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April 2, 2011

Vancouver Talk Radio Begins Monday, April 4

by lewwaters

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this platform never materialized, leaving many of us very disappointed.

I was very pleased to run across a small article on the Radio Business Report – Television Business Report recently, Sunny 1550 flipping to Vancouver’s Talk Station and the Columbian’s article AM radio station to switch from music to talk format telling us that Pamplin Media, owners of KPAM 860 will be switching the format of KKOV AM 1550 from adult standards music to a 24/7 talk format.

Some people, as always is, don’t like the switch, grumbling about “noise pollution,” “right wing talk BS” and such. Mostly, they are still upset that Air America went belly up due to no listeners, most likely including those grumbling about the switch.

Like many claiming to be ‘liberals,’ they feel the world must conform to their views and if they don’t like something, you shouldn’t either. You know the type, the ones always boasting about their “diversity.”

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