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June 6, 2015

A Good Man Passed Away

by lewwaters

In what seems like forever, we have heard “a good man is hard to find.” In many ways that is true and the world needs more good men that lead their families and raise their children beside their wives, caring and nurturing for them.

But like all other humans, good men do not remain forever and for any number of reasons, leave us too soon.

We lost just such a man in recent weeks that served his country, was a guiding beacon to his family and served others long after removing his uniform.

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October 10, 2012

RIP Command Sargeant Major Plumley

by lewwaters

Sad news to hear that CSM Basil Plumley, Veteran  of World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War passed away today in Columbus, Georgia.

Retired CSM Basil Plumley dies, Fort Benning mourns loss

Plumley was immortalized for his role in the Battle of the Ia Drang Valley in 1965 in the movie “We Were Soldiers” and portrayed by actor Sam Elliot.

RIP CSM Plumley, until we meet in Fiddler’s Green. Well Done, Sir.

June 6, 2012

Say It Ain’t So Joe

by lewwaters

I thought this matter was settled and behind us. Apparently not.

You may recall not too long ago, both this blog and Clark County Politics took County Commission candidate Joe Tanner to task over questionable claims of “numerous combat medals” in his campaign literature. We were accused by Tanner, according to Stephanie Rice at the Columbian, of having political motivations. In reality, the motivation was Veteran to Veteran, all 3 of us being Veterans of the Military, Joe and myself being actual Vietnam Veterans, Kelly Hinton serving in the Army in Europe as he enlisted towards the end of our involvement there.

While I was an Army Helicopter Crew Chief / Technician on first the OH-6 then transitioning to the OH-58 after Vietnam in Germany, Joe Tanner served in the US Navy as an Electronics Technician from 1966 to 1970 and was aboard the USS Providence, a Cleveland-class light cruiser that was converted to a guided missile cruiser.

As I showed here, Joe’s service was honorable and without anything untoward, evidenced by his receiving an Honorable Discharge.

But, as we first questioned, what Joe did receive in the way of medals and awards were not “combat related” and instead were for meritorious achievement. Such medals and awards, even though not combat related, are nothing to be ashamed of. Many have served and never even received those.

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April 30, 2012

The Columbian’s “Absence of Malice”

by lewwaters

I always find it disheartening to see mispresentations on the Columbian’s website or in their print edition. Whether deliberate or accidental, misrepresentations serve no one and leave people with false impressions of news or something that happened.

As readers know, Clark County Politics blog and I both raised the question about a claim of “numerous combat medals” received by current Clark County Board of Commissioners candidate, Joe Tanner, seeing that he served aboard a ship cruising in the South China Sea off of the coast of Vietnam during the war in support of the war.

Such a claim is vague and leads people to believe such medals to be earned during actual combat by a soldier or sailor if a member of the Navy as was Tanner.

Most that never served in the Military do not see a distinction nor do they see a need to question Military service, unless of course your name is George W. Bush or you’re a Republican.

Seeing that Mr. Tanner was an Electronics Technician most likely serving at sea, the question arose about how “numerous combat medals” could be received. Given that, on April 25, 2012 I sent an email to the Tanner campaign requesting clarification.

On April 29, 2012, a little after 9 pm I received from Tanner;

Lew, sorry for the delay. I have a new grand daughter (my first) and that took priority. By noon tomorrow I will send to you my DD-214 and a statement about my military service. I am taking you at your word that you will publish my DD-214 and statement verbatim on your website. All the Democrats and Republicans I know believe you to be a straight shooter, so I am going to assume that – until and unless you give me a reason to think otherwise. At the same time I will post the DD-214 on my website and also send it to the Columbian and Reflector.

I think we will both be a big part of the political landscape in Clark County for many years, so hopefully we will have a mutually respectful and productive working relationship. By the way, I personally gave my DD-214 to David Madore 2 months ago, given our mutual experience in the Navy. I assumed you already had a copy, but in any event tomorrow you will have it (absent only my social security number).

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April 30, 2012

Joe Tanners’ Military Medals Claim Clarified

by lewwaters

Joe Tanner, announced candidate for the Clark County Commissioner seat now occupied by Tom Mielke has caught the eye of primarily bloggers who have questioned claims made on his ABOUT JOE TANNER page. Primarily the claim, “As an active duty Vietnam veteran, Joe Tanner received numerous combat medals.

Mr. Tanner served in the US Navy as an Electronics Technician from 1966 to 1970 and was aboard the USS Providence, a Cleveland-class light cruiser that was converted to a guided missile cruiser. More on the ship will follow below.

As a Vietnam Veteran who served “boots on the ground” in the Central Highlands for 18 months, reading a sailors claim of “numerous combat medals” caught my eye as most sailors served aboard ships cruising in the South China Sea, far away from much of the in country battles in support roles. It also caught the eye of Clark County Politics, also a US Army Veteran with both of us seeking answers and clarification from the Tanner Campaign.

Mr. Tanner has answered with a copy of his Discharge, DD-214 and a statement on his Military Service below.

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May 1, 2011

The Inaugural “Our Community Salutes”

by lewwaters

I recall the day I enlisted in the U.S. Army, February 6, 1969. It was a sunshiny day in South Florida, like most are. I had my sister and her soon to be husband drop me off at the AFEES (Armed Forces Entrance and Examining Station) in Coral Gables, Florida. There we went through our final physical, processing all day long and late in the day, rode over to Miami International Airport to board a plane to fly us up to Columbia, South Caroline for Basic Training at Ft. Jackson.

Nothing special, no crowds either from anti-war people or supporters, just a business as usual day from most everybody, except that plane load of young men entering the Army.

Fast forward to April 30, 2011.

CW5 Anderson

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December 16, 2010

Is Repealing DADT Really All That Important Right Now?

by lewwaters

Just in case no one has noticed, our country is in deep trouble. We are spiraling ever downward into an economic depression that seems to have no end. We are borrowing more than ever before, national debt doubling in just 2 years, unemployment is approaching unheard of highs not seen since the 1930’s, jobs are drying up, states are going bankrupt, people’s homes are being foreclosed on, the government is taking over banks all of the time, bailing out large corporations on the brink of disaster and congresses major worry is letting Gays serve openly in the Military?

Why is this even being considered at this time? With all of the problems we are facing, will allowing Gays to openly declare their sexuality in the ranks improve anything in the country?


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November 10, 2010

Woodland Primary School Goes All Out For Veterans

by lewwaters

I have long maintained that nothing surprises me any longer. I am happy to say I have been proven wrong and by a delightful classroom of 3rd Grade children I had the pleasure of sitting down with today, November 10 in recognition of Veteran’s Day.

Let me back up a little, though.

A week ago I received a short message through facebook from a lady I became acquainted with during the 2010 congressional primary campaign season, her and me supporting the same candidate. She asked me if I would be interested it coming by her school for an assembly in honor of Veteran’s Day and afterwards to accompany her to her classroom where I and some other Veterans would sit down with the children and talk to them about being a Veterans.

I accepted the invitation and put together a short presentation that hopefully would appeal to young children, a small assortment of photos of the countryside of Viet Nam and the helicopters I was associated with as well as some patches, badges and such that I have.

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October 15, 2010


by lewwaters

By Attorney Rees Lloyd (Cross posted with authors permission)
October 15, 2010

In the midst of the national debate over the military policy of “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” pertaining to homosexuals, there is now revealed an apparent attempt by the Obama administration to impose what amounts to a reverse “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” policy on heterosexual troops who speak in opposition to open homosexuality in their ranks and by their officers.

More particularly, active duty troops are apparently facing express or implied threats under the regime of President Barack Hussein Obama that if they speak out against open homosexuality in the military, they should “get out” of the military.
The Washington Times, which first exposed this, has called for an investigation by the Army Inspector General. It reports in part:

“In an August incident reported by The Washington Times but denied by the Pentagon, Lt. Gen. Thomas P. Bostick, the deputy chief of Army personnel and co-leader of the working group’s policy team, reportedly used derogatory terms to describe service members who might resist implementation of a new LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender] policy.

“According to sources cited by the Times, one of whom signed a published letter (see Page B2 for a new letter), during an open forum with 500 troops in Stuttgart, Germany, Gen. Bostick suggested that persons disagreeing for reasons of religious conviction would have to ‘get with the program’ or get out. Given conflicting accounts, the Army inspector general should investigate immediately to determine exactly what happened.”

If Gen. Bostick did indeed make this statement, just what does it mean? Is our nation now moving from “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” if you are a homosexual, to “get with the program or get out” of the military service if you are a heterosexual who “for reasons of religious conviction” speaks in opposition to open homosexuality in the military?

Whether or not those express words were spoken, active duty personnel should be given not threats but assurances that there will be no retaliation if they express disagreement with a policy of open homosexuality in the military, with its attendant circumstances of limited privacy, including in housing, sleeping quarters, latrines, showers, etc., with even less privacy in the field.

The issue of DA/DT is a complex one in which there is great disagreement and debate. The most important issue is whether open homosexual activity in the military, expressed by speech or conduct, will have a detrimental impact on military capability. Members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff do not agree on the impact; members of the House and Senate have not been able to agree; experts in military matters have not been able to agree. It is an issue of extreme importance– the military defense of the nation, the primary responsibility the Founding Fathers imposed on the National Government which they created.

It is an important and unfinished debate with lasting implications, and need for continuing, serious study before imposition of a policy of open homosexual conduct on those who serve.

Indeed, if the policy of open homosexuality by word and deed is imposed, it amounts to a transformation of the military from the time of General George Washington in the War of Independence until the war being fought against terrorism today.

Now, it appears, the persons most impacted by the ultimate decision, the soldiers, sailors, marines, air force and coast guard personnel, are to be excluded from the national debate by any speech activity other than support of open homosexuality in their ranks, even if their objection is based — or perhaps because their opposition is based — upon “religious conviction.”

This ban on speech activity would include in the particular, of course, enlisted personnel over whom homosexual officers, commissioned and non- commissioned, with a sexual interest in others of the same sex, have all but total power over enlisted men and women in the lower ranks.

Will the military now begin advertising for recruits with media messages which include the warning: “Persons who do not support open homosexuality in the military, particularly if based on religious conviction, need not apply?”

Is this policy of open homosexually in the military, with an apparent gag order on military personnel who do not support it, a policy desired and supported by members of the military, or by the American people — the military defense of whom, from enemies foreign and domestic, is the primary duty, above all other duties, of the National Government, particularly the Presidency, as envisioned by the Founding Fathers?

Is this apparent threat, express or implied, to military personnel to the effect that they must silently go along with open homosexuality in the military, or get out of the military, how Americans, who send their sons and daughters off to serve their country, desire the American military, and the American nation, to be “transformed?”

President and Commander-In-Chief General George Washington forbade open homosexuality in the Revolutionary Army, and literally “drummed out of service” and publicly denounced an officer who made a homosexual attempt on an enlisted soldier. Every successor President and Commander-in-Chief has followed a policy precluding open homosexuality.

Now, self-described “progressive” President and Commander-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama intends to transform the military by imposing a policy approving of open homosexuality. And he is apparently attempting to achieve that transformation by silencing troops who may desire to speak in opposition.

Obama, unlike most who serve in the enlisted ranks, has led a privileged life, attending private not public school while young, and later attending elite college and universities, although he has caused his records at those elite schools sealed from inspection for reasons unexplained.

Like so many other privileged, elitist “progressives” in his administration, Obama never deigned to serve a day in the military to defend American freedom. Others, most much less advantaged than Obama, who was the farthest thing from disadvantaged, went to military service, including war. He went to Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard.

Thus, Obama knows nothing personally of the impact of open homosexuality on those who do serve in the military — especially the impact on enlisted men and women over whose careers, and lives; their homosexually interested officers have all but absolute power.

There should be a full and detailed investigation by the Army IG, and by the appropriate committees of House and Senate, as to whether our American military personnel are being subjected to threats, express or implied, that if they speak of their opposition to Obama’s policy of open homosexuality in the military, they should “get out” of the military.

More immediately, President Obama, as Commander-in-Chief, aware of the accusations, should expressly and publicly repudiate any attempt by those under his command to silence troops, whether by threat or otherwise. Obama ought to publicly pledge that he will protect troops from threats or retaliation for expressing opposition to Obama’s policy of open homosexuality.

Indeed, those soldiers, sailors, marines, air force and coast guard personnel, should have no less right to speak in opposition to open homosexuality in the military than those who support it — even if their opposition is based on “religious conviction.”
Most importantly, Americans should not remain silent while Obama silences the troops who defend Americans, including with their lives.

© 2010 Rees Lloyd – All Rights Reserved

REES LLOYD is a longtime civil rights attorney and veterans activist whose work has been honored by, among others, the California Senate and Assembly, and numerous civil rights, workers rights, and veterans’ rights organizations. He has testified as a constitutional expert at hearings before the U.S. House and Senate representing The American Legion.

He has been profiled, and his work featured, by such varied print media as the Los Angeles Times and American Legion Magazine, and such broadcast media as ABC’s Nightline and 20/20, Fox News In The Morning, and, among others, by Hannity. His writings have appeared in a variety of national, regional, and local newspaper, magazine, and other publications. He is a frequent radio commentator and a sought after speaker.


Mirrored in this “Go gay at any cost” attitude permeating society from “progressives” is the ignoring of bullying of Christian students on college campuses by gay students, activists and faculty. Mike Adams writes about that at Eight Straight Suicides on