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October 28, 2012

Union Rage or Experience? Our Choice

by lewwaters

Washington’s 49th Legislative District is fairly well known as a stronghold for liberal Democrats on par with the Puget Sound. Democrats in the 49th continue to be elected time and again, in spite of it also having some of the highest taxes, highest unemployment rate and lags behind the rest of the state.

With the announcement from State Senator Craig Pridemore that he was not going to seek reelection, Democrats have enlisted and promote Annette Cleveland to run for that open seat. But, who is Annette Cleveland? What does she have to offer us? What political experience does she bring to the campaign?

In answer to the last two questions, very little other than her claims of assisting the Vancouver Chamber, C-TRAN and supporting far left Democrat Patty Murray at WSU.

With a résumé that thin, we have very little to go on other than what we hear her say in her campaign speeches, such as her description of what formed her “Foundational Beliefs” from her 2012 Clark County Democrat convention speech

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September 30, 2011

ILWU Member Issues Threat

by lewwaters

Amazing how far some people will take things. Case in point, Tony Baur, whoever in the hell that is that has decided I no longer have a first amendment right to my opinion and who thinks threatening me through the Columbian’s comments section frightens me.

Full exchange here

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March 18, 2011

Unions and Democrats Continue ‘Sticking It’ to the Middle Class

by lewwaters

As states continue struggling with massive budget gaps and taxpayer dollars dry up due to high unemployment, Wisconsin took a bold step to finally grasp control of their past history of over spending. First they elected a majority Republican legislature and a Republican governor willing to stand up to the greedy public unions, one source of out of control spending.

Democrats still in the legislature, instead of debating the new bill proposed that would limit some collective bargaining of the unions, fled the state in an effort to prevent the bill from being voted on, denying the legislature a quorum.

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