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December 4, 2012

Mark Levin Schools Speaker John Boehner

by lewwaters

The Heritage Foundation says of Boehner’s “counter-offer” to Barack Obama, “At first blush, it appears little more than categorical, pre-emptive capitulation.”

In this bloggers not so humble opinion, Boehner is a disgrace and either should resign of be removed from the position of Speaker of the House.

It’s high time we rid ourselves of the Vichy Republicans selling out conservatives under their false banner.

August 3, 2011

Have the Light Rail Votes Already Been Counted? Before A Vote?

by lewwaters

As we all know, citizens of Clark County have voted against 3 measures to approve extending Portland’s financially plagued Max Light Rail into our community. In 1995, a vote was held for a direct approval and was defeated by a 2 to 1 margin.

In 2002, state-wide Resolution Bill 51 for transportation improvements was seen largely as a back door approval for funding light rail and was rejected state wide in the 2002 general election.

In 2004 we defeated a sales tax increase in Proposition 1 in the general election in large part due to the written statement against that said, “C-Tran contributed $3,000,000 out of the $65,000,000 cost for I-5 HOV lanes. Now Clark County Commissioners can ask taxpayers to raise car license fees for additional tax dollars; possibly paving the way for light rail.”
“C-Tran paid over $3,000,000 for light rail studies. Portland owns the MAX gravy train. Washington taxpayers will pay a percentage of Tri-Met’s total transit costs even if only one inch of light rail crosses the river; more Clark County taxation without representation!”

In 2005, it was brought back and passed, but with a gerrymandered sub-district, much like is being planned for the promised vote on Light Rail Maintenance and Operation sales tax increase we were originally promised for this year, but may not see until 2012, 2013 if at all.

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