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March 2, 2011

Okay to Protest Funerals, But Not Okay to Speak Freely Before City Council?

by lewwaters

I have to say that I am not only shocked, but very disappointed in the Supreme Court Decision granting the Westboro assholes the ‘right’ to protest funerals of our fallen heroes and disrespect families and loved ones in their moment of grief. That conservative justices Scalia, Thomas and Roberts agree disappoints me even more.

By a decision of 8 to 1 the Supreme Court rules First Amendment protects church’s right to picket funerals, granting those inbred slime from Topeka, Kansas the ‘right’ to disrupt the funerals of fallen Military heroes, trampling over loved ones right to a moment of personal grief and sorrow.

I couldn’t disagree more with the Supreme Court over this. Such decisions may be legal, but that doesn’t mean they are just.

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote, concerning the Westboro inbreds’ actions, “is certainly hurtful and its contribution to public discourse may be negligible. But government cannot react to that pain by punishing the speaker.”

Really? But I can be brought up on hate speech allegations for uttering the word “faggot” to a gay or worse yet, using the inciteful ‘N-word’ towards a Black person? But the scum from Kansas can disrupt funerals with signs and chants of “God hates fags” and that is protected?

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June 1, 2010

Evil Visits Vancouver

by lewwaters

As announced previously, the Westboro miscreants showed up outside of Heritage High School today to spread their message of hate against Gays and America’s Veterans. 7 of their number walked from a single SUV parked away from where some 300 counter-protesters parked.

The Columbian posted an initial report on their website shortly after the “event” disbanded, Rallies at Heritage High draw hundreds

Counter-protesters standing across the street easily drowned out any chants or words the 7 misguided cretins may have been trying to say.

All sorts of people showed up to counter-protest. Gays, straights, male, female, young, old, Black, White, all gathered in opposition to these hate mongers who pervert scripture to justify their hatred. State Representative Jim Moeller and his campaign manager joined with the counter-protesters in letting all know we in Vancouver do not appreciate such visits by such people.

Home made signs scattered the east side of the street expressing opposition while the Westboro ilk carried professional signs and wrapped themselves in upside down American flags, one looking bloodied with another dragging the American flag down the sidewalk on the west side of the street.

Westboro has been staging such demonstrations as “God Hates Fags” for several years, beginning in their hometown of Topeka, Kansas. The group claims to have staged over 41,000 protests in over 650 cities since 1991, at accost of some $250,000 a year.

Largely ignored for many years, the group added protesting at funerals of Soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice after the War on Terror began, incurring the wrath of thousands of Veterans nationwide as well as families of the fallen. Their message of hate still directed against Gays, they charge God Hates America’s soldiers due to Gays within America.

Many call for ignoring these fools and while there is merit in that claim, their changing how they protested shows me that ignoring them just brings escalation in their protests. Fortunately for them, we are no longer in the 19th century where such actions would have resulted in tar & feathering or lynching.

Most telling during today’s “event,” was after the day beginning clear, it began raining just before they showed up. Compared to the weather during Memorial Day Ceremonies, a day that began raining and cleared up during the ceremony, it is obvious that at least Mother Nature does not support their message of hate.

It is unknown exactly why Heritage High was targeted, but some presume it is due to school’s having a Gay-Straight Alliance club.

Clark County Sheriff’s Deputies closed both ends of NE 130th Avenue in front of Heritage High and did a great job of keeping both side separated, not that the cowards from Westboro, who requested Police protection prior to arriving, would try to mingle with some 300 counter-protesters.

In all, it shows that the various factions present in Clark County can set aside differences and join together to counter real hate.