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August 10, 2012

Voters Are Talking. Is Rob McKenna Listening?

by lewwaters

Washington State Attorney General, Rob McKenna who can best be described as a slightly left of center moderate Republican, has wanted to become governor of Washington State for a very long time. To that goal, the Washington State Republican Party placed all of their electoral eggs in his basket for the 2012 election, edging any others out of his way and WSRP Chair, Kirby Wilbur declaring him “the only credible Republican” early in the race, mid-December 2011.

As expected, McKenna survived the top two primaries August 7, but is running well behind the Democrat, former Congressman Jay Inslee and slipping further back with each subsequent update as ballot counts are finalized, nearly 45,000 behind currently.

With party faithful lining behind their respective candidates, polls looked to independent voters early where McKenna was leading Inslee by 48% to 34% margin.

As we entered the August 7 primary, Inslee was leading by as much as 7%.

What happened?

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July 25, 2012

Shahram Hadian for Washington State Governor

by lewwaters

It’s time we had a conservative leader in Washington State.

To find out more about the only conservative candidate who agrees with the Republican Party platform, visit

April 24, 2012

Hadian and Pidgeon Draw Near Capacity Crowd in Vancouver

by lewwaters

Candidate for Washington State Governor, Shahram Hadian and candidate for State Attorney General Stephen Pidgeon drew a near capacity crowd this evening in the Vancouver Old Spaghetti Factory out Mill Plain. Estimates place the crowd at over 70 people who each paid $25 to dine to an excellent Italian Dinner and hear both conservative candidates speak.

As is usual, the evening began with a call for blessing led by Mr. Pidgeon, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. I was honored to be requested to lead the room in the pledge, but let’s face it, leading a conservative group in the pledge is really easy, everyone knows it by heart. 😉

After enjoying dinners of either Chicken Parmesan, Chicken Fettuccini or Lasagna, Hadian Campaign manager Judah Rancourt introduced Stephen Pidgeon to the tune Eye of the Tiger. Mr. Pidgeon gave a short 15 minute speech focusing on his message of “Defend Protect Restore.” He is also the author of Initiative 1192 that he calls the “Marriage is Between One Man and One Woman Act.”

Petitions are currently being circulated for signatures to allow Washington State citizens to vote whether or not we want homosexual marriage legal in our state and not just left up to agenda driven legislators in Olympia.

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October 20, 2011

Will Rob McKenna Accept Responsibility for “Uncomfortable Conversations?”

by lewwaters

After some two years in an out of court, Washington State Attorney General and candidate for Governor, Rob McKenna, has succeeded in granting requests of Gay Activists to obtain the names and addresses of all those people who signed the petition that placed R-71, placing the states “everything but marriage” bill before voters in 2009.

Activists have maintained all along their intent to place those names and addresses on a website with a search engine in order for others to identify people they know to engage in “uncomfortable conversations” with people who signed the petition.

Ordinarily, knowing who signed a petition is of no worry, but with at least 6 Gay Activist Groups obtaining the state supplied DVD’s listing all 130,000 names and addresses by the end of the day the DVD was made available and due to several threats issued towards those support traditional marriage, I am not convinced the notion of transparency is best served in this case.

A look back at California’s Proposition 8 passing in 2008 also gives a prime example of intimidation & harassment as well as calls for violence against people who do not support same sex marriage. Much of what was seen then came about due to personal information being obtained and posted online.

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October 2, 2011

Do We Have a Viable Alternative Candidate for Governor?

by lewwaters

Shahram Hadian

With a little over a year to go to our next governor’s election, both political parties in Washington State have once made our selection for us on who we get to vote for. The Washington State Republican Party has given us State Attorney General Rob McKenna, who has long had his eyes fixed on one day occupying the governor’s mansion. The Washington State Democrat Party has decided on 1st District U.S. Representative Jay Inslee to occupy the governor’s mansion next, given that current Democrat Christine Gregoire has announced she will not seek a third term.

The establishment in both parties have drawn the lines and decided that is our choices, whether we like them or not.

For too long now we have had party elites deciding on who we get to vote for on many levels. Woe be upon any candidate who doesn’t just go along with the party elites. I saw a close up and personal view of just that in the 2010 election as the GOP undermined and back stabbed a good conservative candidate to ensure Jaime Herrera, the hand-picked and groomed candidate of the GOP establishment’s choice won the nomination.

With this in mind, I am pleased to see a third candidate standing up and willing to give us another choice to look at. Shahram Hadian is stepping up to the plate and by all outward appearances is a man deserving of our attention.

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June 8, 2011

McKenna Makes It Official: He’s Running for Governor

by lewwaters

As expected, Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna announced his candidacy for governor this evening. Video of his announcement HERE (announcement begins at about 22 min mark)

McKenna campaign website HERE

McKenna Clark County website HERE

Democrats have held Washington States Governor’s office for 26 years. Republican’s see McKenna as their best chance to gain the Governor’s office since John Spellman left office in 1985.

In his announcement he rightfully said, “The fact of the matter is that the direction we are headed in is simply unsustainable.”

Seattle Times