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August 19, 2011

Sore Loser Pat Campbell Trashes McEnerny-Ogle and Turlay, Plans Write-in Campaign.

by lewwaters

UPDATE: A Columbian All Politics is Local blog post informs us, “Elections chief Tim Likness has informed us that primary losers cannot, we repeat, cannot, mount a write-in campaign.”

Ever the arrogant, self serving, sore loser, soon to be former Vancouver City Council member Pat Campbell, who finished third out of three candidates in Tuesday’s primary campaign, has come out slinging mud at the two who easily defeated him and has vowed a write-in candidacy.

Ousted Vancouver councilor to seek write-ins

The Columbian article states,

“In a fiery email sent Friday morning, Campbell came out swinging against the top two candidates, Anne McEnerny-Ogle and Bill Turlay.

He said that McEnerny-Ogle has made “vague impossible promises given our city’s short term financial outlook” and has a reputation for “an inability to work with others.”

Turlay, Campbell continued, is an “avowed Tea Party member” who “would rather the country go down the tubes rather than (see) an elected President succeed?”

“Two well-financed special interest campaigns that barely succeed against an incumbent with proven service and no special interest funding won’t succeed this fall,” Campbell wrote. ”The voters this fall wont be the ideologues.”

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September 6, 2008

Tom Langston Kicks Off Campaign

by lewwaters

Tom Langston

Tom Langston

Friday evening, September 5, 2008, saw the official kick-off of the campaign for write in candidate, Tom Langston in his bid to oppose Democrat Craig Pridemore for State Senator, 49th Legislative District.

Tom was a latecomer to this years’ race and needed to draw at least one per cent of the votes in the primary to qualify for the general election in November. He ended up doubling the minimum and qualified for the ballot, without even campaigning.

He penned a letter that was sent out by email announcing his write-in campaign to let voters know he was in the race.

Tom decided to enter the race to oppose Senator Pridemore due to no one opposing him in this years’ election. “I thought, ‘That’s not right.’ It’s just kind of snowballed from there. I’ve been getting calls from people I’ve never met in my life,” Tom said back in August.

He won the endorsement from Clark County’s Republican Party central committee executive board by a unanimous vote.

Friday’s campaign kick-off was well attended at the GOP Party Headquarters office at 78th Street and Hazel Dell Avenue in Hazel Dell, where Tom’s wife, Cindy, is now the Office manager.

Tom introduced himself to those in attendance and had yard signs available, along with some refreshments.

Tom believes in improving education, affordable health care options and responsibly dealing with the drug problems faced by citizens and our children today.

He opposes an income tax, citizenship rights for illegal immigrants and as a businessman himself, supports a sensible and balance budget. In reference to the out of control spending practiced by government, Tom says, “If the government were a business, we would NOT do business with them.”

Speaking with Tom briefly, on a one on one basis, I was impressed by his demeanor and desire to improve the representation of the 49th Legislative District.

Tom is still working on his website and it should be up shortly.

While incumbents usually enjoy a safe run, once Clark County voters get to know Tom Langston, Craig Pridemore just may be finding that Clark County is tired of the same old, same old from Olympia and is ready for real change.

One thing for certain, now that Tom is officially in the race, we do have a choice.