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September 29, 2014

Lazy C’s Rice Goes Petty

by lewwaters

Okay, I get that all down at the Lazy C, Stephanie Rice and Lou Brancaccio especially, hate State Senator Don Benton (R 17) with a passion. We all get it and know they will stop at nothing to embarrass or demean the 5 times elected Senator. But this latest smear effort takes the cake.

Communication is key, spelling is secondary

Yes, Benton did the dastardly deed, he misspelled something.

And, we all know the Lazy C has never misspelled anything in print or online, right?

Well, as a matter of fact, no their spell checks aren’t so clean.

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February 8, 2014

Why Would Anybody Ever Vote Republican?

by lewwaters

Egg on FaceA common theme I am seeing in Democrat hopefuls for office this year is their claimed desire to tackle “dysfunction” in our political representation, ignoring that it has been their party as large contributors of “dysfunction.”

Of course, the intent is to claim that having any part of the government under a Republican majority and the rest a Democrat majority, as we see in Olympia and back in Washington D.C., makes it “dysfunctional” in such a way that Democrats are being blocked in what they wish to do.

I was preparing to do a post pointing out how it isn’t “dysfunctional” at all, but is what our founders intended, competing thoughts and ideologies coming together somewhere in middle ground to give the best compromises possible. Such a compromising attitude is what gave us our constitution after some real knock-down, drag out fighting.

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January 16, 2014

Lazy C’s Rice Tips Over the Hypocrisy Scales

by lewwaters

Col. ScalesThere is little doubt that Southwest Washington is in sore need of a newspaper, a real newspaper that actually covers news, both locally and nationally and gives an objective view in articles. The poor excuse for a “newspaper of record” currently in Southwest Washington isn’t even fit to line the bottom of a bird cage, in my opinion.

But, even with my sour view of what amounts more to an ‘unofficial daily newsletter for the Democrat Party’ than a news outlet, even I am surprised at their height of hypocrisy at times.

Such is the case with writer Stephanie Rice’s latest entry in their “All politics is local” section, Mielke’s plan for improving employee morale where she actually whines because, as she wrote, “Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke has wielded his authority as chairman of the board to decree that the newspapers be kept out of sight.”

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October 29, 2013

Lazy C Promotes Forward Vancouver Lie

by lewwaters

Columbian FishwrapThe hatred of David Madore and anybody opposed to the Columbia River Crossing light rail project is no longer being hidden by the Lazy C. It never really was, but it has become more blatant than ever as we see ‘crack’ reporter Stephanie Rice, thought by many to be an understudy of vitriolic, bombastic John Laird, pushing an ad put out by Forward Vancouver, a PAC set up solely to promote our lying incumbent mayor, Tim Leavitt.

Attack ad against Turlay emphasizes Madore

While there is little doubt Rice would say she isn’t actually promoting it and is merely reporting on it, nowhere does she engage in any actual journalism of pointing out the lie of the ad, David Madore not being who is behind Bill Turlay.

While Mr. Madore no doubt supports Bill Turlay, nowhere on Turlay’s Public Disclosure Commission report will you find any donation by David Madore, his company or his family.

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October 17, 2013

Lazy C Goes Barrel Scrapping, Again (Updated)

by lewwaters

Barrel 2It’s a given that a conservative candidate, for the most part, cannot get a fair shake when it comes to news by the Lazy C, aka the Columbian. Especially if they oppose the CRC they can expect to never see a positive word about them in the pages.

Editor Lou Brancaccio has claimed many times now that it is not so, but the evidence of their bias is so blatant it literally screams.

Such is the case with Vancouver City Council member Bill Turlay, running to replace Mayor Tim Leavitt.

Turlay has not once received the papers endorsement in previous tries for office, but the people rallied behind him since he actually sides with the people against special interest groups promoting the disastrous CRC light rail project.

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May 11, 2013

The Great Clark County Collusion Caper Debunked

by lewwaters

Clark County CommissionersAs we in Clark County are aware of, given we have been inundated for over a week now of article after article from the local mouthpiece hating the hiring of Don Benton to head the county department of environmental services, allegations of “collusion” have been raised in an effort to stir up citizens to support a recall of County Commissioners Tom Mielke and David Madore.

But those allegations are unfounded, they are little more than a fallacy trumped up by a few who see the overwhelming votes for both as interfering with the agenda previously seen from the County Commission and who wish to thwart the will of the county voters in changing the direction of the County Commission.

First of all, we need to establish what is meant by the term “collusion,” which means “an agreement between two or more parties, sometimes illegal and therefore secretive, to limit open competition by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding others of their legal rights, or to obtain an objective forbidden by law typically by defrauding or gaining an unfair advantage.”

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May 4, 2013

The Columbian Gets It Wrong,,, Again

by lewwaters

Monkey, EmbarrassedWednesday was a huge day for the minions down at the Columbian. They got to bash Don Benton, David Madore and Tim Mielke, all at the same time!

As we now know, Tim Mielke and David Madore directed County Administrator Bill Barron to begin the hiring process of Don Benton to head the County Dept of Environment, setting liberal heads exploding all, especially Liberal Envirowacko commissioner Steve Stuart who unceremoniously referred to it all as “BULLSHIT!”

His so called apology for his outburst notwithstanding, it appears that he, Stephanie Rice, Lou Brancaccio and everyone else down at the lazy c got it all wrong, again.

Benton is being hired, that much is true, but the smoke screen of circumventing the process, Benton does not meet the minimum qualifications and more is all wrong. It also brings into question Bill Barron’s sudden announcement of retirement, adding to the drama of just supposedly out of control the conservative County Commission is.

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April 30, 2013

As the Columbian Squirms

by lewwaters

Monkey, EmbarrassedIt is well known now that the CRC is a very unpopular project among citizens and many business owners. We know it, elected officials know it and of course, even though they try to deny it, the Columbian knows it.

We also know the Columbian is in the tank for the light rail project and instead of investigating numerous concerns reported over the years about the CRC, will run damage control trying to minimize those concerns.

They also have shown themselves unfriendly towards candidates running for office that openly oppose the CRC light rail project and many can attest, do not treat those candidates very equitably, digging up dirt, casting aspersions and opposing just about any candidate who runs against the CRC.

And yet, the Columbian was puzzled when some candidates began bypassing them during campaigns, seeking other outlets to reach voters.

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November 23, 2012

Columbian’s Rice Patting Herself on the Back (Again)

by lewwaters

The Columbian has for several years now displayed a jealous attitude towards citizen blogs, often alleging that we are the reason their subscription rate continues to falter, we are not “professionals” and even so far as that we do little more than mislead the public. In reality, it is obvious they feel they are the only ‘bona fide’ source of information for Southwest Washington.

Seeing that their attacks against citizen blogs were not silencing us, someone at the paper decided they would do us one better and open their own blogs on their own website, apparently not realizing it was just an extension of their heavily biased newspaper by “professional journalists” who maintained their regularly seen bias on their blogsites, creating little more that a less restrictive site to bash and demean Republicans, especially 17th Legislative District Senator Don Benton, County Commissioner Tom Mielke and now County Commissioner elect David Madore.

A simple look at the interactions under many of their posts and lack of citizen comments shows that we who operate citizen blogs regularly see far more engagement and discussion of viewpoints than they do. That fact does little to dissuade the Columbian’s writers from puffing out their chests and boasting of how they are still better than their citizens they allege they serve.

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October 26, 2012

Stephanie Rice, Allow Me To Introduce You To Google

by lewwaters

Just about everybody is at least somewhat familiar with the internet today and the availability of ‘search engines,’ Google being amongst the most popular. Regardless of what is used, the internet provides us with a resource of information unlike ever before in our history.

That is why I am very surprised to see the Columbian, primarily Stephanie Rice being so unfamiliar with the prospects of searching for information before just blindly posting a candidates claim of “false” claims from his opponent.

We see the post on the Columbians All politics is local of Tanner calls out Mielke for false statements where yet again, Rice is quick to assail County Commissioner Tom Mielke and latch onto challenger Joe Tanner’s claims of statements made in a political ad by Mielke are “false.”

Had Rice bothered to check Google she would have seen they are not false at all and at worst, may have a wrong word.

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July 28, 2012

The Columbian Paints Targets on Three Strong CRC Opponents (UPDATED)

by lewwaters

In continuing exposing the anti-Republican bias evident at the Columbian, the unofficial daily newsletter for the Democrat Party in Clark County, the last few days have supplied even more than I recently wrote of at Representing Constituent Views Earns Commissioner Mielke the Columbian’s Scorn and More Columbian Bias Against Commissioner Mielke.

It is also well known that the Columbian is a strong supporter of the Columbia River Crossing, many thinking the papers owner has a vested interest in seeing the CRC completed and Portland’s financially plagued light rail run into our community.

There are three strong opponents to the CRC, each with an increasing following that have had the Columbian paint targets on their backs. 17th Legislative District State Senator Don Benton, Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke and successful businessman and candidate for the County Commission, David Madore.

You will be hard pressed to find any positive mention of either in the pages of the Columbian, but will readily find several negative mentions of each.

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July 24, 2012

UPDATED: More Columbian Bias Against Commissioner Mielke

by lewwaters

If there is anything you can make bank on in Clark County, it is the Columbian, the newspaper of record also known locally as the “unofficial daily newsletter for the Democrat Party” not missing a chance to slam Republicans like County Commissioner Tom Mielke while ignoring the missteps of RINO politicians like fellow County Commissioner, Marc Boldt.

We saw it clear as day when 4 months after being sanctioned by the Clark County GOP, they ran a series of negative articles against the CCGOP and defending marc Boldt over his numerous votes contrary to the conservative principles he campaign on to win the seat. Although they have admitted monitoring this blog and the Clark County Politics blog, who wrote of the sanctions when they happened, the Columbian seemed to ignore it until right after successful Vancouver businessman David Madore, another frequent target of their negative coverage, announced he would challenge Boldt for the seat.

Acting more like a spurned lover with a personal ax to grind than an objective reporter, the Columbian’s Stephanie Rice seems to take delight with any chance she can find to slam Commissioner Mielke, either in the pages of the Columbian or on their blog, All Politics is Local.

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May 4, 2012

More Media Bias from Those Laughable “Hyenas of Inkville”

by lewwaters

Photo by Masai Mara, Kenya

The liberal bias of the media is well known and in spite of our local newspaper of record’s continual denial, it is well displayed once again by the Columbian, also known to me now as those Laughable “Hyena’s of Inkville,” out of respect for bombastic political page editor John Laird labeling those who oppose the liberal agenda of mass transit and high density housing in Clark County as the “Hounds of Whinerville.”

But he isn’t at the center of this blatant bias and favoritism down there this time, at least not openly. If he plays a major role in the background is unknown. No, this one goes an apparent under study of his in striving to be the most biased of all writers downtown, Stephanie Rice in regards to her willingness to throw all journalistic objectivity out the window in the single largest display of liberal bias since I slapped her down over the “Hyena’s of Inkville” inconsistent coverage of the abrupt quitting on constituents’ mid-session of Democrat Jim Jacks compared to the resignation of Republican Richard Curtis a couple years earlier.

Her bias this past week might even be a record, even for her and the “Hyena’s of Inkville.”

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March 29, 2012

Democrats May as Well Hang a Neon Sign Over Commissioner Boldt’s Head

by lewwaters

Any doubts about the left leaning bias of the Columbian are forever shattered with their orchestrated outrage and coverage given to the in house sanction placed on Clark County, Washington County Commissioner, Marc Boldt. One would have to be so far left they are blinded to reality to not see it.

Since their “breaking news” of the sanctions, put in place in November 2011 nearly 4 months after the fact, we have now seen 4 articles covering the sanction within as many days, 2 yesterday alone. Three achieved front page coverage in the published editions of the paper, Friday March 23, Wednesday March 28 and Thursday March 29.

In comparison, when Democrat Jim Jacks abruptly walked out on constituents in the 49th legislative district one year ago, the Columbian addressed that 5 times, but over a 30 day period without the in depth coverage we see given Boldt. The claim of having no “paper trail” was the given excuse for such slim coverage. We have yet to see any coverage of the well founded rumors associated with inappropriate behavior towards staffer, particularly of the opposite sex in regards to his abrupt resignation.

In less than a week, we know more about what the Columbian claims is the reason for these sanctions placed on Boldt than we know about why Jim Jacks left constituents high & dry in spite of having one year to discover anything.

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March 25, 2012

Sanctioning Commissioner Boldt Was the Right Thing for the Clark County GOP To Do

by lewwaters

It was just days ago that the Columbian pretended as if they just now discovered that the Clark County GOP had sanctioned one of their own for his frequent strays from conservatism and selling out our conservative interests to side with liberal Democrats, going against his campaign promises of supporting conservative values. In a nutshell, he frequently voted against the best interests of the citizens in order to further the liberal Democrat agenda.

I have been one of the few willing to stand up for the Clark County GOP, even as party leaders now cower and seem prepared to throw open the doors and re-embrace Marc Boldt, to be decided this Tuesday I am told. Republicans, spineless as they now are, have no need to appease liberal Democrats or suck up to the Columbian, who cannot find a good word to say about them, except for those RINO’s that are more liberal than conservative, such as the current 3rd Congressional District Representative.

In my expressions of defense of the GOP I have made several references to a scathing post against Marc Boldt and why he deserved to be sanctioned that I wrote back in November 2011, but never posted, due to his one time vote against the baseball stadium admissions tax. Below is that post in its entirety with a prediction I made then bolded.

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March 22, 2012

Once again, The Columbian’s Bias is on Full Display

by lewwaters

Just when I think the Columbian and Stephanie Rice are becoming more the centrist, objective newspaper the region deserves, they throw out another hatchet job against the Republicans.

I am amazed that nearly 4 months after Clark County Commissioner Marc Boldt was ‘sanctioned’ by the GOP Executive board, over his abandoning the party platform, endorsing Democrats over Republicans an issuing a misleading robocall on C-Tran’s Proposition 1 leading up to last November’s election, the Columbian acts surprised with their hatchet job, Why was Boldt sanctioned by GOP?

The fallacy of this smear is in the fact that the Columbian has admitted to viewing my blog frequently and this sanction was prominently mentioned in my November 29, 2011 post Admissions Tax Defeated, Proposal Does Not Even Receive a Vote.

I don’t for a minute believe I had knowledge of this and the Columbian did not. Not since I first learned of it on facebook and spoke with GOP Chair Brandon Vick. He had intended it be kept private, but one of the board members leaked it out.

I had written a scathing post that I decided not to post when Boldt did not second Commissioner Steve Stuart’s motion for the admission tax, in hopes that Marc was returning to his roots claimed of being a conservative.

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March 28, 2011

The Columbian: “We Try Not To Be Anybody’s Friend Or Anybody’s Enemy”

by lewwaters

The above words were written Saturday in Columbian editor Lou Brancaccio’s Column, Keep us close. Very close. I have no doubt in my mind they actually believe that. But, apparently it helps to belong to the Democratic Party as they also seem to be just a tad bit “friendlier” to them.

No better proof is seen in their coverage of the abrupt and mysterious resignation of 49th legislative district representative Jim Jacks, a Democrat who resigned suddenly Friday, March 25 giving no reason and saying only he “did not want to publicly discuss the details.” Rumors on Jack’s conduct have been heard for some time and both Clark County Politics blog and my blog reported on word we both received from people up in Olympia about reasons.

Contrasting the lack of interest from the Columbian into Jack’s resigning under cloudy circumstances with how they dug into the misconduct of Republican Richard Curtis in 2007, who wasn’t entitled to a ‘cloak of secrecy’ as they published 14 articles on his inappropriate conduct between Oct. 29, 2007 to Nov. 3, 2007 elicited the to be expected, “The Richard Curtis case was a completely different set of circumstances. (And there were not 14 articles in five days, at least not all from The Columbian.)” from Stephanie Rice, Columbian writer who wrote the article on Jacks.

After listing the 14 articles and the dates they were published, receiving a “sorry Lew, I didn’t know you were counting columns and editorials” (strain the gnat much) from Stephanie, I decided to do some more comparison of the two situations.

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March 3, 2011

Are There Any Real Newspaper Editors Any Longer?

by lewwaters

You just got to love this old movie scene, taken from the 1939 classic, ‘Jesse James.’ Throughout the movie, the character of Major Rufus Cobb, the grizzled news editor rails on and on against what he sees as unjust, calling upon whatever it is to “take them out and shoot them down like dogs.”

Just a movie line and not anything meant to be taken literal, but it shows a mindset where once upon a time, newspaper editors stood up for the citizens against corrupt, unjust politicians or whoever was trying to take advantage of the citizens.

What made me think of this was an article appearing in the Columbian,

Legislature has clout to OK tolls for light rail
It could do so even if voters defeat proposed C-Tran hike

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October 9, 2010

Why Should I Care What Stephanie Rice Says About Alan Svehaug?

by lewwaters

It appears like the Columbian’s Stephanie Rice has either been delegated or self appointed as the Columbian’s “attack dog” to continually denigrate conservative candidate for Clark County Commissioner, Alan Svehaug. Svehaug filed in June to run against Democrat Steve Stuart, favored by the Columbian for quite some time now.

From the beginning Ms. Rice seems to have had a bone of contention against Mr. Svehaug that showed very slightly in her initial post in the Columbian’s Political beat blog, Commissioner challenger dislikes tolls, questions fees.

Successive articles by Ms. Rice show outright disdain.

She took exception to Mr. Svehaug saying her September 14 hit piece, Clark County commissioner candidate Svehaug largely a no show so far Stuart’s opponent avoids interviews, raises little cash, was “outrageous.”

A large part she bases upon “Asked to point out anything in the article that was inaccurate, he said there was never a press release issued about his candidacy. The article had referred to a June press release that described him as a contractor when he didn’t have a valid contractor’s license.”

At the post where she made this assertion I reminded her,

“I wrote that press release as you acknowledged back in June. I wrote it from memory at home after meeting Alan and being asked to by another party.
I wrote one out in longhand at the Hilton, but apparently it was misplaced, so I was asked to rewrite it and I did so from memory.
I did not run it past Alan and sent it straight to the Columbian’s Metrodesk.
You acknowledged back in June that I had written it and if you had made any effort to contact me I would have told you how I came to write it.
And yes, apparently I used some wrong wording in describing Alan as a contractor. But, that was me, not Alan. Hold it against me if you must hold it against anyone.”

To date, after the bellyaching over Alan Svehaug not contacting them, no one from the Columbian, especially Stephanie Rice has yet to contact me about that press release I sent in nor any of my subsequent comments after that it was my assumption, not Alan’s claim that he had been a developer and a contractor.

I guess accuracy only counts if you are defending a Democrat, not trying to bash a conservative.

In articles and Political Beat posts, Ms. Rice appears hung up on Alan Svehaug not submitting to her or the Columbian’s so called “Editorial Staff” for an “interview.” She also alleges he made an appointment for a “scheduled interview” with CVTV and then did not keep it when she wrote, “Svehaug did not appear for his scheduled Sept. 9 interview at CVTV,” when Alan Svehaug never scheduled any such interview in the first place.

He did appear at one that she acknowledges in a somewhat reluctant way, but does post a link to the side by side videotaped interview of Alan Svehaug and Steve Stuart that can be viewed HERE by clicking on the link, “Election 2010: Clark County Commissioner Candidates.”

You will also see that not only does Alan have some decent ideas; he is not the single issue candidate he is being made out to be.

Alan Svehaug is a novice when it comes to running for office. His resources dwarf alongside of a political insider such as current county commissioner Steve Stuart. Yet, he made a respectable 43% showing against an entrenched incumbent in his first ever election, the August 17 primary. No, that is not enough to win in the general but there is apparently a good chance he stands to turn that around, hence the onslaught against him from the Columbian and others.

One such is a short conservation I overheard Friday, October 1 after the Ann Coulter broadcast from the opening of KINK AM Bing Lounge with Lars Larsen. I rode over in the same vehicle with Alan for the broadcast, hence my standing nearby when he was engaged by well known and well-liked Liz Pike, Political Affairs Director of Building Industry Association of Clark County who had recently endorsed Democrat incumbent Steve Stuart.

Liz approached Alan and basically said to him, “no hard feelings” after she was quoted by Stephanie Rice as saying, “he’s not ready to lead Clark County,” “he didn’t seem to grasp issues concerning land use and it appeared he had not done his homework.”

Perhaps Liz didn’t realize I was standing to her right, but I overheard Alan complain to her that she had not been completely truthful with the Columbian, not telling them that she worked for Steve Stuart’s campaign and that he had seen the PDC reports to prove it (paraphrased).

Again, paraphrasing, Liz answered with words to the effect of “she wasn’t working for Steve yet, so there couldn’t be a conflict of interest and it couldn’t be on the PDC report because Steve hadn’t paid her yet.”

I asked Alan about that riding back to Vancouver and he said he was speaking of the last PDC report when Stuart ran, but that Liz seemed to be admitting that she was already working for him now at a time the group she speaks for issued a “unanimous endorsement” of Stuart. Unless of course, Liz misspoke too.

Liz misspeaking seems highly unlikely as I was given an email she sent out saying that Steve Stuart had retained her agency, Pike Advertising “in the last few weeks” for a series of advertising. She also commented how she wished Republicans were “smart enough” to hire her.”

If Alan had also hired her agency, does that mean he would have received at least a co-endorsement from the BIA or maybe his grasp of issues would have suddenly gotten much better in her quotes to Stephanie Rice?

Left unsaid is just why does Stephanie Rice single out Alan Svehaug for attacks while ignoring Steve Stuart who has had some questionable doings over the years evidenced here, here and here at Clark County Politics.

In her latest screeds on Svehaug, Stephanie Rice seems to be goading him into submitting to her for an interview. Perhaps if she tried a little different approach, tried treating him a bit nicer in her articles he might be a bit more willing.

As it is, I wouldn’t be in any hurry to sit down with her either for an interview knowing she is all too ready to twist whatever is said and misrepresent it.

Little wonder we have such a hard time enlisting good, decent people to run for elected office.