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April 2, 2011

Vancouver Talk Radio Begins Monday, April 4

by lewwaters

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this platform never materialized, leaving many of us very disappointed.

I was very pleased to run across a small article on the Radio Business Report – Television Business Report recently, Sunny 1550 flipping to Vancouver’s Talk Station and the Columbian’s article AM radio station to switch from music to talk format telling us that Pamplin Media, owners of KPAM 860 will be switching the format of KKOV AM 1550 from adult standards music to a 24/7 talk format.

Some people, as always is, don’t like the switch, grumbling about “noise pollution,” “right wing talk BS” and such. Mostly, they are still upset that Air America went belly up due to no listeners, most likely including those grumbling about the switch.

Like many claiming to be ‘liberals,’ they feel the world must conform to their views and if they don’t like something, you shouldn’t either. You know the type, the ones always boasting about their “diversity.”

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October 25, 2010

KPAM 860 and Victoria Taft Take Top Honors

by lewwaters

Portland, Oregon’s KPAM 860 has received the honor of being selected by the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation to receive the prestigious 2010 Service to Community Award for Radio.

KPAM 860, an AM station owned by Pamplin Media is a voice of sanity hailing out of the midst of the far left-leaning city of Portland. In the highly competitive field of broadcasting, being singled out with top honor like this is quite an accomplishment.

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March 26, 2010

Talk Radio Promoting Violence

by lewwaters

Only, it isn’t right-wing talk radio doing it.

January 6, 2010

You Say Right-Wing Talk Radio Is Over The Top?

by lewwaters

In all the claims, trumped up or close to real, I have never heard anything as outrageous, divisive or just over the top as was left-wing talk radio host, Mike Malloy on his program, January 5, 2009.

What he says,

“Now, the inquiry, the questions are being raised as to whether or not this is not a deliberate attempt to embarrass – ah, that’s not quite a strong enough word, but let’s start there – embarrass the Obama administration.”

“[T]here are forces alive in this country, who are very active in this country, very wealthy in this country, who want to see Obama fail no matter what and the idea of killing 200 to 300 people on board a jetliner in order to make the point is nothing. It means nothing.”

“My gut feeling is this was deliberate. This was deliberately done in order to put the Obama administration in such a vice grip, that it’s impossible to get anything done, to raise so much fear – this is what Republicans do. This is what they do.”

How nutty would it have been had we came out and claimed Al Gore and the Democrats plotted, planned and carried out September 11, 2001?

Last I heard, these people also claim Bush and Republicans caused September 11, 2001.

Outrageous doesn’t even begin to express how stupid and reckless such a comment is.