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July 5, 2012

C-TRAN Expenses Outpace National Inflation Rate

by lewwaters

Washington Policy Center, a non-partisan, public policy think tank based in Seattle recently completed a study of the costs of C-Tran that revealed some startling Key Facts. It is no secret that taxpayers that do not use C-Tran transportation pick up the bulk of the costs of operating the system, something especially Democrat legislators and elected officials keep justifying.

We heard it all during the 2011 C-Tran sales tax increase on how they needed more of our money or Granny and the handicapped would be left standing in the rain because there would be no buses. They got their tax increase and now want another this year to pay for operations and maintenance for forcing us to accept Portland light rail intruding into our community, while denying us another vote whether we even want it, fearing that once again we would defeat it at the polls.

TriMet/Metro, who operates Portland’s Public Transportation is nearing bankruptcy, their costs rising so high it is completely unsustainable. A large part of their extremely high cost is wages, benefits and pensions, some of the most lucrative in the country.

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October 11, 2010

I-1098 Tele-Town Hall Wednesday!

by lewwaters

Washington Policy Center is sponsoring a Tele-Town Hall discussing I-1098, the initiative that would enact an income tax in the state of Washington, Wednesday October 13 at 7 P.M. From an email received from Washington Policy Center,

“If you would like to listen in to the call, you can access the event by clicking on the link and filling out the requested information at 7:00 pm October 13th. This will allow you to listen and participate in the tele-town hall through your computer.”

I-1098 is said to only apply to top wage earners. But, let there be no doubt that it would not always remain that way.

The class envy and stick it to the wealthy attitude seen coming out of Washington D.C. and Olympia, by politicians that only know how to spend our hard earned tax dollars to the point that we have little left, stands only to hurt the state as those top wage earners are also the job creators.

Don’t Fall for I-1098’s Claim of Lower Taxes

Lies by omission: the slimeballs shilling I-1098. Did they mention it’s an Income Tax?

More on I-1098, the income tax scam: massive tax increase.

Even the Columbian comes down in opposition to this ill-advised measure No on I-1098

I hope you will take the opportunity to tune in to the Washington Policy Center Tele-Town Hall and learn what you can on this proposed massive tax increase on Washington State citizens.

Additional information: Citizens’ Guide to Initiative 1098: To Establish a State Income Tax

Legal Analysis by Former State Supreme Court Justice says I-1098 Income Tax is Unconstitutional