Tinker Never Sleeps

Sad to see, but not unexpected, I Tinker pussying out once again and passing the effort onto others while claiming, “Not our circus, not our monkeys” in regards to countering bias from the local newspaper of record as well as presenting views on issues of importance to the community, as this blog once did before the I Tinker boys declared themselves much more qualified than I.

It was back in 2014 that I Tinker raised their putrid effort to control or silence this blog and force its author to do as they demanded. Essentially, they declared themselves superior and better qualified to disseminate information to conservatives, even smearing and ridiculing this bloggers inclusion in a Wall Street Journal video series, an honor rarely received by us more common folks.

Y’all remained silent.

I Tinker now states, “Our sole raison d’etre is to heap scorn and ridicule on an old buffoon when he starts trying to do material damage to the conservative movement in Southwest Washington…”

Seems, as a true tyrant in a dictatorial fashion, they believe they and they alone are permitted to determine who covers what and how they cover it in Southwest Washington, leaving forums such as the Lazy C, aka the Columbian newspaper and all other left leaning blogs to do as they prefer.

After many years of the abuse by I Tinker and your silence, y’all no longer have a reliable forum willing to counter the leftist bias of the Lazy C and give perspectives favorable to the Clark County Republican Party and Conservatives, true Conservatives, not the Brown Shirt variety that highjacked the Conservative movement in Clark County and all too frequently today, call upon Republicans to vote for Democrats over incumbent Republicans.

Sorry folks, all of you that sided with and clung to whatever salacious allegations I Tinker made years ago, y’all just hitched your wagon to a mangy mule on it’s last leg.

Where is a Counter to the Lazy C?

GOP Washington Socialist

Clark County Conservative blog opposed and exposed the move towards Socialism for several years, until cast aside by I Tinker and their supporters. Where are they now?

Looks like Ol’ I Tinker dropped the ball again. I never saw word one keeping gun owners updated on this fiasco below

Federal judge rules firearms initiative I-1639 is constitutional