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November 4, 2011

More PAC Ads Show Up In Mailboxes

by lewwaters

If this years city council races aren’t the most expensive we have ever seen, they are turning out to be the most interesting with outside interests funneling over $32,000 in support of Anne McEnerny-Ogle and local PAC’s throwing as much behind two candidates, Josephine Wentzel and Bill Turlay. Anne’s main PAC support comes from the New York Union, Unite Here Tip and State Fund who represent the employees of the downtown Hilton currently seeking a 53% wage & benefit increase.

Turlay and Wentzel’s support comes from, a PAC set up in opposition to tolls being heaped on us with the wasteful CRC Light Rail project and a new PAC, Save our City that seeks to make changes in city council.

I have been posting flyers received in support of McEnerny-Ogle that she did not authorize and that haven’t been entirely on the up and up. Now, a new one appeared today in support of Wentzel and Turlay that has it’s own error and that they too did not authorize.

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November 3, 2011

If Vietnam Service Really Matters In The Vancouver City Council Race

by lewwaters

The latest ad on behalf of Anne McEnerny-Ogle by the New York Unite Here Union, who represents the Hilton employees currently seeking a 53% wage & benefit increase makes the claim of she is “married to a Vietnam Veteran.” Speaking with Anne previously, this is a true claim and even though I haven’t met her husband, I have every reason to believe he is as proud of his service as I am my own in Vietnam.

But, does having married someone who served in Vietnam matter more than someone who actually did serve in or over Vietnam?

As previously noted, Anne’s opponent, Bill Turlay is a retired combat Navy Pilot. Bill flew some 385 combat missions over Vietnam, was subjected to ground fire and whatever the North Vietnamese forces sent his way. He was awarded 25 Air Medals through 3 tours with 800 carrier landings, 200 at night!

I have no doubt Anne’s husbands record is also filled with honorable service, but I have to ask, what does that have to do with Anne’s ability to serve on the city council?

My own wife gains nothing to qualify her due to my service. Bill’s wife gains no extra qualification due to his service either.

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October 24, 2011

Why Is A New York Union PAC Investing In the Vancouver City Council?

by lewwaters

It appears the same New York Union PAC, Unite Here Tip State and Local Fund that spent over $50,000 in ‘in-kind’ contributions to see Tim Leavitt elected as Mayor in 2009 is back, pouring over $32,000 in more in-kind contributions to see Anne McEnerny-Ogle elected to the city council.

It should be noted that ‘in-kind’ contributions are not sought by candidates, but contributed without a candidate’s prior approval by those who wish to see them elected. And yes, they are made on behalf of many other candidates.

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