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March 30, 2012

Kim Wyman – Jim Kastama Secretary of State Debate

by lewwaters

The first debate, held on March 29, 2012 between two of the 4 candidates for Washington State Secretary of State in Vancouver, Washington. Candidates Kim Wyman and Jim Kastama attended while Greg Nickles and Kathleen Drew declined to debate.

Many thanks are extended to the Freedom Foundation, and Fort Vancouver High School for the debate as well as to the two candidates willing to speak before our community. video & article here

December 21, 2008

Secretary Reed, Mediocrity Is Not The Answer

by lewwaters

washington-seal1The December 12, 2008 edition of the Columbian features in their Letters To The Editor section a letter penned by Washington State’s Secretary of State, Sam Reed. Winning his third run for Secretary, Reed gave us his “words of wisdom” that we Republicans should follow in a letter he wrote, Put party division aside.

One wonders where that advice has been for Democrats since 1994, especially the last 8 years.

Reed, rightfully proud of his accomplishments boasts of being “one of two statewide Republican elected officials left standing,” Attorney General Rob McKenna the other and feels compelled to admonish Republicans on winning elections.

Reed says,

I hope party leaders will resist the self-defeating instinct to move toward ideological dogma, negativism and government-is-bad rhetoric.”

He continues with,

We have thrived for 148 years by championing individual freedom and responsibility, equal rights, fiscal conservatism, strong local and state governments, free enterprise, conservation of natural resources, and a strong national defense.”

Does it escape Secretary Reed that Democrats, to varying degrees, oppose some of those points?

Did Reed miss that we state that “Big” government is what is bad, not government itself?

Have we really “thrived” for so long spending much of that time in the minority? Yes, Republicans have successfully pushed some ideals through, but usually watered down.

How do we maintain a “Strong National Defense” when traditionally, Democrats gut the Military budget?

Most troubling to me is when Reed states,

To move away from the practical, common-sense middle is the wrong impulse.”

No, Secretary Reed, trying to run the middle of the road is what got Republicans into such a mess. What winning Democrat moved middle of the road and gained power? What Democrat recommends they run “middle of the road?”

Reed did win a decisive victory this past November with slightly more than 58% of the votes, but don’t forget he was the incumbent. Incumbents are generally difficult to unseat, unless they have been really poor in office.

It might be safe for a Secretary of State to run middle of the road, since their responsibilities are different than a governor or legislator. But, voters look to the other offices for leadership and ideas, usually.

Middle of the road is not where they need to be and after 8 years of leftist attacks against our president and Republicans in general, this so-called “practical, common-sense middle” is not what we need to regain power.

Reed also recommends, “we must put division aside and get on with collaborative governing.” Does he honestly believe conservatives should compromise our values and principles in favor of the Socialist Left?

Republicans did not gain power in 1994 by making promises of “middle of the road,” although too many moved in that direction once in office. History shows that moving towards the middle, abandoning conservatism and coming under relentless attacks from the Socialist Left, who never moved towards anything remotely resembling a “practical, common-sense middle,” cost the GOP the power they won in 1994.

It must also escape Secretary Reed that the parameters of right and left have shifted farther to the left over the years, placing that “practical, common-sense middle” he recommends, fully on the side of the left.

Conservatives do not need to move left. We need to re-embrace conservatism and expose the Socialist Democrats everywhere we can.

America is in danger of going fully Socialist, if Sam Reed hasn’t noticed. Socialism is not what made America great and is responsible for lowering lifestyles everywhere it has been tried, the most famous being the failed Soviet Union. Nazi Germany was also heavily Socialist under Adolph Hitler’s reign.

One only need look south to Venezuela to see another attempt at socialism failing to better a country and her people.

Secretary Reed, if I wanted to be a Liberal/Socialist Democrat, I’d rejoin that party. I became a Republican due the their conservative stance and taking strong stands on crucial issues, not by embracing what we know will fail.

Middle of the road, mediocrity, is not what Republicans must do. That has not served us well to date and I see no reason it will in the future.

If the GOP thinks conservatives need to sit down and shut up, then they don’t need me. I fully intend to continue exposing socialist moves and their robbing us of basic liberties.

Middle of the road is not what is needed for success, only for mediocrity.