Tinker Never Sleeps

Here you go I Tinker. Your moment has arrived. Your public awaits your superior effort to once again ensure the resurrected Son of CRC properly addresses citizen needs and not just those of special interests as before;

“Specifics of what’s in the agreement are not expected to be revealed until the two governors sign the document at 10:30 a.m. Monday at The Waterfront Vancouver”

Inslee, Brown to sign I-5 Bridge agreement Monday in Vancouver


Still looking for I Tinker to step up and deal with this resurrected Son of CRC

Come out, come out wherever you are, Tinker

Here are the “specifics” from mentioned above;

“When reevaluating the finance plan for the project, the project office shall assume that some costs of the new facility may be covered by tolls.”

“Additionally, in reevaluating the project scope, the project office shall assume any plan for a new bridge will include high capacity transit.”



Come on, I Tinker. Times a wasting

No option but to build a new Interstate Bridge, governors say


Sad to see, but not unexpected, I Tinker pussying out once again and passing the effort onto others while claiming, “Not our circus, not our monkeys.”

I Tinker states, “Our sole raison d’etre is to heap scorn and ridicule on an old buffoon when he starts trying to do material damage to the conservative movement in Southwest Washington…”

Seems, as a true tyrant in a dictatorial fashion, they believe they and they alone are permitted to determine who covers what and how they cover it in Southwest Washington.

And this is why y’all no longer have a forum that is willing to openly counter the leftist bias of the Lazy C.

Sorry folks, all of you that sided with and clung to whatever salacious allegations I Tinker made years ago, y’all just hitched your wagon to a mangy mule on it’s last leg.