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January 10, 2016

Sen. Ann Rivers Town Hall Jan 9, 2016

by lewwaters

An excerpt of the town hall held for Washington State 18th Legislative District featuring Sen. Ann Rivers over her vote for the Transportation Bill in 2015.

Clark County Conservative author takes no position as I reside in the 49th Legislative District.

For more information on opposition to her vote, see Clark County Politics

June 28, 2013

CRC and 10.5¢ Gas Tax Die

by lewwaters

CRC TombstoneGood news out of Olympia, the Senate shelves Inslee & the Democrats $10 Billion Transportation Bill

From an AP News Break: “Washington lawmakers shelved a plan Friday that would have raised the state’s gas tax in order to pay for a series of major transportation projects around the state.”

I urge as many of you as you wish to email a copy of this article to Rep. Jim Moeller and other staunch supporters who have long ignored taxpayers and voters voices.

The Lazy C got around to mentioning it late in the evening, well after other sources had reported it. While they claim that the funding is “likely dead,” a peek at the url reveals they apparently first posted it as  “CRC, Other Transport Projects Imperiled,” trying to give it an appearance of still in play.

Jim Moeller Hears the news

Jim Moeller Hears the news

We must remain vigilant, though. This will be brought back up in the future, I am sure. Update after the jump

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