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July 14, 2010

Jaime Herrera Says, “Trust Me”

by lewwaters

Newly seated, Jaime Herrera has obtained her wish of beginning her career as a professional politician. Her dishonesty is open for all to see, if they look. While nothing will change the outcome of the election, seeing the past chair of the Clark County GOP, Ryan Hart, a man who chaired the county party that strongly promoted her in a contested race against Republican candidates, a very unethical move, has been named as her District Director explains a lot. Cronyism, corruption and dishonesty, the mark of a true career politician.

Jaime Herrera, the Republican establishment backed candidate for Washington State 3rd Congressional District, has put together her first ever TV Ad.

Jaime Herrera for Congress TV Ad — “Trust” from Herrera Campaign on Vimeo.

A very nicely created ad that paints her in a very positive light. However, even though she says “Put trust in people,” it is common knowledge that such ads are designed to enlist trust in her in order that voters will send her back to Washington D.C., where she spent many years before returning to gain the 18th legislative district seat she will now be vacating.

Trust is a very fragile thing and hard to gain. It is something that must be earned, regardless of who desires it and the main way someone earns it is to be up front and honest with people, especially voters. Has Jaime been being honest with us? You should judge for yourself.

Jaime has been under fire for some time for her co-sponsorship and voting on HB 1329, a bill that many say would have forced childcare centers into a public union. Jaime maintains, “The bill I supported is not compulsory. It doesn’t violate my own standards.”

Yet, when the bill was being actively debated, we find;

January 29, 2010, the Seattle Times wrote, “The Seattle Times Editorial Board opposes House Bill 1329, a project of the Service Employees International Union to organize owners of child-care centers under labor law.”

“THE House of Representatives in Olympia has passed a bill that could force the owners of child-care centers into being represented by a union. This is an improper application of labor law.”

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