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December 12, 2013

What Does C-Tran Have to Hide?

by lewwaters

C-TranTransparency, a word we often hear thrown about during political campaigns or read in editorials claiming we should see more of it.

Bombastic former editorial page editor for the Lazy C, John Laird, whipping up support for a new County Charter claimed in a July 14, 2013 editorial, “Commissioners run roughshod over their dual dominion of executive and legislative powers, with far too little transparency and a glaring shortage of accountability.”

November 6, 2013 saw Lazy C Madore critic Erik Hidle actually credit County Commissioner Madore for instituting an “open checkbook” online so citizens could see where our tax dollars have gone and admitting, “It’s also not the only thing Madore has done to make Clark County more transparent.”

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November 4, 2013

Government Transparency

by lewwaters

This blog no longer supports David Madore and calls upon him to resign immediately!

Madore 003In spite of the demeaning, denigrating  words read regularly in the pages of the Lazy C, Clark County Commissioner continues to provide changes at County Government that will make our county better and more productive.

Just this evening Commissioner Madore posted on his facebook page;

It’s live – our county checkbook is now online.

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April 8, 2010

Ann Rivers To Push For “True Transparency in Government”

by lewwaters

In a press release today, April 8, 2010, 18th Legislative District Republican candidate Ann Rivers announced her “Action Plan for True Transparency in Government.”

The “Rivers Action Plan for True Transparency in Government”


Today, Ann Rivers, candidate for the 18th District State Representative Position 1, announced the “Rivers Action Plan for True Transparency in Government”.

“While I’ve been on the campaign trail, it has become apparent that the people in our state hunger for true transparency. When I go up to Olympia I will act to give the people of Washington access to the state’s checkbook register on the internet. “

The fundamental core of the plan is to put the State checkbook register online so people can look and see where our money is going. The front-end of this online edition of the State’s register will provide a search engine for people to locate any specific expense or revenue stream in the State’s budget. Instead of generic references, this digital register will provide detailed and itemized descriptions of all money spent and who spent it.

“This will not only give the citizens of Washington access to a simple reporting system of the State’s spending habits, it will also force our government to take any “sacred” or “private” tags off of our State’s budgeting and spending processes.”

“It is time for our government to be transparent about where our money is going. There have been too many wrong decisions, cases of overspending, and the misuse of money in recent years and the citizens deserve the ability to audit our State’s spending and know where their tax dollars are going.”

The “Rivers Action Plan for True Transparency in Government” will require minimal resources and will be run by the State Auditor’s department. Basic ledgering and imputing skills will be used daily to provide up-to-date figures for the public to see.

“This action plan is crucial to taking our elected officials to the next step of true transparency with the citizens that elected them and the time to start is now.”

Additional information about Ann Rivers, issue statements and how you can donate or sign up to support her candidacy are available at  or call Aaron at (360)771-8133.


What an idea! Letting the people be able to see just where our hard earned tax dollars are really going.

We have the Public Disclosure Commission online and access to all sort of past and present election information availabe at our fingertips. Why not seeing where Olympia spends our money as well?

Ann has hit on a really good idea to open up state government more to us. It’s our money being spent, why shouldn’t we be entitled to have the ability to see just where it goes?

With greater citizen oversight we should be able to curb excess spending and “sweetheart deals” that cost us much money and give little return.

I applaud Ann Rivers for hitting on an idea that, if implemented, might actually give you and I a greater voice in how we wish our state to be run and holding elected officials accountable.