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May 12, 2011

Leavitt Bails on Scheduled Interview

by lewwaters

All week long Victoria Taft has been announcing a scheduled interview with Mayor Tim Leavitt of Portland’s Vancouver for 11:25 AM Thursday, May 12. The scheduled interview was accepted earlier this week.

When Eric, Victoria’s producer called Mayor Leavitt, he did not answer and after first saying they did not know where he was, Eric was told the scheduled interview had been cancelled. Wouldn’t it have nice of the Mayor’s office to inform KPAM 860’s Victoria Taft.

Why is Tim Leavitt afraid to face voters and answer questions on his many changes since lying to get into office?

Leavitt says, “I would urge this board to hold off on making those decisions until we better understand the climate and have the facts and details at our fingertips.” Concerning voting on light rail maintenance funding Leavitt said, “There are a lot of complex machinations that are happening. Locking us into a decision either way is way too premature.”

However, he seemed perfectly willing to be locked into a decision last year when he pulled his sleight of hand trick to combine voting for light rail maintenance funding in with a vote for C-Tran funding.

And now, he reneges on a scheduled appearance where citizens would have the ability to confront him outside of the confines of the Vancouver City Cartel? He sends notice of cancelling two minutes AFTER the time scheduled to be on?

Bad form, Mayor Leavitt, Very bad form.

In lieu of the actual Mayor, callers to Victoria Taft’s program chimed as if they were him.

Part One  Part Two

May 3, 2011

Mayor Leavitt Sort of Apologizes for “Pandering” Allegation

by lewwaters

Once again, Vancouver, Washington’s Mayor, Tim Leavitt found himself in hot water with the citizens of Vancouver over words he carelessly spoke. Unlike his flip/flop over supporting citizens in opposing tolling of the Columbia River Crossing boondoggle, this time he took a direct slap towards a fellow council member who did side with the citizens, Jeanne Stewart.

Citizens Turn Out To Defend Council Woman Jeanne Stewart

Some citizens, displeased with Leavitt’s comment and allegation that appeared in the Columbian here and here emailed city manager Eric Holmes calling for an ethics investigation against Mayor Leavitt.

Last evening, obviously fully aware of those calls, since mine and at least one other were copied to the Mayor, Tim Levitt, sort of issued an apology.

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April 2, 2011

Vancouver Talk Radio Begins Monday, April 4

by lewwaters

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this platform never materialized, leaving many of us very disappointed.

I was very pleased to run across a small article on the Radio Business Report – Television Business Report recently, Sunny 1550 flipping to Vancouver’s Talk Station and the Columbian’s article AM radio station to switch from music to talk format telling us that Pamplin Media, owners of KPAM 860 will be switching the format of KKOV AM 1550 from adult standards music to a 24/7 talk format.

Some people, as always is, don’t like the switch, grumbling about “noise pollution,” “right wing talk BS” and such. Mostly, they are still upset that Air America went belly up due to no listeners, most likely including those grumbling about the switch.

Like many claiming to be ‘liberals,’ they feel the world must conform to their views and if they don’t like something, you shouldn’t either. You know the type, the ones always boasting about their “diversity.”

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February 16, 2011

Shoreline Democrat Senator Maralyn Chase on her Plastics Ban

by lewwaters

Live interview with senator Chase by KPAM 860’s Victoria Taft, February 16, 2011.

You won’t believe it until you listen to it.



Senator Chase has submitted SB 5779 would basically ban styrofoam food containers at take out and the plastic flatware you receive with it.

SB 5780 is the anti-plastic bag bill.

SB 5778 would ban certain petroleum based plastic beverage bottles.

If Sen. Chase’s reasoning for banning plastic bags is because of all the plastic bags and such blown up on her car around Olympia and Seattle on I-5, shouldn’t she stiffen littering laws in the center of liberalism for Washington State?

HB 5779 states: “Disposable plastic food service ware” means non-recyclable containers, plates, clamshell-style containers, serving trays, meat and vegetable trays, hot and cold beverage cups, and utensils that are made of plastic or plastic-coated paper and intended only for one-time use, including biodegradable products where any portion is not compostable. Elsewhere it also mentions egg cartons.

I still contend teaching liberals in the Puget Sound to recycle instead of littering the area would be better.

December 19, 2010

Government Take Over of Food, Restaurants, (Land?) in Offing for Multnomah County. Food As a “Right.”

by lewwaters

Contributed by Victoria Taft, KPAM 860

Think I’m exaggerating? As promised, I’m now blogging what I’ve pointed out all week on the program: on January 27th the Multnomah County Commission will consider the “Multnomah Food Action Plan.” Find it HERE. This trojan horse represents itself as a way to fight hunger while at the same time getting rid of what its authors determine is “unhealthy” food. It puts the government at the forefront of making food related decisions for you; including where you buy it including government sanctioned, “food hubs.” It encourages more people to be put on welfare and government housing. The plan calls for manipulating the urban growth boundary, urging land trusts, and forcing people to grow food on empty lots. It would look better on paper if the authors considered private property rights and individual liberty in their plan, but alas, in the People’s Republic this is a plan that has at its heart, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. HERE.” It’s a socialist utopian dream–which has never worked and which seeks to use our money to accomplish it. It makes food–and maybe even shelter–a right. Instead of working, able bodied people will have to do virtually nothing to support themselves. If you think times are financially tight now, just wait till Multnomah County becomes an even bigger welfare magnet than it already is. As Margaret Thatcher once observed, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples’ money.”

Details of the plan after the jump.

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December 16, 2010

“Liberty Milestones”: December 16, 1773, The Boston Tea Party

by lewwaters

Contributed by Rees Lloyd

Happy Boston Tea Party Day! December 16 marks the 237th anniversary of the first American “Tea Party” on December 16, 1773.

However, while the Boston Tea Party is an iconic milestone of American liberty, it has not yet been officially recognized as “National Tea Party Day” by Act of Congress.

But it ought to be. Who better to start the effort to establish a national “Tea Party Day” by act of the incoming Tea Party Congress than the listeners of patriot Victoria Taft’s “Tea Party Of The Air” and readers of her blog?

Many of the oppressive and tyrannical acts of England in deprivation of American liberty which inspired the first Tea Party in December 16 1773 appear to be replicated in different form today by the oppressive and tyrannical Democrat Party regime led by President Barack Hussein Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry (Dirty Deal) Reid, and San Francisco Nancy Pelosi.

Obama-Reid-Pelosi today, with Democrat Party monopoly control over the White House, the Senate, and the House, have collectively thumb nosed Americans by taxing, spending, and redistributing wealth to those whom they favor with all the haughty contempt for Americans that English King George III and Prime Minister Lord North manifested before Americans rebelled and chose freedom over security.

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November 24, 2010

Geriatric Terrorists Thwarted By Exam Gloves And Radiation

by lewwaters

Submitted by Bruce R. McCain

Last weekend I visited my 82-year old dad and brother in San Diego, took in a couple of football games and experienced first-hand the latest efforts by the Obama administration to keep us safe in the skies. My journey began at Portland International Airport which does not yet have the new full body virtual nudity machines installed. I sailed though the metal detector without a hitch and without being pulled aside for the invasive pat down search.

I soon sat down with my coffee cup in the large waiting area in Concourse C, listening to beautiful live piano music as planes took off on runway 10R outside the window behind me. What I witnessed next was both sad and surreal, but left me seething nonetheless. To my left a frail elderly man in a wheelchair was pulled over for the invasive pat down search. It took two male TSA agents to lift this near invalid man onto his feet where they held him in place as a third TSA agent wearing blue gloves ran his hands all over the helpless old man’s body, including into his crotch from both sides. At the same time on my right, an equally elderly woman using a walker got the same treatment from female TSA agents. I don’t know if these two aged travelers were husband and wife or I was merely witnessing a bizarre coincidence.

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October 25, 2010

KPAM 860 and Victoria Taft Take Top Honors

by lewwaters

Portland, Oregon’s KPAM 860 has received the honor of being selected by the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation to receive the prestigious 2010 Service to Community Award for Radio.

KPAM 860, an AM station owned by Pamplin Media is a voice of sanity hailing out of the midst of the far left-leaning city of Portland. In the highly competitive field of broadcasting, being singled out with top honor like this is quite an accomplishment.

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April 17, 2010

The Call Of Freedom Rang Loud In Esther Short Park

by lewwaters

Saturday, April 17, 2010 a large crowd gather in Vancouver’s Esther Short Park to unite and call for an end to the excessive taxation and government takeover of so many aspects of our lives we are currently seeing coming from Washington D.C. and Olympia.

Young and old, Black, White and Hispanic, Republican and Democrat and even an SEIU member, gathered in numbers that must have hit 1500 or more, all to join voices and call for our freedoms to be restored and protected.

Citizens angered and concerned about the out of control spending, ever higher taxes and elected officials ignoring the voices and will of the people came together by the hundreds of thousands earlier in the week across the nation. Clark County followed suit today and none were disappointed.

Those in attendance were treated to several guest speakers, Thomas Hann, coordinator of the event opened the event. Tom Niewulis reprised his Samuel Adams role inspiring the crowd with a voice from our founders. Reverend Wayne Perryman spoke of the history of Democrats in slavery in our countries past. Juliana McMahan of Evergreen Freedom Foundation gave an accounting of the dysfunction recently seen in Olympia as we saw the largest tax increases in our states history.

Greg Noelk Columnist for spoke, but the featured speaker was our Daughter of Democracy heard every day on Portland’s KPAM 860 AM, Victoria Taft as she charged up the crowd in her speech, giving thanks to all Veterans in attendance and those serving currently.

Although not a campaign event, several candidates for office were there mingling with the people and getting known. David Castillo, Anthony Bittner, Ann Rivers, Brian Peck, Shannon Barnett, Chris Boyd and David Hedrick were seen mingling and shaking hands. Jaime Herrera’s campaign had a table set up and I heard that she too made an appearance, but I didn’t get the chance to say hello to her.

Craig Riley was in Israel but his campaign filled for him. I even heard Jim Moeller, aka ‘Da Taxman,’ one who joyfully selected to slap all these new taxes on us was there for a little bit.

If I missed some candidates my apologies as I couldn’t see everybody.

Far from the majority party and much of the media has tried to portray, there was no incidence of racism, hate speech or even violence. Even the attendee in the SEIU tee shirt was welcomed; leading me to believe he came dressed in the shirt to show that not all members of the SEIU are like the thugs that beat up Kenneth Gladney last year outside a town hall in St. Louis, Missouri.

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera was recently taken to task for perpetuating the false charges of the groups.

Lest any think that Tea Partiers are just selfish or greedy, it isn’t for us we do this, but for our children, grandchildren and future generations that will bear the burden of the follies being pushed off on the citizens of America today.

In all, We The People must be congratulated for organizing and hosting the event. If any party crashers appeared, they either kept silent or were escorted away early as I don’t recall seeing them.

To our elected officials, CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?

You can count on hearing us in November.

More photos on facebook

March 17, 2010

Clark County Conservative Radio Debut

by lewwaters

Today saw the first Southwest Washington Update segment featuring yours truly on Victoria Taft’s radio program, heard on KPAM 860 AM daily, 11:00 AM to 3 PM. I was on about 2:35 PM.

Admittedly I was a bit nervous, but enjoyed the chance to talk about Soutwest Washington and our county and candidates we have running for office. My nervousness seemed to go away once I was talking to my friend, Victoria.

For those who missed the broadcast today, I was able to mention Brian Baird’s death threat being put to rest, first exposed with documents obtained with FOIA by Clark County Politics blog, Brian Peck and Craig Riley’s upcoming events to meet both candidates, the Clark COunty GOP Convention this Saturday, the State GOP Convention in June and our high unemployment.

I think it is great that we in Southwest Washington will have more of our business being heard now, even if only on a weekly basis and thank Victoria Taft and KPAM for the opportunity to update voters on who we have running and what events are coming up.

Be sure to listen in to Victoria’s program daily. She is doing a great job by extending more of her coverage to Southwest Washington.

You candidates, don’t be afraid, just call her and you will be heard.

From our side of the river, call 877-774-5726 and ask to speak on what she is discussing.

Don’t forget, tune in Wednesdays around 2:35 for the Southwest Washington Update.

September 12, 2009

We The People Rally At Vancouver Landing September 12, 2009

by lewwaters


I don’t know if it was the draw of the Tall Ship Amazing Grace, or Bob Basso doing his Thomas Paine speech, but the attendance today at Vancouver Landing, on such a hot day, was fantastic.

I don’t know how the Columbian will spin it, but I estimate a good 1500 or more withstood the heat to listen to the Thomas Paine speech and mingle with likeminded people fed up with what is happening in our country.

Thomas Hann opened the event on time at 1 PM. Following he Pledge of Allegiance and invocation, KPAM 860 AM Radio Host Victoria Taft took over as M.C. with a motivational speech, leading up to introducing Dr. Bob Basso as Colonial Patriot Thomas Paine who spoke for over a half hour, inspiring the audience and reminding us of our founding heritage and how we have allowed it to be abandoned.

He said that he had performed as Thomas Paine at some 416 rally’s over the past 9 months, a schedule most would be hard pressed to keep up with at half.

As if on cue and to the extreme pleasure of the audience, 4 F-15 Jets flew overhead one after the other. The roar of approval and appreciation from the audience was almost enough to drown out the sound of the jets.


A dipping of the wings of one of them would have been the perfect setting for all.

Along with reminding us of our founding heritage, Basso recalled all those who have lost their lives defending the very freedoms we are now poised to lose under the every growing government takeovers.

He asked all to give thanks to those serving today and then asked for all who have ever worn the uniform to hold up their hands, asking the audience to give a big hand and thanks to those who have stood up in the past for our country.

After the reception we Viet Nam Vets have seen and felt all these years, it is welcome, if not emotional, to finally see so many giving up thanks for all we did.

After Mr. Basso’s inspiring performance and with the audience “Fired Up, Ready To Go,” his wife Paula Swornay, Ms. Sr. California 2003 and a Soprano Opera singer, treated all to a really great rendition of God Bless America.

The Reverend Wayne Perryman, a Black conservative from the Seattle area, was up next and took up where Basso left off.

Unfortunately, during Rev. Perryman’s speech is when my wife and I had to leave.

People of Clark County and America, we have begun, there is no turning back. America belongs to us, not to elected officials who vote their own pay rate and benefits package in. The country doesn’t belong to those who ignore our very founding principles for power or personal gain, sticking future generations with the bill.

This is our country, Democrat, Republican, Independent; it belongs to us, not temporary officials who think of them selves first.

Look how politicians in Washington D.C. has stirred us up in opposition to each other, how the belittle the opposition across the aisle and demand what they will not give, then go have parties and drinks with each other, or appear together at functions, just like old friends.

We are Americans and we must put an end to all this and put the country back on track, as it used to be.

Remember, just as we were reminded today by Dr. Basso of Thomas Jefferson’s words, “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

Recall is other words as well, “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?”

Thank you to all who organized and participated in today’s rally.

Thank you to all who bore the heat to attend.

Most of all, thank you to all of you who are serving in today’s Military and all those from times past.

It is a great time to be a Patriot and an American!



More photos HERE

August 5, 2009

Liberal Radio Host Wishes Death To Conservative On Air

by lewwaters

Mike Malloy, Liberal Radio Host heard on 620 AM KPOJ in Portland, Oregon shows us how low and the total lack of any class the left has.

In a recent broadcast, Malloy said the following,

I’m not that big of a fan of Beck’s and I’m sure not a fan of Liberal Talk Radio, but hoping anyone commits suicide on TV so it may be rebroadcast on the internet is just way too over the top.

No doubt, had Hannity, Limbaugh or any other conservative radio host said anything even remotely disgusting as this, Democrats in Congress would be screaming their heads off and demanding they be fired.

Say what you want about my friend Victoria Taft, but she has way too much class to ever entertain such a repugnant call.

Little wonder Air America failed if this is the broadcasting they air.