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May 2, 2012

CRC: No Financial Compensation for Businesses

by lewwaters

Authored and submitted by Professor Robert Dean

Nothing much gets by “The Hounds of Whinerville.” A recent letter from Columbia River Crossing Director, Nancy Boyd, addressed to Shari Hildreth, Deputy District Director to Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler, who asked 28 pointed questions on behalf of constituent, Professor Robert Dean, makes it clear that Downtown businesses will not be financially compensated for general loss of access to their establishments or for diminished incomes during 6.3 years (or 5 years or 15 years) of construction on the CRC project. The letter also reveals that the problem was not studied for the $150 million Environmental Impact Statement.

CRC critic, and master “ankle biter,” Larry Patella, likes to ask the rhetorical question: “who is minding the store?” How prescient and appropriate have his observations been when it comes to the impacts of the CRC and light rail on Downtown Vancouver? It turns out that nobody has accounted for the indirect impacts on businesses during 6.3 years of construction.


Didn’t Downtown businesses flock to the City Council with concerns about disruptions to commerce during construction?


Didn’t the City pass resolution M3663 back in July 7, 2008 instructing the CRC to study “possibly severe” disruptions to commerce during construction of the bridge, I-5, light rail and the three parking garages?


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April 10, 2012

Leavitt’s Delay Tactic Fails, C-Tran Board Votes For November Ballot Vote

by lewwaters

Following Eric Florip’s tweets this evening for the C-Tran light rail operations & maintenance vote, Leavitt first tried to delay consideration of the vote at the outset of the meeting.

Once that move failed, after much discussion, commissioner Stuart moved for a district-wide vote, blocked by Vancouver City Council members as they stated they would do last evening at city council.

The latest from Eric says, “C-Tran board approves motion to look at other funding options for light rail, provided there’s still a public vote in November.”

The Columbian states it will be a district wide vote, but will Leavitt succeed in a gerrymandered sub-district as he wants before November?

Leavitt is selling this as a way to avoid taxpayers footing the bill for the boondoggle light rail we do not want. If you apply just a little thinking, there is no funding source available that does not originate with taxpayers.

I expect more stalling tactics by Leavitt and others representing the city council if they are able to continue to deny us the vote on light rail operations & maintenance. It is widely known that a vote would be referendum on light rail itself and any official indication that the project does not have the support of the public could jeopardize those precious federal tax dollars to help pay for the light rail we don’t want anyway.

Partial Tweets from Eric:

Eric Florip ‏ @col_enviro
#CTran board approves motion to look at other funding options for light rail, provided there’s still a public vote in November.

Andrea Damewood ‏ @col_cityhall
@col_enviro even the #VanWA council? Doesn’t this mean either way sales tax will b voted on this fall? #confused

Eric Florip ‏ @col_enviro
@col_cityhall Basically, the resolution said we’ll have a vote on whatever the funding option is, sales tax or not. Passed 8-1. Mielke no.
8:46 PM – 10 Apr 12 via web • Details

See also the Columbian: C-Tran board: Light rail vote will happen this fall

Time will tell just what it is we vote on.

February 18, 2012

CRC and C-TRAN Can’t See the ‘Elephant in the Room’

by lewwaters

Undaunted by questions and growing opposition from taxpayers, the Columbia River Crossing and C-Tran continue to forge ahead with the multi-billion dollar project, ignoring or casting aside just about every single concern of taxpayers, business owners, elected officials, engineers, just about any and every person looking at this albatross and our economy and saying, ‘wait a minute.’

As was previously shown, an independent analysis of CRC finances raising several pertinent questions was instantly dismissed and the forensic accountant hired to wade through a “document dump” received through a FOIA request disparaged and demeaned.

As evidenced by the following Columbian video, Washington State Department of Transportation Director Paula Hammond makes no bones in her criticism of the analysis,

You can read more on Ms. Hammonds’ defending CRC over on the Columbian at Transportation agency defends work on CRC with additional video and coverage at Official: 2013 CRC start date not likely.

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November 21, 2011

Eileen Brady: You Vill Take The Light Rail and Love It Too, Vancouver!

by lewwaters

An excerpt from the Sunday November 20, 2011 Kremer and Abrams show where Eileen Brady, candidate for Portland, Oregon Mayor discusses her desire to put Light rail into Vancouver, whether we want it or not.

Kremer & Abrams Nov 20, 2011 Eileen Brady Interview Excerpt

Occupy a Brain Portland, please don’t elect this woman.

August 24, 2011

Clackamas County urban renewal initiative qualifies for November ballot

by lewwaters

From the August 23, 2011 Oregonian,

An initiative requiring voter approval for new urban renewal districts has narrowly qualified for the Nov. 8 ballot, prompting county commissioners to move quickly to place a possible competing measure on the ballot.

County Clerk Sherry Hall’s office today certified the 9,378 valid signatures needed to place the initiative on the ballot.

“I feel good,” said John Williams, a former Oregon City mayor who is one of the chief petitioners.”It was a lot of hard work and a lot of people took part in this, and it’s nice to have it culminate in an election.”

What if any effect passage of the Clackamas County initiative might have on Clark County residents ongoing battle against Light Rail is unknown at this time. One effort by Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt to ensure they receive the tax increase they wish to fund maintenance and operations of to create a sub-district, as they did to pass tax increase in 2005 that was voted down in 2004.

On the November 2011 ballot will be Proposition 1, to increase the sales tax by 0.2 percent, supposedly to keep C-Tran buses running at current levels.

Judging by comments left at a Columbian article covering a supporters rally at the Clark County Fair, public sentiment is against any more tax increases to C-Trans.

See also, C-Tran Proposition 1 Must Be Defeated and No More Money To C-Tran

We all must live within our means, it’s about time government subsidized agencies did too.

Can a defeat in Clackamas County be a precursor for Clark County?

February 17, 2011

Loot Rail Opponents to be ‘Gaveled Down’ by Mayor Leavitt?

by lewwaters

No, it isn’t “censorship,” just ensuring opposition speaks to a wall in the dark where they won’t be heard, he thinks.

I credit David Madore and Josephine Wentzel for ensuring that if this idea is implemented, other cameras will be running to catch it, just as was with the ‘gavel down’ moment last year.

Note to Mayor Leavitt: You and the council members were elected to “represent,” not lord it over or dictate to us.

KGW News

See also: Damn the Taxpayers, Full Speed Ahead on a Wasteful Bridge Project

January 12, 2009

Citizen’s Voices Ignored on Light Rail

by lewwaters

Saturday’s Oregonian tells Clark County residents, “Light rail is coming to Vancouver. Deal with it!”

It appears that now Oregon is calling the shots for Vancouver and Clark County on extending THEIR light rail into downtown Vancouver, with full approval of our illustrious Mayor, ‘Rolls’ Royce Pollard.

It seems that another vote will not take place after their boondoggle was soundly defeated by a 2 to 1 margin last time. That sentiment is still reflected in the reader comments as one by one readers from Vancouver express their opposition to Portland’s Max line being extended to Vancouver.

Portland is planning on shoving this down our throats with willing help of Pollard, the Vancouver City Council, the Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council and C-Tran, not to mention the maybe 1% of Vancouverites who will use it to travel to Portland to work.

We are told the canard that it will reduce traffic congestion on the I-5 corridor, but looking into Portland we see that the Banfield and Sunset are just as congested as before they went to light rail.

CCC has addressed this issue before at No Light Rail for Clark County where the rise in crime was addressed. Another post addressed the bogus polling being used to claim Vancouver desires light rail now.

An April Washington Policy Center Op-ed tells us Light rail carries big cost and little benefit.

Most curious in the Oregonian article is,

“Few dissenting voices were heard, and that was partly by design.”
“If you came here to debate whether or not light rail is going to come to Vancouver,” moderator John D. White said at the outset of the group discussion, “I think you’re going to be disappointed.”

“Partly by design?” Does that mean it was planned to have an appearance of fairness and listening to voter and taxpayer concerns, but they don’t really want to hear from us?

Also mentioned is how we that most likely would not use this mode of transportation and who solidly oppose it will see tax increases and tolls to “pay the operating expenses.”

Don’t we already pay enough to see nearly empty C-Trans buses traveling around Clark County?

I don’t know about you, but I am about tapped out. My property taxes for a small home on a small lot are over $2,000 a year. My paychecks haven’t grown and have actually shrunk.

We are in a recession we are told and bailouts are flying out of Washington D.C. at an alarming rate, with little coming to John and Jane Q. Taxpayer.

Our Firemen postponed a scheduled pay increase due to our dire financial situation and what do we hear? “Light rail is coming to Vancouver. Deal with it!”

A “workshop” is planned for 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., Wednesday, January 14 at Discovery Middle School, 800 E. 40th St., in Vancouver.

While we may be close to a Socialist nation ruled by the dictatorial Socialist Demokratik Politburo, we citizens need to exercise our authority over these politicians who have decided how to spend our money whether we want what they are buying or not.

All who can attend should go to Discovery this Wednesday and make a loud noise in opposition to this scheme that will cost Clark County dearly, while fattening the wallets of politicians, developers and Portland Transportation.

Stand up to the Democrats and to Portland, while we have some semblance of freedom left.

July 5, 2008

Vancouver appears ready to OK light rail?

by lewwaters

According to an article appearing in the Oregonian, July 5, Vancouver residents “appear ready” for Light Rail.

Allan Brettman tells us, “If opinion polls are to be believed, if a recent public hearing is any guide, the popular consensus has opened Vancouver’s door to light rail.”

Would the “opinion poll” he mentions be the poll of 540, with only 104 actually being in Clark County?

We know the City Councils of both Vancouver and Portland desire to shove Light Rail down our throats, along with Tri-Met and C-Trans, so their claims of being ready are only to be expected.

Acknowledged is that we rejected Light Rail by a 2 to 1 margin the last time it was voted on. So, it is by surprise we read in the article, “But perhaps a clogged interstate, a changing population and $4-a-gallon gas have converged so that it won’t be much of a surprise Monday night when most members of the Vancouver City Council vote to support a light-rail line and new interstate bridge over the Columbia River.”

We are also told in the end of the article, after all the posturing over just where it should end being the only contentions of the council, “Vancouver voters probably will need to approve a sales tax increase to pay for light-rail maintenance and operations.”

“But city officials note much has changed since the light-rail referendum was defeated 13 years ago.”

Okay, since “it is in the bag,” so to speak, why not put it before the voters again?

Could it be they dare not trust Clark County residents to think for ourselves?