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August 22, 2012

Is McKenna Trying To Throw the Election?

by lewwaters

Unbelievable that the more Rob McKenna campaigns for Washington State Governor, the further left his positions are. It’s almost as if he is a secret plant for the campaign of Democrat Jay Inslee.

He has claimed to disagree with homosexual marriage. Then come out against the Boy Scouts of America banning homosexuals from their leadership ranks, ignoring the huge scandal of the early 1990’s where homosexual males had molested young boys over the years.

He fought to ensure homosexual activists received the names, addresses and signatures of everyone who signed the R-71 petition opposing the so called “everything but marriage” domestic partnership law.

Early on he distanced himself from very successful Republican governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker and has stated that Washington State public unions have nothing to fear from him, adding that he feels collective bargaining is their right, even as we in the private sector continue to tighten our belts that they are reluctant to do.

The more we hear from him, the more he sounds like a liberal Democrat, not a conservative Republican.

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October 11, 2011

Meet & Greet for Shahram Hadian, Tuesday October 18

by lewwaters

Shahram Haidian, hoping to be Washington States next governor, has scheduled a Meet & Greet for Tuesday Evening, October 18, 2011.

I hope as many as can will attend and let’s hear what he is for to ensure we choose the best possible candidate for our next governor.

Time Tuesday, October 18 · 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Location US Digital
1400 Northeast 136th Avenue
Vancouver, Washington

More Info Come and meet Shahram Hadian, Candidate for Washington State Governor!

“Our state and nation are in moral, economic, and national security crisis and now is the time for Courageous Leadership.” –Shahram Hadian

Hadian for Governor

Hadian is an unknown for us in Clark County and the parties have already lined up behind Rob McKenna and Jay Inslee as the choices they are giving us.

We owe to ourselves to meet and listen to what other candidates stand for and then determine who we want, not who the major parties say we will have.

November 4, 2008

You First, King County

by lewwaters

We are down to the wire now. Most have turned in their ballots, or will visit the polls later today in the few places in Washington that haven’t adopted the Mail-In Ballots. Campaigns have done what they can and most have selected whom they will vote for.

I doubt there will be many races closely watched and scrutinized as will be the Presidential Race and of course, our Governor’s race. We all recall the fiasco of 2004 and the ill feelings most from both parties had over how Christine Gregoire became the Governor over Dino Rossi, after three recounts.

Supposedly, corrections were made to our election system to prevent a recurrence. Thousands of unlawful voters were removed from the polls, we were told. Secretary of State, Sam Reed tells us he has improved the system greatly, but as we can see, there are still serious shortcomings.

On a recent Victoria Taft program, Sam Reed washer guest. I emailed her to ask Sam if all Counties could withhold reporting their ballot counts until after King County reported theirs, due to the appearance in 2004 of mass voter fraud coming out of the County, which “found” many “lost or misplaced” ballots that gave the extremely narrow win margin to Gregoire.

Caught off guard, Reed hemmed and hawed a bit before saying he could understand why voters in the rest of the state may feel leery, but that King County was reliable and if other Counties chose to wait, that was their prerogative.

Thinking maybe we could have a trustworthy election this time, imagine my surprise when I saw him quoted in the Columbian saying, “voters shouldn’t expect to know definitive results on Election Night because much of the state’s vote is still outstanding, and because King County’s results will come in slower than the rest of the state,” adding, “Unless the outcome of the race is very lopsided, it could change as more ballots come in.”

That sounds too much to me like a forewarning of a likely repeat of the 2004 fiasco, unless, like he said, the vote is extremely lopsided.

I fully realize King County is a large heavily populated county, but counting upwards of 3,000 more ballots than you have registered voters carries a distinct appearance of fraud.

It should be remembered that in the recounts, it was king County that “discovered” so many missing ballots and gave Gregoire the win in the third recount, after Rossi won the first two and the general election.

It should also be remembered that King County is predominantly Liberal Democrats who have no compunction winning anyway they can, while crying we are the fraudulent ones.

Frankly, and I know I am not alone, I do not trust King County to deliver honest vote counts, especially if another squeaker of an election happens. Not after 2004 and not after hearing Sam Reed’s comments.

The only way I can think of the keep this election honest, whoever may win, is for other counties to withhold reporting their counts and give King County the honor of reporting first, this time. No chance to see how many votes are needed to be found to ensure a Democrat wins.

After you King County, you first! We’re watching this time.

November 1, 2008

Dino Rossi’s Vancouver Rally

by lewwaters

In all, a pretty good turn out this morning for Dino’s appearance in Vancouver at his Vancouver Victory Headquarters. The small office was packed with what I’d estimate at well over 100 people.

Dino gave an inspiring speech to all on how taxes have increased and businesses have left Washington State and his plan to turn that around and make Washington a great State to run a business and horrible State for criminals.

In his effort to reach all of Washington’s citizens, he stated there is no town too small for him to appear in. In keeping with that he has scheduled rallies from here in Vancouver to Shelton, 5 in all, echoing his words to all of Washington’s voters.

Besides Governor Gregoire’s increasing our taxes and spending, leaving us a projected multi-billion dollar budget deficit, he spoke of how her policies resulted in over 3,000 felons gaining early release from prison, allegedly due to “overcrowding.” Three police officers were killed by some of those released felons and one woman was raped and her baby thrown against a wall by another.

Gregoire’s response? Commission a study.

More on Governor Gregoire’s failue at governing Washington State can be seen here.

From failure at fiscal responsibility to protecting our citizens, Gregoire has been a disaster for Washington State. Little wonder that Dino Rossi has secured the endorsements of newspapers across the state, our own Columbian excluded.

Additionally, Rossi has gained the endorsement of several Police Guilds across the state, even as Gregoire claims she the support of the Police.

As most can recall, Rossi won the election in 2004 by a narrow margin and two of the recounts, with Gregoire pulling it out by 129 votes in the questionable third recount, sparking outrage among voters of both parties who were denied their demanded Revote of the election.

Strong suspicions of voter fraud, especially from King County, who ‘discovered’ several ‘missing or misplaced ballots’ in each recount has left many Washington voters suspicious of the Gregoire administration. Her conduct in office has affirmed many who feel Dino Rossi was the rightful winner of the last election.

In efforts to once again snatch the governorship, the Gregoire campaign has resorted to the usual bag of dirty tricks and accusing Rossi of smearing Gregoire with lies, whenever his campaign plays video and audio of her own words.

The truth about Rossi’s stand on issues may be seen at Dino Fact Check and Rossi is the right candidate for these times.

The Columbian’s Jeffrey Mize covered the event for the financially troubled paper and I had the chance to chat with him afterwards. For a left leaning newspaper, Mize seems more fair-minded than other writers and reporters employed by the Columbian, which I feel is a major reason the paper is financially troubled, readers tired of biased reporting. I’m curiously looking forward to reading his take on today’s rally.

Regardless, Dino appeared today and gave Clark County much needed attention, something we often miss from the rest of the state, being so close to the Oregon border. Dino intends to return our state to sound footing and return much needed jobs and businesses to Washington. Instead of endless tax increases, he will lower them to a more reasonable level while reducing spending significantly.

Unlike Gregoire, Dino Rossi isn’t afraid to make decisions without first contacting ‘focus groups’ to see which way the wind blows.

Citizens of Washington, we need Dino to take his rightful place in Olympia. We need to reduce the number of Democrat seats in Olympia that has led us to this point. We need real change in Olympia, change to representatives that care more about us and the state than their political careers.

We need Don Benton, Joseph James, Micheline Doan, Joe Zarelli, Ed Orcutt, Jaime Herrera, Debbie Peterson, Tom Langston and Mike Bomar in Olympia alongside Dino.

We cannot afford four more years of Christine Gregoire.

October 23, 2008

Under Gregoire, 1300 Sex Offenders Lost!!

by lewwaters

Unbelievable that so many sex offenders just disappear within our state, whereabouts unknown. Little wonder, as the below ad shows, so many Police Guilds support Dino Rosi for Governor.

The Seattle PI makes a note to tell us that when Gregoire took office, over 1600 sex offenders were missing, as if that is considered some improvement, but they fail to recall that Gregoire replaced Gary Locke, also a Democrat.

Rossi promises increased use of GPS monitors for these criminals that prey on innocent citizens, requiring those most dangerous to wear them for life.

We need to re-elect Dino Rossi and send Republicans to Olympia and return our state to sound footing.