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June 29, 2013

CRC & $10 Billion Trans Package Taken Off Life-Support

by lewwaters

I-5 Bridge 02The second special session ended shortly after 6 PM, June 29, 2013.

All of the whining, crying and gnashing of teeth won’t help now, only divine intervention will breathe any life into the CRC and Inslee’s massive $10 Billion Transportation package to be heaped on the backs of struggling middle class voters across the state with a 10.5¢ gas tax increase and other fee increases to fund it.

The Senate Coalition majority held fast and remained unified today as efforts get some to change their minds failed.

An AP report, Wash. Senate leaders decline $10B transpo plan indicated the final nail in the coffin late this afternoon.

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March 11, 2012

Washington State, We Do Have A Choice For Governor: Shahram Hadian

by lewwaters

Tired of the status quo and the same old, same old every election? Fed up yet with the major political parties choosing who we may vote for? Don’t be fooled that our only choice for governor this election is Democrat Jay Inslee or Republican Rob McKenna.

Excerpts from a much longer talk given by Conservative Republican candidate for Governor of Washington, Shahram Hadian. He spoke before the We the People meeting in Clark County, November 11, 2011.

I first posted about Shahram Hadian last October, prior to actually meeting him. I have since met him twice and like who and what I see in this candidate.

As we saw just this weekend, Democrat Jay Inslee has resigned his elected position as Representative for the 1st district, leaving some 675,000 constituents who elected him to be their voice in Washington D.C. without a voice, any advocacy or representation, all so he can pursue his own personal and political gain.

Republican Rob McKenna remains in his office as attorney general, but in spite of impressions from the Washington State Republican Party, doesn’t inspire a lot of conservatives with his moderate views.

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September 10, 2010

When You’re Holding a Hammer (Everything Looks Like a Nail)

by lewwaters

Pretty much sums it all up.

Showing once again how it was okay to criticize Bush but not Obama, the co-author of this song claims he was fired from his job as an Assistant High School Football Coach over it.

Football Coach Fired for Anti-Obama Song?

August 8, 2010

“Grassroots” Hypocrisy and Double Standard

by lewwaters

As we are coming down to the wire for our August 17 primary, I am struck at the desperation ad released by the Clint Didier campaign that misleads in a vicious attack on Dino Rossi.

The Seattle Times does a fair job of dismantling these claims, but that isn’t what really strikes me. The blatant hypocrisy I see in those who claim to be the “true grassroots” that support Didier is what smacks me.

Let me say here I am no staunch admirer of Rossi and remain undecided in who I will vote for to run against Murray. Whoever wins the primary will receive my support in that race.

As to the double standard and rank hypocrisy, think back to a few months ago and still at he comments when 3rd Congressional District candidate, David Castillo’s campaign released a brief 30 second Robo-call pointing out some brutal truths against his opponent, Jaime Herrera and the cries of those supporters against it. Many of those condemning the Castillo call, even though completely truthful, continually bring it up today as pointing him out to be “unfit for office.”

Think of all the outrage at shortcomings in their record have been mentioned and labeled as “vicious uncalled for attacks.”

And now, on the Didier hit piece, what do we hear but stone silence?

Many of those “grassroots” that so heavily condemned Castillo have thrown their support behind Clint Didier. There is also a mix of supporters for Castillo’s two opponents, Jaime Herrera and David W. Hedrick, both with questionable character themselves that condemned Castillo and are now silent over this ad by Didier.

For all of their condemnation of the “system” and of being the “true grassroots” moving away from “same old, same old,” it is astonishing to see them using the very tactics they so readily condemned recently when it benefits their chosen candidate.

I await word of these “true grassroots” groups release of their condemnation of Clint Didier’s deceptive ad, but please pardon me if I don’t hold my breath.

August 3, 2010

Hedrick Supporters Prove Even They Don’t Believe The Polling

by lewwaters

David W. Hedrick, candidate for the 3rd Congressional District seat being vacated by Brian Baird is riding high on his ego after spreading his video of the confrontation he had with Baird last, ignoring the second confrontation where he was left with egg on his face.

Somehow, he magically has zoomed into the lead in the race, according to a highly questionable poll by Washington State Political Polls, besting even the establishment candidate, Jaime Herrera. I’m sure this alleged Marines chest is puffed out over this poll.

But, is it a true representation of district? I highly doubt it. And, if you read through comments both here and on the Columbian’s comments section, apparently even his supporters don’t believe it.

The poll results released August 1 show the alleged Marine holding 24%, Jaime Herrera 22% and Castillo only 5%, even though Castillo has made a clean sweep by being endorsed by all 4 major newspapers covering the district that make endorsements.

Hedrick did not gain a single endorsement!

Looking over the Survey Information page we can readily see the unreliability of this poll. They state in part,

“Survey participants are selected from our database of Washington State residents.”

“About 10,000 participants are selected in each district to complete the survey however we experience about a 10 – 15 percent return on those that are selected.”

“While we try to survey only registered voters, some people are able to take the survey that are not registered voters…”

“Our surveys are sent via email, and each survey can be responded to only via our website.”

So, an email survey of pre-selected recipients with a low return that may or may not include non-registered voters. No random results like more reliable legitimate polls such as Rasmussen.

While I’m sure Washington State Political Polls makes every effort to be unbiased, who ensures their database is equitable and unbiased? It can’t be done. It’s too easy for supporters to stack the database, much like we saw being done in 2008 with Ron Paul placing so well in polls, yet not placing anywhere in actual votes by voters.

I find no track record on the past successes of their polls on accurately reflecting voter’s intent in past polls.

But, if there was ever any question on how Hedrick supporters actually view this, all you have to do is look at comments throughout this blog and on the Columbian’s web site on articles and posts covering David Castillo.

If Castillo were really only polling at 5%, would Hedrick supporters be on a full court press smearing him and his family every which way they can? Would they be accusing him of being an “Anchor Baby” and born to illegal immigrant parents as commenter’s have been doing?

Would they be smearing him for being the only 3rd Congressional District candidate invited to speak before the National Doctors Tea Party opposing Obamacare?

No, they would not.

If he truly was only holding a 5% in the polling, they would turn their backs and move on, ignoring such a poor performing candidate.

That they have begun such a full court press against only one candidate, it is only too obvious that they know this is not a true reflection of voter intent in Washington States 3rd Congressional District. They know that Castillo is ready to slaughter the alleged Marine who hides behind claims of “classified” service instead of speaking of even the basics concerning his service, come August 17.

They know that his cries of “keeping my oath” are questionable, what with his bailing out of the Corps sometime after the horrific terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 instead of deploying off to the War on Terror and defending the country.

Oh, he wants you to think he served in such a capacity, but he told the Columbia he enlisted in 1997. He told the Longview Daily News he served 5 years. He was in college in 2002, so he had to have decided to get out sometime after 9/11 and not standing up for the country he says he defended.

He makes noise about authoring a bill to repeal Obamacare. A great sound bite, other than such bills have already been introduced.

The smears coming from his camp proves beyond any shadow of doubt that they remain afraid of Castillo and know they cannot match him on ideas, stature or record.

No one focuses so heavily on the candidate that doesn’t stand a chance, no one!

They only focus so heavily on the one they know is beating them.

Ignore the hot air and smears from Camas and support the real conservative who will actually make a difference, David Castillo, the one a boastful alleged Marine is afraid of.

UPDATE: Apparently, I am not the only one who questions this method of polling. From Washington’s 7th Congressional District, SNOOKERED

June 17, 2010

Is It Any Wonder The Left Labels Tea Parties As Racist?

by lewwaters

Despite knowing for a fact that Tea Parties are not racist in our protests or attendance at events, some, a very small some, goes out of their way to ensure that label is hung around our necks. Although their numbers are extremely small, they supply just what the left looks for to falsely paint the movement as racist.

A good example of this would be a post placed up on the We The People website in an effort to taint Washington States 3rd Congressional District candidate, David Castillo.

Candidate for Congress makes Spanish available on his website
Posted by Donald Sampelton on June 16, 2010 at 12:00am

Most of us live in America, we go to work, come home to our families, enjoy the evening and go to sleep. We repeat this many times a week and hundreds of times a year.

We don’t go to work because we want to, but because we must to provide for our families.

I have been put out of work 4 times in the last 8 years not because of lack of work, but because the employer could pay someone else less to do the work. ( and they could not speak English )

I happened to stumble across this YouTube video that really expresses my views on people in this country that are not able to speak or read english. They want this freedom we all love but with it comes a price. If they won’t take the time to learn our language, how will they ever understand our values.

Now this Congressman put’s his website on the internet with a Spanish option. We really need to go back to basics here if we are going to go forward.

Whoever did these YouTube videos must also be upset but at least they brought some humor into it.

Check out these videos and comment. This Candidate for Congress that is in Washington State is a good example of what we don’t want in Congress.

David Castillo is American born to America parents. He’s served in the United States Navy and held sub-cabinet level positions in the Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Homeland Security. And now, because he included a link to Google Translate on his webpage, which only translates a small portion of his webpage, he somehow is not qualified to run for congress?

That he advocates e-verify and bringing back the SAVE Act for passage means nothing, just that he provides a link to Google Translate to a drop down box for Spanish. What about the other languages within the drop down box? There’s Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Yiddish, Norwegian, Dutch, German, you name it.

His Issues page translates over to Spanish, telling them in their original language his stand on Illegal Immigration.

Here’s a little news flash for Mr. Sampelton, ILLEGAL ALIENS MAY NOT LEGALLY VOTE.

We have several naturalized American Citizens within our country who are still trying to learn our version of English. They may legally vote and many do.

We have the Republican Hispanic Assembly which just might contain some of those naturalized Americans that come from Spanish speaking countries.

Does it escape him that making a portion of his website in their original language might make it easier for them to discover who and what Castillo stands for? Yes, they are learning English, which to others coming to America legally, it one of the more difficult languages to learn.

Most Hispanic people hold conservative values from their culture. Do we just ship them off the Democrats to keep voting for them? Do we not want conservative people of all groups joining us voting for conservatives and conservative values?

Apparently Mr. Sampelton is more comfortable with trying to keep his lily white hands pure; exactly the opposite of what conservatism is about.

Both of David Castillo’s Republican opponents have similar views on securing our borders and dealing with Illegal Aliens. One is even being billed as the “Latina” in the race, but no one seems concerned that she is labeled as such, which would also appeal to Hispanics.

I don’t know which opponent is behind taking such cheap shots at David, but apparently they know they cannot hold a candle next to him when it comes to experience, knowledge and ability to hold the office they seek.

So, they resort to such cheap shots.

David Castillo is clearly the best conservative candidate we have had in many years in Washington States 3rd Congressional District. He is the best bet we have in converting the seat held by now retiring Brian Baird back to Republicans.

Listening to him at events or forums, he clearly has a better command on the issues and offers ideas that make sense and would help get our country going again.

He enjoys broad Tea Party support, in spite of efforts by a fringe within to paint him as otherwise. He has received numerous conservative endorsements, including from FreedomWorks, several Republican leaders and conservative citizens.

See for yourselves at David Castillo for Congress.

Let’s ignore the cheap shots and actually run a strong conservative that will win this time, David Castillo.

April 17, 2010

The Call Of Freedom Rang Loud In Esther Short Park

by lewwaters

Saturday, April 17, 2010 a large crowd gather in Vancouver’s Esther Short Park to unite and call for an end to the excessive taxation and government takeover of so many aspects of our lives we are currently seeing coming from Washington D.C. and Olympia.

Young and old, Black, White and Hispanic, Republican and Democrat and even an SEIU member, gathered in numbers that must have hit 1500 or more, all to join voices and call for our freedoms to be restored and protected.

Citizens angered and concerned about the out of control spending, ever higher taxes and elected officials ignoring the voices and will of the people came together by the hundreds of thousands earlier in the week across the nation. Clark County followed suit today and none were disappointed.

Those in attendance were treated to several guest speakers, Thomas Hann, coordinator of the event opened the event. Tom Niewulis reprised his Samuel Adams role inspiring the crowd with a voice from our founders. Reverend Wayne Perryman spoke of the history of Democrats in slavery in our countries past. Juliana McMahan of Evergreen Freedom Foundation gave an accounting of the dysfunction recently seen in Olympia as we saw the largest tax increases in our states history.

Greg Noelk Columnist for spoke, but the featured speaker was our Daughter of Democracy heard every day on Portland’s KPAM 860 AM, Victoria Taft as she charged up the crowd in her speech, giving thanks to all Veterans in attendance and those serving currently.

Although not a campaign event, several candidates for office were there mingling with the people and getting known. David Castillo, Anthony Bittner, Ann Rivers, Brian Peck, Shannon Barnett, Chris Boyd and David Hedrick were seen mingling and shaking hands. Jaime Herrera’s campaign had a table set up and I heard that she too made an appearance, but I didn’t get the chance to say hello to her.

Craig Riley was in Israel but his campaign filled for him. I even heard Jim Moeller, aka ‘Da Taxman,’ one who joyfully selected to slap all these new taxes on us was there for a little bit.

If I missed some candidates my apologies as I couldn’t see everybody.

Far from the majority party and much of the media has tried to portray, there was no incidence of racism, hate speech or even violence. Even the attendee in the SEIU tee shirt was welcomed; leading me to believe he came dressed in the shirt to show that not all members of the SEIU are like the thugs that beat up Kenneth Gladney last year outside a town hall in St. Louis, Missouri.

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera was recently taken to task for perpetuating the false charges of the groups.

Lest any think that Tea Partiers are just selfish or greedy, it isn’t for us we do this, but for our children, grandchildren and future generations that will bear the burden of the follies being pushed off on the citizens of America today.

In all, We The People must be congratulated for organizing and hosting the event. If any party crashers appeared, they either kept silent or were escorted away early as I don’t recall seeing them.

To our elected officials, CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?

You can count on hearing us in November.

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March 27, 2010

Citizens Support Rob McKenna

by lewwaters

Rob McKenna, Washington State Attorney General, was well supported Saturday, March 27, 2010 on the Washington State Capitol steps as more than 2,000 citizens rallied to express support for his joining in with 13 other states in filing a lawsuit against Barack Obama’s takeover of our Medical Insurance Industry.

KOMO News Seattle described it as Rock star reception for health plan rebel McKenna while the Olympian headlined it as “I represent you,” McKenna tells large crowd of supporters on Capitol steps and trying to write off attendance as a mere 850.

Sorry, Olympian, but Washington State Police told us it takes 2,000 people to fill Capitol steps and not only were those steps filled, the crowd spilled over to half fill the street between the Capitol Building and the Temple of Justice.

Obviously referring to governor Gregoire’s words, “I completely disagree with the Attorney General’s decision and he does not represent me,” McKenna opened his 15-minute speech with, “My name is Rob McKenna and I represent you.”

The Capitol steps erupted in loud applause and vocal approval.

His speech centered on individual freedom and opposing mandating citizens to purchase a product as he stated, “We are not bringing this case to defend the state’s rights to impose an individual insurance mandate on us, we are bringing this case to defend your rights of having it imposed upon you.”

At one point, he acknowledged that most gatherings at the Capitol Building usually result in the people assembled standing below the speaker at the top of the steps and how it is more fitting that he stand below at ground level as the citizens filled the steps of “their Capitol” with their backs towards the Legislature, which has been steadily piling more taxes and fees upon Washington taxpayers.

Republican state Senators. Mike Carrell and Val Stevens and Republican state Representative Tom Campbell followed with speeches of their own, supporting McKenna and informing those present of Legislative steps being taken to oppose forcing Washington Citizens being forced to comply with the Healthcare Insurance reform against their will.

Clark County resident Tom Niewulis inspired the crowd as he made an appearance in the guise of Samuel Adams.

A few candidates also made appearances and spoke after talk-radio hosts Kirby Wilbur and David Boze. David Castillo and Jaime Herrera, both seeking to win the 3rd Congressional District seat being vacated by Democrat Brian Baird spoke, as did David Hedrick, seeking the same seat.

Art Coday, hoping to unseat Democrat Murray also gave a short presentation.

I am sure other candidates spoke as well, but I missed their speeches as I fell back to speak with McKenna and others who had gathered.

McKenna seemed appreciative when I told him that I have not always supported him and probably opposed many of his stances in the past. But, he has my total unwavering support in this.

Milling about as the crowd began dispersing, I was particularly pleased to meet and speak with Col. Pham Huy Sanh Sr. (Ret), Executive Board Chairman of the Republic Of South Viet Nam Armed Forces Veterans Confederation of Washington State.

That South Vietnamese showed up in support of McKenna’s stand speaks for itself, they not wanting to see their adopted country fall to communism as did theirs when our Democrat led Legislature completely abandoned the struggling ally in April 1975.

In all, the rally went well without incident. No anarchists or other liberal/oppressive appeared to make trouble. Speaking with State Troopers afterwards, they acknowledged we conservatives cause them no worries when we gather and are well behaved.

To Governor Christine Gregoire, I hope you heard us from the Governor’s Mansion. The support showed Rob McKenna on this issue greatly minimized the 50 or so of your followers who protested outside of the Attorney General’s office Friday.

Why don’t you open your ears and see that you are the one going against the will of “We The People.”

A five part video series of much of the rally;

Video One

Video Two

Video Three

Video Four

Video Five

More Photos on Facebook

March 18, 2010

Russell Former Campaign Manager Caught Lying About Castillo

by lewwaters

UPDATE: Although I have not yet received verification that this person is no longer Jon Russell’s campaign manager and he still remains listed on Russell’s contact page, I trust the person who informed me that he is no longer part of the campaign.

With that in mind, I have corrected the post and extend my apologies to Jon Russell and his current campaign manager. I also would hope they publicly denounce such blatant lies.

I was shocked earlier today to visit the blogsite of Jon Russell’s former campaign manager and read his screed attacking Russell’s former opponent in the 3rd Congressional District race, David Castillo.

Shocked because of stooping to outright lies in order to blast former opponent Castillo, in order to bolster support for Herrera I imagine.

Russell dropped out of the 3rd C.D. race unexpectedly a few weeks ago and threw his support behind Jaime Herrera, surprising many as at the same time, he complained how her entry in the race had taken the wind out of his sails.

Admittedly, I am not a popular person with the Russell camp or with his former campaign manager due to my opposition to his running to replace retiring Brian Baird. While I will acknowledge opposing Russell over his inexperience and questionable conduct on the Washougal City Council, I have never made up lies to oppose him.

Lies are what Democrats depend on, not Republicans.

Gary Wiram, Russell’s former campaign manager, recently relocated to our community from Los Angeles, has had his own blog site at Red County, I believe since before leaving Los Angeles and definitely before signing on with Russell’s campaign.

He has recently begun setting himself up as the spokesperson for the “vetting of candidates” being undertaken by the grassroots group, We The People. I seriously doubt he is the official spokesperson, though, as I find them to be a very honest group interested only in getting the best candidates to represent us.

Maybe that is why I was a bit curious to see him post today, “We The People” Vetting Seems To Bring Out A “Latest Version” Of The David Castillo Campaign.

Anybody who has followed David Castillo knows he has been consistent.

Reading over the “report,” I was particularly troubled to find,

“In discussion regarding National Security, Border Security and Illegal Immigration; Castillo stated his support for E-Verify. I found this to be surprising because I’d never heard him espouse this approach before. I do know that this was a strong position taken by Jon Russell, a former rival of Castillo’s. Just for clarification, I later re-checked the Castillo campaign Website and found no mention of E-Verify,”

as this is a blatant lie.

In an email exchange with David last June, I asked him directly about illegal immigration. He replied,

“The first thing we must do is secure the border. The safety of the citizenry is the paramount duty of government; therefore securing the border is priority number one. Additionally, I would consider requiring that all businesses use the E-Verify system. It is free to them and is not labor intensive. There are a lot of good ideas with regard to how best to deal with the problem of illegal immigration and I am willing to listen. However, we should not take any concrete steps until we first secure the border.”

Wiram also claims that he rechecked David’s site and found no mention of e-verify.

Looking at David’s web site I found Immigration Reform.

If you will note, “Support the SAVE Act” is prominently shown. That is reference to H.R.4088 the “Secure America Through Verification and Enforcement” act. Under the official summary we find,

“(7) expansion of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism along the northern and southern borders. Amends the Immigration and Nationality Act and specified maritime law sections to revise alien smuggling provisions. Sets forth provisions respecting border security on certain federal lands under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of Agriculture or the Secretary of the Interior. Border Law Enforcement Act – Authorizes a border relief grant program for a tribal, state, or local law enforcement agency in a county within 25 miles of the southern border of the United States. Amends the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 to make the basic employment eligibility confirmation pilot program permanent. Sets forth conditions for the mandatory use of the E-verify system.”

Most amazing is that Wiram has the audacity to cry about “the Castillo campaign’s recent ill-conceived robocall attack on fellow-Republican Candidate, Jaime Herrera,” which even though upsetting to some recipients, contained verified and documented truths, then would fabricate and post a blatant lie about a “fellow Republican,” as I just showed above.

Wiram ends with, “You should give this candidate your scrutiny and arrive at your own conclusions.”

I think the real scrutiny should be towards candidate’s supporters who must rely on outright lies against a candidate they don’t support and obviously harbor a personal grudge against.

Herrera must publicly distance herself from such blatant dishonesty.

We The People must also distance themselves from a member using their name to further such dishonest claims.

I would hope Jon Russell would also denounce such blatant lies from one who managed his campaign.

We in the 3rd Congressional District and voters in the 18th Legislative District deserve better.

We deserve facts in selecting candidates, not blatant lies and sour grapes from candidate’s former campaign managers.

March 16, 2010

Can You Hear us Now, Congressman Baird?

by lewwaters

Tuesday March 16 saw the Just Vote No gathering held outside of Congressman Brian Baird’s Vancouver, Washington office at Howard House to send Congressman Baird the message from We The People, Vote No on this current monstrosity of a health care reform bill!

Baird maintains he has not made up his mind on how he will vote, but some Democrat loyalists see him as a “weak yes” vote. On a 2-day notice, between 150 and 200 people gathered outside of his Vancouver Office to let him know we expect a NO vote.

Being such short notice I was surprised to see how many were able to make it and was impressed at the number of candidates who were also able to come on such short notice.

Thomas Hann, of We The People got the event going with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer. He then gave a short speech on why we were there and why we expected Congressman Baird to vote NO, his legacy of honoring the will of the people in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District.

Kirby Wilbur, radio host from Seattle also appeared and he too inspired the crowd with his talk.

Samuel Adams made a visit from the past to inspire the crowd with his words spoken by Tom Niewulis.

Clark County GOP Chair, Ryan Hart, thanked all for attending and speaking out.

Next came candidates Chris Widener, running against Senator Patty Murray, David Castillo, running for Baird’s seat, Jon Russell, who recently dropped out of the race for Baird’s seat and now hopes to win the seat held by Jaime Herrera in the state legislature and arriving late, due to legislative business, Jaime Herrera who also hopes to take over Baird’s seat.

Castillo and Widener were seen mingling amongst the crowd meeting voters and letting them know where they stand on issues. The Columbian’s Kathie Durbin was present interviewing candidates and listening to the short speeches.

Although past gatherings drew accusations of rowdiness or other untoward conduct, none was seen this time, either.

Shortly before 5 PM, the group marched down Evergreen Boulevard to the I-5 overpass for some sign waving and to let people know many share their concerns on how this healthcare reform bill has been put together and the methods that are planned to force it upon the American people.

I enjoyed seeing so many come out on a cloudy wet day and lend their voices together to let Congressman Baird and Clark County know that We The People still have a voice and we expect our voices to be heard and our will heeded.

UPDATE: The rally made the front page of the Columbian, Health care protesters rally outside Baird’s office along with the usual leftist twits and their bogus claims in the online story.

Columbian’s Online Poll, March 17, 2010

December 23, 2009

We The People by Ray Stevens

by lewwaters
September 21, 2009

TEA Party Express Coming North

by lewwaters

For quite some time we have watched as we in the Northwest were left out of the plans for Move America Foward and the TEA Party Express as they made their cross country treks along the southern United States.

It appears that will be no more as I have received an email announcing another Bus Tour by the TEA Party Express and from what I see on the map, we will be included as they take a Northern Route this time.

The planned tour is scheduled for October 25 – November 11

The itinerary will be released in the near future and announced on their web site

TEA Party Express Route

September 12, 2009

We The People Rally At Vancouver Landing September 12, 2009

by lewwaters


I don’t know if it was the draw of the Tall Ship Amazing Grace, or Bob Basso doing his Thomas Paine speech, but the attendance today at Vancouver Landing, on such a hot day, was fantastic.

I don’t know how the Columbian will spin it, but I estimate a good 1500 or more withstood the heat to listen to the Thomas Paine speech and mingle with likeminded people fed up with what is happening in our country.

Thomas Hann opened the event on time at 1 PM. Following he Pledge of Allegiance and invocation, KPAM 860 AM Radio Host Victoria Taft took over as M.C. with a motivational speech, leading up to introducing Dr. Bob Basso as Colonial Patriot Thomas Paine who spoke for over a half hour, inspiring the audience and reminding us of our founding heritage and how we have allowed it to be abandoned.

He said that he had performed as Thomas Paine at some 416 rally’s over the past 9 months, a schedule most would be hard pressed to keep up with at half.

As if on cue and to the extreme pleasure of the audience, 4 F-15 Jets flew overhead one after the other. The roar of approval and appreciation from the audience was almost enough to drown out the sound of the jets.


A dipping of the wings of one of them would have been the perfect setting for all.

Along with reminding us of our founding heritage, Basso recalled all those who have lost their lives defending the very freedoms we are now poised to lose under the every growing government takeovers.

He asked all to give thanks to those serving today and then asked for all who have ever worn the uniform to hold up their hands, asking the audience to give a big hand and thanks to those who have stood up in the past for our country.

After the reception we Viet Nam Vets have seen and felt all these years, it is welcome, if not emotional, to finally see so many giving up thanks for all we did.

After Mr. Basso’s inspiring performance and with the audience “Fired Up, Ready To Go,” his wife Paula Swornay, Ms. Sr. California 2003 and a Soprano Opera singer, treated all to a really great rendition of God Bless America.

The Reverend Wayne Perryman, a Black conservative from the Seattle area, was up next and took up where Basso left off.

Unfortunately, during Rev. Perryman’s speech is when my wife and I had to leave.

People of Clark County and America, we have begun, there is no turning back. America belongs to us, not to elected officials who vote their own pay rate and benefits package in. The country doesn’t belong to those who ignore our very founding principles for power or personal gain, sticking future generations with the bill.

This is our country, Democrat, Republican, Independent; it belongs to us, not temporary officials who think of them selves first.

Look how politicians in Washington D.C. has stirred us up in opposition to each other, how the belittle the opposition across the aisle and demand what they will not give, then go have parties and drinks with each other, or appear together at functions, just like old friends.

We are Americans and we must put an end to all this and put the country back on track, as it used to be.

Remember, just as we were reminded today by Dr. Basso of Thomas Jefferson’s words, “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

Recall is other words as well, “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?”

Thank you to all who organized and participated in today’s rally.

Thank you to all who bore the heat to attend.

Most of all, thank you to all of you who are serving in today’s Military and all those from times past.

It is a great time to be a Patriot and an American!



More photos HERE