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September 18, 2018

Oregon Shouldn’t be Given Washington’s 3rd Congressional Seat

by lewwaters

Carolyn Long

It’s no secret that Oregon, Portland primarily has for many years tried to control Clark County Washington while looking down upon us as “Vantucky” and essentially backwater, inbred interlopers muddying their version of Nirvana with our gasoline powered monster cars.

Okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but yes, we all know Portland looks down on Clark County, never hiding their disdain for us, but has shown in the past how much they would love to tap into our revenues on this side of the Columbia River to fund projects and policies they have overextended themselves on.

Think Millions of dollars in income taxes Clark County residents employed in Portland must pay each year while not being given any degree of voice in Oregon’s political scene or think of the failed Columbia River Crossing and the Millions wasted as they worked diligently to force Clark County to accept and fund their light rail a short distance into the community with the promise of a new bridge to replace the aging Interstate 5 Bridges. Remember “No light rail, no bridge, no kidding” from then Governor Kitzhaber?

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February 13, 2009

Baird Justifies Selling Out America

by lewwaters

Democrat Representative for the Third District of Washington State Brian Baird, voted for the massive 8 inch thick “Stimulus Plan” proposed by Barack Obama today. This pig in a poke legislation was just made available to Baird today and consists of over 1100 pages. There is no way possible that Baird can know just what is contained in it, yet he readily voted for it and then posts his video justification for that vote.

That is blind following and amounts to selling out America’s future in a hope that this bill, ignoring the hidden measures in it, may provide some help for our struggling economy.

Even Far Left media McClatchy see that this measure is “short on incentives to get consumers spending again and long on social goals that won’t stimulate economic activity.”

Baird even says,

We are borrowing this money from our children, and we need to make sure they get something for their investment,” adding, “it’s important to remember that this bill is not a magic wand. Even if this legislation is successful, our economy will remain in a very fragile state.”

“Even IF this legislation is successful?”

As pointed out by Republican Minority Leader, John Boehner, NO ONE HAS READ THE BILL! And yet, Democrats couldn’t wait to line up to vote for it, Baird amongst them.

The hidden measures contained within this bill Baird is proud of supporting could lead not only to a bankrupt nation, but a Socialist nation as well, stripping us of our beloved liberties “for the good of all,” as was often claimed when the Soviet Union was in its infancy.

Brian, you showed intestinal fortitude before by changing your position and supporting our Troops and their mission in Iraq and Afghanistan. You even once told a group of my friends in D.C. in March 2007 at the Gathering of Eagles event, “I can always get another job, I cannot get another country.”

What happened, Brian? Did all the guff you received from liberals for supporting a worthy cause get to you? You faced no real opposition in the last election from Michael Delavar and easily won your seat again.

Yet, you now sell us out over this massive bill without even knowing what is in it? Just hoping it helps?

Perhaps if you all had acted in a bi-partisan position as claimed by both Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, this bill could be truly trimmed of the pork that bankrupts the nation and the country could support it. But, in business as usual, you Democrats spared no effort denying any input from across the aisle and let us all know readily, “we won!”

Isn’t that really childish?

You will be up for re-election again, Brian and rest assured, we will remember how you sold out America and those of us in Washington’s third District. For those that may forget, many of us will be to remind them.

You were very happy when I told you that I supported you last Memorial Day down at Fort Vancouver. I regret ever saying that to you and rest assured, you no longer have that support.