearted Whites who may think the 5 were wrong?

Will Blacks that condemn the acts of the 5 be ostracized and called “Toms?”

September 5, 2009

Who Is Advocating Violence At Health Care Reform Debates?

by lewwaters

Although there is been virtualy no coverage of it, Seattle saw a Health Care Debate Saturday that seems to have been peaceful and according to at least one blogger up north, was so because liberals far out weighed conservatives.

Most shocking, but not surprising, are comments from this same blogger before and after attending the debate.

Perhaps those more knowledgeable on the subject can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe since Washington is an open carry state, and Mayor Nickels proposed gun ban has never gone into effect, it would be perfectly legal to proudly carry and display one’s firearms at today’s rally. And since this is the West, where gun ownership transcends the political spectrum, it would be awfully interesting (and even amusing) to see how the teabaggers might react when confronted with gun-toting liberals.

Just thinkin’ out loud….

And afterwards,

One thing to note about yesterday’s pro-health reform rally is that there were no violent confrontations between supporters and counter-protesters… which is really too bad, because with a few thousand of us and only a couple dozen of them, we could’ve really kicked us some teabagger ass.

H/T to Orbusmax

Want to discuss just who is really calling for violence yet?